The Life Story YouTube Is Terrified People Will Watch

June 23, 2020

The Left knows the power of a good story. They've always understood that finding sympathy for an issue is sometimes as easy as putting a compelling face on it. For conservatives, telling stories hasn't always come so naturally. But now, after years of having the facts on our side, the personal testimonies from former LGBT activists are starting to change the way people think about the transgender lifestyle. Which may be why the Left is desperate to shut them down. The truth, on this issue, like so many others, is their biggest enemy.

Walt Heyer, who tells his heart-wrenching story so others won't live it, knows what it's like to live a transgender lie. For years, he's tried to rebut the Left's lie that change isn't possible. It is, Walt knows, because he's experienced it. He's known pain from his tortured past -- and he's known freedom. And both have helped him connect with thousands of others who need the truth. He travels the world, speaking at conferences, testifying at committees, emailing with survivors about the suffering and trauma this ideology inflicts. The video from one event, hosted by the Heritage Foundation, was one of the most watched talks he'd ever given. Until YouTube pulled it down.

His life story, they decided, was "hate speech." He talked about his mutilated body, his struggles, all of the promises that living as a woman would make everything right. But YouTube doesn't want parents and children to know the truth: it didn't make everything right. On "Washington Watch," Walt seemed to understand that the real reason the platform censored him is because millions of people were starting to watch. "If it wasn't a popular video, they probably wouldn't have done much of anything. But it started getting a lot of views. And so once it crossed the million mark, I think they started to get alarmed."

"I was a kid that went through this. I was speaking from my heart. I wasn't being critical as much as I was giving advice on the fact that what we know is if children are left alone and do not give them hormone blockers and give them a new identity and change their clothing, that between 80 to 95 percent of them will actually grow out of it..." But that truth, Walt knows, is offensive to some people. "So they pulled it down... [But] probably even more egregious than just taking down my video -- that was an entire day of doctors and endocrinologists and specialists in it were included in this conference. They took all of them down because of my video, not just mine. They took them all off YouTube."

This was someone's personal testimony. Why does everyone get to share theirs except for people like Walt, whose story doesn't fit the narrative LGBT activists want to tell? Simple. At the end of the day, they don't want people to be free. "[There's] a lot of political power behind the transgender movement," Walt warns. "There's a lot of money behind the movement. And I interfere with that. I go against the grain on this." He's talked to literally thousands of people who've "gone through this and they regret it." And obviously, YouTube and friends don't want people to know that popular culture is selling a pack of lies. But thanks to the boldness of Walt and others like him, the truth will always win. Even when the opposition does everything it can to silence it.

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