Planned Parenthood Puts Liberal Arts to Work on Campus

March 8, 2021

If you sent your teenagers off to Christian colleges thinking they'd be safe from Planned Parenthood's tentacles, Students for Life says: think again! In a stunning new report, Kristan Hawkins's group is digging into 700 faith-based schools, and what they've found so far will surprise you. At least 25 religious colleges and universities have relationships with the abortion giant. And that, she believes, is just the beginning.

"There is an unholy partnership between a number of Christian schools and the abortion industry," Kristan warned in the first of three planned reports. Catholic, Lutheran, Methodist, Presbyterian -- you name it -- they aren't immune to Big Abortion on campus. More than two dozen were found to either advertise for Planned Parenthood jobs or internships, refer students to Planned Parenthood as a resource, incorporate Planned Parenthood into their medical school rotations, or host events for students with the organization. (A map of those schools is available here.)

Students for Life's Mary Briganti was responsible for the first wave of research and says, "The bad news is that Planned Parenthood has invaded a lot of Christian campuses. The good news is that when Christian school administrations find out how much this bothers believers, some are willing to kick Planned Parenthood to the curb." Two schools, Messiah College and St. Francis University of Pennsylvania, cut their ties with the group after they were contacted by pro-lifers.

The other 23 are the target of an online petition, meant to expose and pressure these college presidents to "disentangle themselves" from Big Abortion.

  • American University (D.C.), Methodist
  • Augsburg University (MN), Lutheran
  • Augustana College (IL), Lutheran
  • California Lutheran University (CA), Lutheran
  • Drury University (MO), United Church of Christ
  • Eckerd College (FL), Presbyterian
  • Emory University (GA), Methodist Episcopal
  • Fordham University (NY), Catholic
  • Luther College (IA), Lutheran
  • Macalester College (MN), Presbyterian
  • McKendree University (IL), United Methodist
  • New Brunswick Theological Seminary (NJ)
  • Ohio Wesleyan (OH), United Methodist
  • Oklahoma City University (OK), United Methodist
  • Paine College (GA), Methodist
  • Roanoke College (VA), Lutheran
  • Saint Joseph's University (PA), Catholic
  • Saint Norbert College (WI), Catholic
  • Southwestern University (TX), United Methodist
  • Trinity Washington University (D.C.), Catholic
  • University of Indianapolis (IN), United Methodist
  • University of Lynchburg (VA), Disciples of Christ
  • West Virginia Wesleyan (WV), United Methodist

If families are making financial sacrifices to send their children to Bible-professing colleges, then at the very least, these schools owe them the courtesy of not violating those beliefs. And let's not forget: this isn't just about abortion anymore. Planned Parenthood is also second largest provider of "gender affirming hormone care." One whistleblower in a small town of 30,000 says her office saw one to two new biologically female teen patients looking for hormone treatments every day.

Just like abortion and radical sex ed and everything else Planned Parenthood offers, "you can walk into a clinic...without so much as a therapist's note," Abigail Shrier warns, "and get a course of testosterone that day." (The same testosterone, incidentally, that can cause "deepened voice, enlarged clitoris, increase in red blood cell count, and greater risk of heart attack, infertility, vaginal and uterine atrophy, endometrial cancer -- as well as all the unknown risks" that come with a dangerous and radical puberty intervention.)

Join the movement to kick the radical transgender-abortion giant off Christian campuses. Sign the petition to college presidents here.