Five Things to Brace for under Biden

November 19, 2020

Donald Trump has been a unique president for a lot of reasons, but one in particular: he keeps his promises. Anyone who's seen Joe Biden's priorities has to be praying he doesn't. They make Hillary Clinton, who ran on the most extreme platform of any candidate in history, look like a Sunday School teacher. And unfortunately, Biden's agenda isn't a collection of radical policies we think he'll push. These are things he's said he'll do. And as CNS News's Terry Jeffrey points out, it's a terrifying list.

Most conservatives don't want to think about a Biden presidency -- let alone what it would mean for our country. But as the clock ticks on and the election drags out, we can't ignore what might be around the corner if the former vice president takes the reins. Based on what we've outlined to people over the past several months, it will be an all-hands on deck moment for every God-fearing, freedom-loving American in the country.

Now, Terry must have been limited on space, because he only highlights "five evil things" Biden plans to do as president. If you've read the Biden-Sanders manifesto or perused Joe's campaign website, you know there are many, many more. For now, though, Christians, pro-lifers, and anyone who cares about freedom needs to brace themselves for these significant moments -- and be prepared to fight back.

The very first, Terry explained on "Washington Watch" Wednesday, is to codify Roe v. Wade -- making it impossible for states to limit or ban abortion for any reason. "Joe Biden wants a federal law that makes abortion nationwide a quote-unquote 'right.' Which I say is evil." And, to add to that evil, he wants to force every American to pay for it. That's number two: he wants to end the Hyde amendment. In other words, every federal spending bill could be used in some way to fund abortion. The pro-life Hyde, which has stood in the way of that radical free-for-all for more than 40 years would be gone.

"Beyond that, he wants to create a 'public option' under Obamacare, which he describes as a Medicare-like health insurance plan that would cover abortions. So in two different ways... he would make everybody who pays taxes in America fund abortions. And then he would go beyond that to force businesses, private family owned businesses to provide health insurance that covers abortion inducing drugs."

Number three, he would reinstate the Obamacare mandate, demanding that every business and nonprofit cover abortion-causing pills and contraception in their health plans. As Terry points out, "Unfortunately, the Supreme Court never really settled that issue, [so] this is a place where Joe Biden right away could do some serious damage."

Number four, Joe Biden says that on day one, "he's going to force public schools and colleges to treat biological males as if they're females. He literally says they're going to have to let transgenders pick their own gender identity... So literally, Joe Biden will order public schools to say that anatomical males can play on the girls' sports teams, use the girls' shower rooms and use the girls' restrooms. Completely outrageous, absolutely evil."

Last but certainly not least, the Obama VP says he would order insurance companies to cover gender reassignment surgeries -- not only for adults, but young, impressionable children. Similar to [the] Hobby Lobby case, he'd make family-owned businesses provide that "treatment," which is actually mutilation.

"These issues, particularly those last two," Terry said, "did not get nearly the kind of exposure and discussion they deserved before the election. I think there are many Americans who have no idea that Joe Biden is going to order public schools to let boys play on their girls' sports teams and let boys use the girls' locker rooms. To me, that's such a huge [overreach]. And it's not just evil. It shows a distortion of [Biden's] mind and heart. And I don't think there's any way he could defend it..."

Some of these things, of course, he can't do without Congress's help. And that's where you and I come in -- encouraging our senators and congressmen to stand firm. Another way to stop Joe Biden's radical grab bag of policies is by praying right now for honesty and integrity in the Georgia runoff. The outcome of that special election -- and the Senate majority it represents -- is going to be crucial to putting the brakes on any administration as determined to destroy lives as Biden's promises to be.