Burnt by Hate, Responding with Love

September 3, 2020

"My heart just dropped." Scott Carpenter said it was "devastating" to watch the riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin. His father had started a business selling office furniture out of his garage 42 years ago. On Washington Watch with Tony Perkins, Scott explained how he had taken over the family business -- that is, until the rioters burned his building and his entire inventory to the ground.

"We're not getting rich over here," he said. "We have a building, and inventory, and vehicles, and a couple of employees." Scott said that Donald Trump, as a business owner, knows what it feels like "to have the rug pulled out from underneath your feet."

Scott Carpenter and other families with small businesses have seen their life's work and life's savings literally go up in flames over the past weeks. "The building is gone. Everything in it gone," said Scott. The Kenosha mayor has asked for $30 million to repair the damage to the city. Perhaps the celebrities donating millions of dollars to Black Lives Matter could put their fortunes to better use helping families rebuild their lives.

Meanwhile, Scott Carpenter has determined to respond to this hate-fueled destruction with the love of Christ. Listen to the interview to hear how he has used his burnt-out business to proclaim the gospel.