Missouri Loves Company of Hawley

February 1, 2021

The cancel culture likes a pushover. Unfortunately for them, they haven't found one in Josh Hawley (R-Mo.). The junior senator from Missouri has faced more criticism in 2021 than anyone but Donald Trump--and just like the 45th president, he's not giving an inch. And if his approval ratings are any indication, the vast majority of people respect him for it.

It's not the kind of story the mob wants you to read. After days of trying to hound Senator Hawley out of office, the far-Left has not only failed to take a scalp--they haven't moved the needle on public opinion either. A new survey by Missouri Scout shows that Hawley's home state has a high opinion of the senator's job performance--higher, in fact, than all of the leaders they tested. More people say they approve of Hawley (48 percent) than disapprove (40 percent)--with 14 percent checking in at "unsure." Among Republicans, Hawley's numbers soar--hitting 73 percent support, almost 20 points higher than the other senator in his state.

Obviously, the idea that Hawley needs to resign for representing his constituents' views haven't gone over so well at home. There, as in most circles, Americans respect the senator for taking a principled stand and refusing to back down. Unlike some Republicans, who dropped their concerns and ran after January 6, Hawley decided that election integrity was too important to turn his back on. "We've got to take our stand and have civil debate," he said on "Washington Watch" last Thursday. "We've got to resist this idea that if you hold a different opinion or if you represent a part of the country that doesn't agree with the latest agenda--the radical agenda of the ruling class--that you can be silenced."

America has to have open democratic debate, Hawley insisted. That's where we expose the lies of the Left. "And they are lies--saying that if you wanted to talk about election integrity, as Ted Cruz and I did, and 140 House members, other senators [did]... that's the same thing as inciting violence. That's the same thing as being a criminal rioter. That is destructive to the very idea of democracy that says there can be no debate, there can be no conversation. If I disagree with you, I'll try to criminalize you... The only way the Left wins," Hawley said, "is if we bow down to them, and we're afraid. We cannot be afraid."

Americans are looking for courage. They want something or someone to believe in--to rally around when the bullies come calling. Thank goodness for leaders like Josh Hawley, who are determined to show America that you can fight the mob and win. (And maybe even earn people's respect in the process.)