STOP the Equality Act: Wednesday at 10 a.m.

February 23, 2021

Don't miss our own Joseph Backholm as he speaks tomorrow morning, at 10 a.m. (ET), at a rally to STOP the Equality Act hosted by our friends at Family Policy Alliance. He will be explaining why no Christian in their right mind can support this radical bill, which will be voted on in the House on Thursday. You can tune in to the rally here. Also check out Joseph's op-ed published today on the Equality Act, as well as another one published by our own Ken Blackwell.

Speaking of the Equality Act, which will be voted on in the House on Thursday, you can read our latest analysis of it from Mary Beth Waddell here.

And be sure to tell your representatives to vote NO and reject this bill when it comes up in the House on Thursday. Click here to contact them!