PVS: The Great Electoral Heist

March 11, 2021

What's the Left's version of "election reform"? It's HR 1, the deceptively named "For the People Act", a brazen attempt to force every state to turn over their election authority -- vested to them by the Constitution -- to Congress. Just how bad is HR 1? To name but a handful of the dozens of shocking ways it would subvert our free election system, HR 1 would: eliminate voter identification requirements, allow illegal immigrants and felons to vote, finance political campaigns with taxpayer dollars, invite fraud by providing universal mail-in ballots, expand Democratic seats in Congress by granting statehood to D.C., and so much more.

But perhaps most alarmingly, as former Ohio Secretary of State and current FRC Senior Fellow Ken Blackwell noted during last night's Pray Vote Stand broadcast, HR 1 would nullify the over 250 pieces of election reform legislation that are currently being considered in 43 states.

"The brilliance of our system is that it is decentralized," Blackwell said. "It diffuses the power of big government and it allows for elections to be rooted in local communities with full transparency."

Blackwell went on to emphasize the importance of believers staying active at the local level. "In the Bible, we are told that those who would do evil love the darkness. We as believers are not to sit around and curse the darkness, we are to light candles. We ... must be engaged at the local level ... we must claw back the responsibility and the authority of local governments and state legislatures to direct our election process."

Rep. Jody Hice (R-Ga.) also joined the broadcast, pointing out that the fact that our Founders spread out the authority over our election process to all the states was no accident.

"One of the reasons that they did that is because they did not want foreign interference," he said. "They did not want ambassadors from other countries being here, offering bribes or whatever other tools they had to influence the national elections out of the hub of our country right in here in Washington, D.C. ... HR 1 ... is a power grab for all elections to be centralized out of Washington, D.C."

Hice was blunt about how dangerous HR 1 is: "This totally will eradicate the voice of the people and insert instead the will of one political party."

So what can believers do to help defeat HR 1? Hice underscored our most potent weapon: "I believe we are in the fight of our life right now in America, and we need more than ever people calling out to God, crying out to God, knowing that none of those prayers are wasted. He hears our prayers. God is involved. I can't wait to see what he's going to do ... that is the biggest, strongest, most effective weapon that we have at this point."

Be sure to watch the entirety of this important Pray Vote Stand broadcast.