Garden State Gradeschoolers Learn Trans Advocacy in Sex Ed

June 9, 2020

New Jersey just added "anal sex" to its learning standards for eighth graders, in an 8-4 vote by the state board of education. Beginning in 2022, all eighth graders who attend public schools in the Garden State must be proficient in "gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation." They will work to "[d]evelop a plan for the school to promote dignity and respect for people of all genders [sic], gender identities, gender expressions, and sexual orientations in the school community."

They will discuss "whether and when to engage in sexual behaviors" and factors affecting the "ability to give ... consent to sexual activity." And they will be taught that abortion should be seen as a positive option.

High schoolers will be taught how to "advocate" for "community policies" that promote transgender identity and expression ("all genders and gender expressions") and will "analyze the influences the expression of gender, sexual orientation, and identity."

And they will be taught abortion as a positive option.

In New Jersey, as in most other states, all students will be automatically enrolled in all lessons without asking their parents' permission first. After the vote on June 3rd, Planned Parenthood Action Fund of New Jersey, Answer, and Advocates for Youth issued celebratory statements to the press, thanking the Department of Education for voting in their coalition's recommendations.

The guidelines are modeled on the so-called National Sexuality Education Standards, an official-sounding creation of SIECUS (Sexuality Information and Education Council of the U.S.) and other big players in the sex ed industry.

Today, SIECUS partners with the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Human Rights Campaign, and Planned Parenthood to transform sex ed across the nation. Why would so many big money power players get into the sex ed racket?

Because sex education is not really about education anymore -- it's about so much more.

According to SIECUS, "sex ed is for social change." It's a "vehicle" for creating a "generation of young people ... who [affirm] each other's identities" and a "vehicle for racial justice." It's a "golden opportunity to create a culture shift" on "LGBTQ rights," "white supremacy" and "reproductive justice" (which means abortion).

The new standards in New Jersey are part of what proponents call "Comprehensive Sexuality Education" or CSE. CSE is an agenda-driven curriculum that sexualizes children and promotes the concept of "sexual rights" and radical sexual ideology for youth.

Sexuality information should be taught to children "without shame," says Planned Parenthood Action Fund of New Jersey.

However, it appears that New Jersey didn't go quite far enough for this coalition of pressure groups. Their top priority for New Jersey was to remove the state requirement that sex ed lessons "stress abstinence." Oh well, at least it will be obscured by a mountain of other messages that undermine it.

When one board member suggested asking parents' permission first before enrolling kids in these new controversial classes, his idea was dismissed. Parents still have the right to opt their children out, but why wait for the school to send you a form? You send yours to them! FRC has created a Universal Opt-Out Letter that can be sent to schools every year.

For more on the current state of sex education in public schools and what parents can do to fight back, check out FRC's new resource: Sex Education in Public Schools: Sexualization of Children and LGBT Indoctrination.