More Sports Bills Cross the Finish Line

March 12, 2021

"It's crazy we have to address it." That was Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves's (R) as he signed the second girls' sports protection bill in the country. But, he pointed out, that's where Joe Biden has forced this country: into a war over women's rights, privacy, fairness, and competition. At least in Mississippi, he vowed, "young girls... [will] have a fair level playing field." His daughters and every daughter will know -- "their rights are worth fighting for."

State Senator Angela Hill (R), who sponsored the bill and worked long and hard for Thursday's victory, was elated. "I was so happy for the governor to sign this bill into law and for me to be joined by so many colleagues in the legislature standing there and applauding the governor," she said on "Washington Watch." "This is just... common sense. It is a shame that we even have to have a piece of legislation that says that biological males that identifies females cannot come in and take over women's sports. I never thought I would be here in the day that we had to have a statute to declare the differences between males and females in female sports."

But that day is here, thanks to a radical administration that thinks transgender "rights" are the most pressing issue of our time. In states like Mississippi, leaders are rushing to prove him wrong -- introducing and debating a wave of proposals to stop girls from missing out on scholarships, opportunities, and well-deserved wins. When Idaho first passed a law like this one, they were one of the only ones considering it. Now, as many as 50 bills are making their way through 25 states to address the fire Biden started.

Hill, who says she had countless coaches call her and plead for help in dealing with this brave new sports world, is thrilled to see other parts of America follow their lead -- and plans to do all she can to help other states move in the same direction. "I'm just happy that Mississippi has gotten this behind us, and that now we can focus on maybe helping colleagues in other states get this through their state legislatures."

For Americans, she insists, this whole debate is an important lesson. "The Right has to learn that the Left fights. And when they get in charge, they roll [over our values] like a steamroller. And so we're going to have to be a unified front... and we're going to have to push as hard as we can back, because honestly, I think that they have tipped their pendulum too far and go really too far with this, because I think the polling in Mississippi is reflective of what most people think across the United States -- that biological males don't belong in female sports." God created two sexes -- male and female. "And if we have to put that down in a state statute," Hill said, "that's what we're going to do."

Let's hope her courage and Governor Reeves's is an inspiration to the parents, coaches, and elected officials across the country, who believe in the truth -- and deserve laws that reflect it.