Parents Sound Alarm on the Left's Classroom Warfare

June 10, 2021

What's black and white and red all over? Incensed parents of every race who have had enough of the Left's deceptive indoctrination of children in public schools. Earlier this week, parents packed out a school board meeting in Loudoun County, Virginia. You may remember reading about the school district because it suspended P.E. teacher Tanner Cross for voicing his opposition, as a resident of the community, to woke ideology during a public meeting, although a judge has now reinstated him. But parents' outrage against critical race theory in their children's curriculum isn't confined to a wealthy D.C. suburb; spontaneous revolts against out-of-control, woke school boards is America's new pandemic.

In fact, when the Biden administration's Department of Education proposed new programs to promote the racist "1619 Project," they were flooded with over 35,000 overwhelmingly negative comments by citizens all across the country. That bought parents some time, too, because the bureaucracy is required by law to answer each comment they receive before they can proceed further.

America's political elites are deriding the groundswell of parental outrage. Former President Barack Obama quipped to CNN host Anderson Cooper, "You would think... the Republican Party would be engaged in a significant debate about... the economy and... climate change... Lo and behold, the single most important issue to them apparently right now is critical race theory. Who knew?" Of course, everyone knows parents would rather not have this fight at all; they would rather the Marxists keep their toxic ideas to themselves. But, by definition Marxism aims to subdue the world before its godless, destructive philosophy, so someone has to stand up and fight back.

Obama's mocking tone is "a sign that we're on to something," former Trump administration official Russ Vought said on "Washington Watch." "Oz the Great and Powerful" is only fearsome until someone pulls back the curtain. Perhaps the silver lining of the COVID lockdowns was that it pulled back the curtain on the Left's agenda for education. Kids may have lost a year of in-classroom education, but parents finally got a glimpse, over Zoom, of the radical indoctrination that is harming their children anyways. This wake-up call for parents has come none too soon, as President Biden's agenda has "hit the gas pedal on all of these cultural agendas that they've been pushing behind the scenes," said Vought.

Since the end of the Trump administration, Vought has turned to equipping parents to stand up to woke school boards, producing an A to Z Strategy Guide and model school board language parents and policymakers can use to eradicate critical race theory from the classroom. He recommended that "if parents can't provide accountability, with the school board that they have, they can replace the school board." States are taking action, too. Iowa enacted a ban on critical race theory on Tuesday, and the Florida State Board of Education banned critical race theory today.

The Left "has overplayed their hand," Vought insists. They're outnumbered, so they know their only path to success is by dividing Americans against each other. One parent who spoke out at Tuesday's Loudoun County school board meeting was Xi Van Fleet, a survivor of Mao's Cultural Revolution. She argued that the Left is using the same tactics today -- having children inform on their own parents, intimidation and shaming of anyone who disagreed. "The Communist regime used the same critical theory to divide people. The only difference is they used class instead of race," she said. Fortunately, parents are united against this Marxist theory indoctrinating their children. By replacing irresponsible school boards or holding them accountable, they have the means, power, and political will to protect their children.