'I Was Preparing for Death at Every Moment'

July 8, 2021

It was her worst nightmare -- come true. The mom of three had been dreading the day when the Chinese Communist officials would come after her. And one night, they did. That phone call, three years ago, feels like yesterday. It was the moment Zumrat Dawut would discover the truth that her government's officials were denying: the network of concentration camps for her people was real. Then she -- like so many millions before her -- disappeared to one.

"It's not like a normal prison," she remembers from her new home a half-a-world away in Virginia. "There's a lot of unbelievable torture in that place," she told Breitbart through a translator. "I was there for 62 days, and I was preparing for death at every moment. I was preparing to be killed at every time." Her nightmarish ordeal lasted two months, but the scars of what she experienced will last forever. "I witnessed them torture a person for saying, 'I believe in God, not Xi Jinping,'" she shudders. "Then they took the person, and we never saw them again."

The same happened again. And again. "The people are asked if there is a god, and do you believe in God?" she explained. "If they say yes, they will kill them. They are asked, do you believe in Xi Jinping or God? And the ones who say 'Xi Jinping' live." She was forcibly sterilized, took unknown drugs, was the victim of DNA testing and "bizarre medical procedures" that -- Zumrat believes -- were the preparation for the ghoulish organ harvesting survivors have warned about. "We suffered a lot," she said somberly. "They only have one goal: to eliminate us. Genocide."

This is the reality of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) -- the same regime that the Leftist media has had the audacity to applaud on its 100th anniversary. But not everyone watching the country's leaders carry out these horrors on innocent people is cheering. Governor Pete Ricketts (R-Nebr.) is appalled that the world would have such a muted response to the milestone -- or worse, outright praise it. "I wanted to make sure that people remembered that the implementation of communism [not just in China but all around the world] has led to nearly a hundred million deaths nationwide," he said on "Washington Watch."

He decided to declare a Victims of Communism Month in Nebraska, an attempt to put the movement's violent past -- and present -- in perspective. "More people have died at the hands of communist regimes than died in World War One and World War Two combined," Ricketts pointed out. "And this includes about 65 million in China, about 20 million in the Soviet Union, two million in Cambodia, two million in North Korea, about a million in Eastern Europe. And we need to remember those stories."

But tragically, they aren't the stories that today's American education has been anxious to tell. Our young people, especially now -- thanks to critical race theory and other subversive Marxist curriculum -- aren't learning about the bloody roots of governments like China's. And moms and dads, Ricketts urge, really need to be proactive about making sure their children know where dangerous philosophies like this one lead. "It really is something that we need to focus on as parents, because we're primarily responsible for our kids' education if the schools are going to drop the ball on teaching [that] Marxism is where communism comes from. And it teaches about class warfare, between creating conflict within a society and depriving people of their rights. That's the basis of it."

Our free enterprise system, on the other hand, "lifts people up and provides for human flourishing and religious freedom. And we can see it to this day in places like China, where the Chinese Communist Party is oppressing people like the Uyghurs. And Christians are -- to this day -- still being persecuted there, and their [churches]... destroyed. And that's what we need to make sure our young people know when they see the propaganda the CCP is putting out." We have to tell them the "true story of what it means to live under communist oppression."

There are a lot of people on the Left who don't think communism is a bad thing, Ricketts said. But "go look at history," he challenged. "People need to understand that it is really fundamentally against what we stand for here in America." It's also fundamentally inhumane. Two things that ought to motivate the entire government -- and the West -- to rise up and fight back. Because there's an entire generation of other Zumrats who will die if we don't.