Kerrying Favor with the Ayatollahs

April 27, 2021

In an audio recording leaked to a London-based news channel, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif explains that he learned of "at least" 200 Israeli attacks on Iranian targets in Syria, not from security personnel in his own government, but from former U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry. As Obama's top U.S. diplomat, Kerry who inked the agreement whereby we subsidized Iran's sponsorship of global terror and they pretended not to illegally advance their nuclear weapons program. Kerry continued to meet with Zarif even after he lost his official role. You might recall that during the same time (mid-2018), the media was busy pointing out that U.S. law prohibits private citizens from communicating with foreign governments, not as it applied to John Kerry, but as a way to persecute former Trump associates.

John Kerry, of course, denied it, tweeting that the "allegations are unequivocally false." But Jim Geraghty demonstrated in the National Review there are plenty of reasons to believe them. Zarif and Kerry had a special relationship some even called a "friendship." In context, Zarif was criticizing his own government, not Kerry, in an interview that was never intended to reach the media. In all likelihood, the audio was leaked to harm Zarif amid an internal Iranian squabble, and Kerry was merely collateral damage barely noticed by the New York Times.

The real question is, as Liberty Business School Dean Dave Brat said, "What's Kerry really up to?" It seems obvious that he spilled state secrets of one of our closest allies to one of our greatest adversaries. It almost sounds as if he is working as a foreign agent against America's interests. There is a "new alignment," Brat explained. This new alignment pits "global elites versus the American people," or the people of any other country. So we can be sure Kerry is "carrying out the will of the global elites."

It all comes down to worldview, said Brat. The global elites have forsaken the Judeo-Christian tradition, and Greek reason, that made the West great. "The alignment of those two sensibilities, the Judeo-Christian religious tradition and Greek reason, have been the guard rails for Western civilization for two thousand years. And they served us well." Brat continued, "the Judeo-Christian tradition is alive and well in Israel." As the elites work out their anti-Christian worldview, they will inevitably target Israel. "The left is deconstructing the power of the West," said Brat. "If you want to tear down the west, you go after Israel."

Israel will be just fine, in the long run. Living on the verge of extinction has taught them to be tough. Though they may be very reluctant to share sensitive intelligence with the U.S. government after this revelation. In fact, they could teach Christians a thing or two about perseverance in the face of opposition. Brat added, "we have to learn to act a little bit more like Israel. The Christian church has become weak. If you ask Christians what foreign policy is, what are our interests, where we align, [they'll respond] why does it matter?"

It matters because when Christians are uninformed and disengaged, society regresses towards barbarism. A former top diplomat is caught sharing sensitive intelligence with our adversaries. But will there be consequences? Not in a country where the law is despised and our heritage is hated. A sitting congressman was romantically involved with a Chinese spy, and he is still sitting on the House Intelligence Committee. "This is why elections matter," said Brat. If Christians don't engage, they'll be forced to live with the consequences.