Mobs Feast on Chaos over Thanksgiving

November 30, 2020

Antifa isn't feeling thankful, in case you were wondering. While the rest of the country ate turkey and watched football, the Left's army of fascists celebrated the day the only way they know how: looting and rioting. In Oregon, where Governor Kate Brown (D) threatened to jail Thanksgiving revelers, the irony is: there wasn't room. Police stations were too busy booking the mob.

Black Friday took on a whole new meaning in cities like Portland, where thugs went on an "anti-colonial crime spree, smashing and defacing storefronts and toppling a war memorial" while sane Americans were at home packing up the leftovers. More than 10 businesses in the city -- including a Chase Bank -- were covered in graffiti like "F--- Thanksgiving" and other charming slogans that will cost "several thousand dollars" to clean up. The holiday attacks were coordinated by Antifa cells who ranted that they were "tired of seeing white people celebrate the genocide of our ancestors" and urged their "comrades" to "attack symbols of colonialism, capitalism, and gentrification."

In places like Chicago, Spokane, and Minneapolis, statues of the founding fathers, pioneers, and presidents were hit especially hard. During one attempt, police actually stopped a group from toppling President William McKinley's monument by tying a rope to their car.

Apparently, Antifa is listening to the Southern Poverty Law Center, PJ Media's Tyler O'Neal points out. Just before last week's holiday, the bogus civil rights group published an article called, "Indigenous Slavery and the Thanksgiving Difference," where they argue that the tradition is a cause for mourning. "Rather than railing against the supposed oppressors who established and celebrated Thanksgiving, these vandals should consider just how indebted they are to the system that provides peace and prosperity to the United States."

Meanwhile, in Oregon, locals cleaning up the latest mess can only shake their heads. Governor Brown wanted people to "uninvite" family for Thanksgiving. Too bad she didn't uninvite the mob too.