The Ballot Battle of Gettysburg

December 2, 2020

Where are the real journalists? Certainly not in Pennsylvania, where one of the most jaw-dropping hearings in state history just took place. Most Americans haven't heard a word about it, which is no great mystery since the media is doing everything it can to make the election results look squeaky clean. The reality, Paul Kengor warns, is anything but. And a 570,000 ballot dump is a major reason why.

The audience, Kengor points out, gasped when they heard it. In Gettysburg, where legislators were pouring over numbers and looking at all of the claims of voting manipulation, one particular bombshell took the room's breath away. An expert, testifying to the Pennsylvania Senate, took to his chair and started talking about "spike anomalies," or, certain points in the vote processing where a huge number of ballots are processed in "a time period that is not feasible or mechanically possible under the circumstances."

Pulling out a chart, Ret. Col. Phil Waldren points to a 90-minute period on Election Day where 604,000 votes were counted in 90 minutes. But here's the astonishing part: 570,000 of those votes were for Biden and 3,200 were for Trump. In other words, Kengor does the math, "Biden scooped up this enormous batch by 99.4 percent. Incredible. Impossible. Scandalous." And he wasn't the only one who thought so. The room was audibly shocked (1:28:00 of this video).

"If what Waldren alleges here is true," Kengor argues, "then this would constitute one of the most insidious examples of documented voter fraud in the history of American presidential politics. This one spike alone would have erased Donald Trump's 600,000-vote lead over Joe Biden late Tuesday night, November 3. Biden has reportedly won Pennsylvania by about 70,000 votes. This one swing would have done it. If this is true, then this episode alone might well constitute a smoking gun affirming a fraudulent election in Pennsylvania." "And yet, he fumes, "this electoral bombshell has been completely ignored by the mainstream press."

Another interesting piece of this, Kengor explained on "Washington Watch" Tuesday is that of the 3.1 million mail-in ballots were sent to Pennsylvania voters (these are updated figures from the secretary of state's office), there was an extraordinarily high mail-in return rate. According to state election officials, almost 90 percent of voters sent in a completed ballot. That's almost unheard of, Kengor says. And "what it would have taken for Joe Biden to [surpass] Donald Trump's 700,000 vote lead in Pennsylvania seems statistically impossible."

And, oddly enough, a majority of those late mail-in ballots only had Joe Biden's name circled. "I don't know how common that is to have only the president checked off and nobody else. But I find that too curious, especially given the opportunities for fraud, the lack of verification in the mail-in balloting process."

The press, meanwhile, is completely MIA -- even though these are legitimate issues that have the power to sway the election of the most powerful leader in the free world. "Trump's critics," Kengor understands, "will want to dismiss the hearings as a partisan spectacle hosted by Pennsylvania Republican legislators. You can't do that. A real journalist would see enough here to at least merit making some phone calls or sending a few emails..." Look, he says, "whether you like Donald Trump or not, whether you voted for him or not, this should concern every American. If this were Joe Biden being victimized, I would likewise protest. The media sure as heck would. This is not right."