A Border Boiling Over

April 20, 2021

When the 10 Republican lawmakers arrived before midnight to tour the migrant holding facility in Donna, Texas, they were shocked by what they saw. "The migrants, dirty and exhausted, were sitting in row after row. Almost all were silent. The 'facility' was mostly benches, a line of porta-potties, some basic supplies, and a trailer with the sign MOBILE DENTAL UNIT," wrote the Washington Examiner's Byron York. Some migrants had endured a 40-day journey from Honduras. Many had hiked miles through rough terrain in the dead of night, from where smugglers left them to where American border guards picked them up. In March, border guards encountered 172,331 unaccompanied minors, family units, and single adults on the southern border, and the flood keeps on coming. And yet still, Democrats still insist: there is no crisis.

After initially ignoring it, President Joe Biden admitted the crisis last Friday, but White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki quickly backtracked -- insisting in a press conference that he didn't mean it. "The president does not feel that children coming to our border seeking refuge from violence, economic hardships, and other dire circumstances is a crisis," she said. This comes to you from the same administration that denied reporters and Congress access to the border, redacted a press release, and euphemized "kids in cages" to "children in temporary overflow facilities." It's almost like they care more about controlling the narrative than controlling the border.

Vice President Kamala Harris was appointed to oversee the border response. So far, she has held two phone calls. But don't worry, this week she will travel to New Hampshire, 500 miles in the wrong direction. The silence from Democrats in Congress, too, has been staggering. That's because, as Rep. Michael Waltz (R-Fla.) said, "This is a crisis of our own making." Four months ago, the border was a ghost town because the Trump administration's policies were working. But President Biden practically invited the crisis by halting deportations, ending the remain in Mexico policy, and pretty much prohibiting border patrol from doing their jobs. Instead of keeping people out, our border patrol are now spending all their time providing humanitarian aid to people coming in.

As critical as it is to solve the border crisis, there is another, more fundamental question, which few people are asking. "Why are they coming to our border?" Fixed Point Foundation Executive Director Larry Taunton spent the past months trying to answer that question, a search that led him back and forth across Latin America. "In talking to refugees, what you discover... is that they're fleeing socialism and unreasonable lockdowns in search of freedom." I hope they aren't disappointed with the country they find when they get here. Waltz agreed, saying the driving force behind the northward immigration is "corrupt socialist government [that] can't help their people" and "economies that have been devastated by left wing policies."

It's time for Democrats to face the music. Waltz said their "hardnosed determination to not admit" the border crisis was "for political reasons." In other words, their Marxist ideology tells them that millions of poor Latin immigrants will automatically vote Democrat. But Latin immigrants drawn to America aren't "naturally predisposed to being Democrats," explained Taunton. "They're generally from Catholic backgrounds, hardworking, family oriented, aren't used to government subsidies, know what socialism is, and hate it." If Republicans are clever enough to catch on, Democrats' demographic politics might just work against themselves. Democrats should be careful what they wish for, and take responsibility of the mess they've made of the southern border.