This Army Ranger Isn't Done Fighting for America

January 27, 2021

There are a lot of good conservatives in Congress -- even more after November -- but it takes a special kind of leader to show courage on the tough issues. Congressman Warren Davidson (R-Ohio) is one of those rare Republicans who doesn't mind speaking out when something is fundamentally wrong -- no matter what the Left calls him. When Joe Biden decided to radically compromise the military and wave in people who identify as transgender, the former Army ranger didn't hesitate. He stood up and called it wrong. He didn't care who else stood with him -- because doing what's right has always been more important to him than doing what's popular.

A lot of conservatives wonder why their leaders don't step out and tackle the hard issues. Maybe it's because they don't hear any appreciation from their constituents when they do. As I said yesterday, there are a lot of spineless and cowardly people out there. When you actually find one who's going to stand up for your convictions -- like Warren Davidson has -- stand with them.

To hear him go to bat for your values and our brave men and women in uniform, check out our conversation Tuesday. Then, when you get a chance, drop him a note of thanks for being the kind of leader with the backbone to do something about the values you care about.