Biden: Planned Parenthood Shall Be Funded

April 19, 2021

Last week, the Biden administration moved to revoke the Trump administration's changes to the Title X program that increased health care options for women and shielded American taxpayers from funding the killing of unborn children.

Enacted in 1970 under President Richard Nixon, the Title X Family Planning program provides contraceptive services, supplies, medical tests, and information on family planning with low-income families as the priority, but thankfully, abortion is not considered a method of family planning. Under the Reagan administration, common sense protections for American taxpayers who oppose their money going toward abortions were issued, and Title X recipients were required to demonstrate complete physical and financial separation from abortion services and referrals. However, these regulations were tied up in court for the duration of the Regan and Bush administrations. Under Clinton, those regulations changed to state that recipients must refer for and could even provide abortions. Sadly, these rules did not change until the pro-life Trump administration finalized the Protect Life Rule in 2019.

Under the Trump administration's Protect Life Rule, abortion providers were once again required to demonstrate physical and financial separation from abortion services and were not obliged to refer for abortion -- opening the door for pro-life and faith-based organizations to apply for Title X funds.

Rather than comply with this regulation, Planned Parenthood choose to forgo Title X funding, demonstrating that the organization cared more about performing abortions than they did about caring for women. Despite Planned Parenthood's claim to "care, no matter what," the leader in the culture of death's track record of decreasing cancer screenings, breast exams, and prenatal services while increasing abortions, aligns perfectly with their decision to sacrifice taxpayer dollars (knowing they could more than make up the difference through private donations) in order to maintain their level of involvement with abortion.

What does not make sense is the Biden administration's move to make Planned Parenthood "an extension of government," as Valerie Huber, Former U.S. Special Representative for Global Women's Health at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and one of the authors of the Protect Life Rule under the Trump administration, noted on Washington Watch last Friday. "The Biden administration is turning into an advocacy organization for Planned Parenthood," Valerie observed, while "[w]hat we tried to do under the Trump administration was to make sure that women who needed family planning services, particularly those who are economically impoverished, would get them, but we wouldn't become a spigot for referring to Planned Parenthood or other abortion providers."

During a pandemic when countries around the world are experiencing a "Baby Bust" -- which is universally acknowledged as bad because, despite what the media tells us, the world actually needs more children -- the Biden administration's proposed changes to Title X provide taxpayer dollars to an organization that profits by killing babies. Now, pro-life pregnancy resource centers, who in 2019 -- despite receiving only a minimal amount of government funding -- provided nearly $270 million in services including approximately 732,000 pregnancy tests, 486,000 ultrasounds, 160,200 parenting classes, sexual risk avoidance classes for 881,000 students, and 160,200 STI/STD screenings all at virtually no cost, will no longer be eligible for Title X funds if Biden's proposed rule, which -- like the Clinton administration's rule -- requires Title X recipients to refer for abortions, goes into effect. Planned Parenthood, who -- on the other hand -- performed 354,871 abortions in 2019-2020, killing almost 1,000 unborn babies a day while significantly decreasing their actual health care services, will once again receive millions more of American taxpayer dollars.

Currently, attorneys general from 19 states, led by David Yost, Ohio Attorney General, are working to defend the Trump administration's Title X changes at the Supreme Court. A victory would not make the Protect Life Rule permanent, but it would allow future administrations to more readily transform Title X back into a program that protects the unborn and provides real health care options for women. As Attorney General Yost said on Washington Watch, if this "administration doesn't want to do their job, we'll be glad to do it for them."

While this is a stark reminder that elections have consequences, there is also still an opportunity for the American public to intervene. The Biden administration will receive comments on the proposed regulations until May 17. Click here and submit a formal comment defending life and opposing the new regulations, and pray that the Biden administration has a change of heart and chooses life over Planned Parenthood's bottom line.