What's Lost Is Foundational

July 12, 2021

Some time ago, America's political Left gave up on freedom because it realized Americans would never accept its political agenda if allowed to speak and think for themselves. Their scorched-earth campaign against America's identity has ignited cities (literally), commandeered elite institutions, muffled dissent, and atrophied masculinity. They increasingly target churches and families, the two benighted holdouts against their dystopian vision of broken relationships, broken dreams, and broken spirits.

The Left grows increasingly bold about declaring their intention to repress and replace these God-ordained institutions with the long, strong arm of government. For instance, last week an article in the top-tier academic publication, Journal of Medical Ethics, recommended, "parents should lose veto power over most transition-related pediatric care." In English, the author means he wants to punish parents who object to their minor children being subjected to harmful gender transition experiments by forcibly ejecting them from the decision-making process. Worse, this heavy-handed wickedness is what now passes for "medical ethics."

The Biden administration has already begun to erode freedoms that oppose the transgender ideology. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and the U.S. Department of Education at Biden's direction have both plunged ahead in rewriting major U.S. laws based on applying the Supreme Court's Bostock decision to laws the ruling explicitly did not. Last week, 21 attorneys general warned in a letter that the guidance these agencies issued threatened religious freedom and free speech.

The EEOC and Department of Education guidelines direct businesses and schools respectively to recognize vague, sweeping new rights for individuals identifying as LGBT, without even providing adequate religious exemptions. The letter warned that the EEOC guidance in particular "appears to ignore two of three protections provided to religious employers," Title VII of the Civil Rights Act and the First Amendment. The Supreme Court's decision in Bostock, argued the letter, "cannot overrule the First Amendment's guarantees of religious liberty."

In the slippery guidelines, actual infractions and punishments are vague. The letter argued, "schools are left to wonder whether, per the two documents, your administration will seek to punish them if they exclude boys who identify as girls from the girls' showers and locker rooms after gym class." The message from the Biden administration is clear: do as we want, or we will bury you. The bureaucracy has become the cancel culture.

The transgender guidelines might be the most overt and unjustifiable power grabs in the history of America's administrative state. They even dictate pronoun usage, an invasion of free speech not even contemplated by the Supreme Court. "Bostock did not provide any basis for a claim that using biologically accurate pronouns could violate the law," said the letter, and "with respect to pronouns, the EEOC's guidance comes across as an effort to leverage the authority of the federal government to chill protected speech disfavored by your administration."

Try as they might, the Biden administration cannot replace Christian morality with a new secular, sexual morality. The Christian worldview is simply the world as it really is -- as God has created and cursed it. God made humans in his image, male and female. That nature cannot change. Any alternative worldview is make-believe. Most people can't muster enough blind faith to believe that people can change their gender at will. The transgender craze will eventually fall because it stands on empty air -- like the old cartoon characters that walk off a cliff before looking down. Biden and his subordinates cannot change the reality that the family is the fundamental, normative building block of human society. Nor can the gates of hell prevail against the church.