Trump Team: Don't Recount us out

November 17, 2020

In the only other contested election Americans have to compare this to, George W. Bush won the presidency by 537 Florida votes. So imagine everyone's surprise when Georgia officials stumbled on five times that number of ballots in Floyd County. "The reason you do an audit is to find this kind of thing," Gabriel Sterling told reporters after the 2,600 uncounted votes turned up. But just how many of "these kinds of things" are happening in states that we don't know about? That's the question Americans deserve an answer to.

Sterling, who's part of the secretary of state's team involved in Georgia's recount, rushed to reassure everyone that this wasn't an "equipment issue," it was a "person not executing their job properly" issue. But still, local Republicans argue, the omission was "very concerning." In an election that could come down to less than 70,000 votes across a handful of states, problems like this one are exactly what the Trump team is trying to expose and rectify.

Of course, as FRC's Ken Blackwell -- a former secretary of state himself in Ohio -- pointed out, the media wants nothing more than for everyone to rush to the conclusion that Joe Biden won. They don't want to dig deeper into the irregularities. Because even if they don't make a difference in this outcome, they will make a difference for future elections. Look at the number of states (28) using machines and software that might be tainted. If nothing else, it's time for state leaders to reevaluate those decisions and make changes before 2022. Locally, in certain urban areas, there's been widespread fraud for years, and many people have just come to accept it as an unfortunate reality of Democratic cities. Republicans, including Donald Trump disagree. Now is the time to flush out this dishonesty and corruption and safeguard our future elections.

In places like Michigan, where the courts are standing in the way of audits like Georgia's, Ken believes this is a serious enough situation for Republicans to call for special hearings. "They should convene and look at the facts. In Wayne County and Detroit, [there were] very strange activities. Transparency was nonexistent. The vote count stopped. And then you didn't have bipartisan sets of eyes on the process. And miraculously, a substantial lead that Trump had going into the wee hours of the morning was radically reversed. If there's substantial evidence that there was wrongdoing... [it's time to bring it to light]." Look, Ken went on, "it does us no good to elect Republicans in state legislatures if they're going to cower. [This is] the most consequential election in our 244-year history. Two hundred forty-four years of constitutional governance is on the line right now." If Joe Biden has to wait for his victory lap, so be it. Our system will be better for it.

"I think it's important [for everyone to] understand that we shouldn't rush to this. We have over 25 days to sort this out. Not one state has certified the election yet." All of this, Blackwell and others believe, is underscored by this very bizarre reality -- which is that Republicans won more chambers of state legislatures, governorships, House seats, and possibly Senate seats, because of Donald Trump's coattails. So how is it that Donald Trump has no coat? "It's curiouser and curiouser," he said.

As for Pennsylvania, where the governor and his political operatives clearly violated the Constitution to change the election law, Ken -- like others -- thinks the president has a case. If the justices agree with him, then what? Well, the power would shift back to the state legislature. It would be up to those representatives to choose electors who are a more accurate reflection of the vote count. If they think the governor abused his office and counted 700,000 ballots illegally, then they can send men and women to the Electoral College on December 14 who will cast Pennsylvania's 20 votes for Donald Trump.

Remember, the whole point of having a judicial system is so that people and processes can't be defeated by institutions like the liberal media. They should only be defeated or vindicated on the facts. The reality is, America has a month-long runway to determine whether everything is as above board as the Left keeps insisting it is. "There's no reason to try to force this president to throw in the towel," Ken says. Especially not when there are tens of millions of voters who are suspicious of the outcome. There's that old saying "trust but verify." Well, it's time to change that to "verify, and then you can trust." That's the only way Joe Biden or Donald Trump will have any chance of moving the country forward.

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