How You Can Help Cancel the Cancel Culture

March 24, 2021

The target that the cancel culture has on the backs of Christians and conservatives is nothing new. For the past decade, the Left has been working hard to silence Christian and conservative voices and lessen their influence in the public square. At the beginning, their tactics were more subtle -- public shaming and classification of people and groups who advocated for biblical values as hate groups by organizations that used to be legitimate, such as the Southern Poverty Law Center.

As social media grew in power and influence, the Silicon Valley oligarchs developed a god complex and began to remove and silence individuals and organizations from their platforms who dissented from their progressive agenda. Now, companies like Amazon blatantly remove books from their shelves that don't abide by the Left's radical ideology Fahrenheit 451-style, and companies cancel contracts with organizations for no other reason than that they hold to a biblical worldview.

As discussion of the Left's rampant cancel culture sweeps the nation, many liberal news outlets are trying to claim that cancel culture doesn't exist. In true totalitarian fashion, they are trying to "cancel" talking about the cancel culture. They don't want the American people to realize what they are doing and stand up against them.

Recently, CNN published analysis that said that cancel culture, "is a smoke screen to distract from actual systemic forces of suppression" and is merely "accountability for one's actions."

According to people who have rejected the biblical worldview, these "systemic forces of suppression" are the church and spiritually-active governance-engaged conservatives (SAGE Cons). Apparently, we are the ones who need to be held "accountable" for sharing our deeply held religious beliefs -- a right that is constitutionally protected by the First Amendment.

Claims that cancel culture is a myth or an illusion created by the right to invoke sympathy and maintain power fall flat as Democrats seek to pass policies that would silence the influence and voice of Christians and conservatives permanently. From the H.R. 1 "For the People Act," to the Equality Act, to Pelosi and other House Democrats trying to hypocritically overturn the legitimate election of Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks (R-Iowa), the Left's efforts to restrain conservative influence and suppress conservative viewpoints continue to increase at an alarming rate.

While we at Family Research Council have been standing firm against these attacks since 1983. This week, we are taking a particularly bold stand for truth against the cancel culture's attacks on our freedoms and rights through our Stand Today Together campaign.

To counter the Left's culture of destruction, FRC is expanding digital media programs, educational resources, and studio production capabilities to provide innovative solutions for maximum engagement with those whose faith drives their biblical values and political engagement.

Over 200 years ago, our founders built America with principles based upon the solid rock of God's Word. Today, cancel culture activists work tirelessly to eradicate these foundational truths that made America great and suppress once and for all anyone who seeks to defend and advance them. Believers, churches, and faith-based organizations face intimidation, opposition, and the constant threat of having their Christian influence minimized and voice silenced.

The author of the CNN article claimed that conservatives angry about "censorship of like-minded voices on Twitter and Facebook," have no reason to be angry or yell foul, because conservative content on social media typically performs better than other content.

The fact that content reflecting conservative values performs well on social media does not mean that cancel culture isn't real, it just shows that the Left's increasingly radical agenda is out of touch with the values of everyday Americans.

In fact, there are 23 million spiritually active, governance engaged conservatives (SAGE Cons) in the United States whose faith informs their political engagement.

If you are one of these like-minded individuals who hold biblical values of life for the unborn, the freedom to live out your faith without threats and intimidation and fear of being censored, and believe that religious freedom is a God-given right and fully protected under the Constitution, join us in standing, today, together. Imagine the cultural change we could create if we Stand Today Together. What will happen if we don't?

For more information about the Stand Today Together campaign and how you can counter the cancel culture's attacks on our freedoms and rights, visit