Biden's Foreign Policy: Hanging by a Threat

April 30, 2021

For all of the rotten tomatoes that critics threw at Joe Biden's speech, there was at least one audience who appreciated it: America's enemies. Of all the dangerous, absurd things the president said, some of the worst were about our national defense. In places like Iran, China, and North Korea, the idea that racism is our homeland's biggest threat had to be music to most dictators' ears.

"We won't ignore what our intelligence agents have determined to be the most lethal terrorist threat to our homeland today," Biden insisted. "White supremacy is terrorism. We are not going to ignore that either." FRC's Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Jerry Boykin couldn't believe his ears. "I don't believe that the intelligence community has told the president that.... Secondly, if they have, then they're just flat wrong or they've redefined terrorism. What I would say is... that we're living through a big con." He talked about the barricades and fences around D.C., which are all a part of this Democratic theater. "Does the threat warrant that? And the answer is no. And you heard it from the president [Wednesday] night. They're trying to convince Americans that people like you and me -- white people in general, but also primarily white conservatives, white Christians, white activists -- are the real threat."

Meanwhile, the real enemies run free. "Do you think that the Chinese don't just love to hear that? You think the Russians don't love to hear that? You think that Kim Jong Un doesn't love to hear that kind of thing, that we have taken our eye off the ball as a nation because of this president? [Joe Biden] is not serious about the defense of this nation. Either that or he is totally unaware of how serious the threat from these other adversaries really are." Either way, the messaging -- no matter what it's political purpose -- is dangerous.

Then, adding to the ridiculousness of this charade, Biden tried to pretend that the January 6th riot was "the worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War." Excuse me? What about 9/11? Pearl Harbor? The Oklahoma City bombing? Was the Capitol siege a horrible stain on our nation's history? No question. It was inexcusable. But the majority of those people weren't armed with anything but stupidity. Biden is seriously putting them -- a bunch of disrespectful hooligans -- on par with radical Muslim terrorists who killed thousands of people?

"The Capitol riot was very bad. Let's get serious about American history tho," wrote Jerry Dunleavy of the Washington Examiner. "Listen, I don't know who writes the speeches for him," General Boykin said, "but they don't know a thing about history." Frankly, they're counting on the fact that most Americans don't know their history. But if they did, history would bear out that we have had much greater attacks on this country -- and the Capitol -- than what happened there on January 6th.

And now, making matters worse, the Leftist media is conflating Christian nationalism with white supremacy. That, they insist, is our greatest vulnerability. What about the violence in our cities? The president didn't say a word about the year-long crusade to burn cities across America by the Left. That's because this isn't about the truth -- it's about building a narrative that gives them cover for redefining extremism. We're seeing that play out right now in our nation's military, where trainings are underway to help our men and women rat out anyone with suspicious (conservative) views. Nothing, General Boykin argues, could be more devastating to our military readiness.

"There is nothing more important in the military than cohesion within a unit. That's what causes people to be willing to die for their teammates... And when you destroy that cohesion with things like what they're doing to our military today with this critical race theory -- starting with telling every white person there, 'You are an oppressor,' and telling every black person, 'You're the victim.' How is that going to build cohesion within those units? And look. I've seen men give their lives for their battle buddies. I've written them up for the Medals of Honor for doing just that. But you've got to have that cohesion in that unit, because that's an equalizer that's as important as the technology and weapons that you give them."

Social experiments like this one don't help us prepare for any war except the culture's. We need to take a step back and stop focusing our time and energy on things that only divide us -- and get back to readiness. "Douglas MacArthur told the people at West Point in 1963 when he stood in the mess hall there and he looked at them, 'Your mission remains determined, fixed, inviolable. It is to win the nation's wars.' That's not changed. It's still to win the nation's wars. That's the mission." But it's certainly not the vision under this administration. And that should concern us all.