A Tribute to Todd Akin

October 5, 2021

America lost and heaven gained a champion for faith, family, and freedom this past Sunday. Former Congressman Todd Akin, who represented Missouri's 2nd congressional district, was a faithful husband, father, patriot, servant leader, and a longtime friend. He entered into eternity after a long battle with cancer.

It didn't take long for me to meet Todd when I came to Family Research Council nearly 20 years ago; he sought me out as he and his family were supporters of FRC. Gentle and disarming, Todd had the passion of a professor who loved to teach. He taught on the Bible and American history, and his passion for both was unrivaled.

He was resolute, unwavering, and courageous, living out his faith unapologetically in a city known to be hostile to moral absolutes. He was not enamored with Washington; he was on a mission. His devotion to his family was evident both in word and deed. I've had the privilege of getting to know his wife and children over the years. There is no question that he lived what he professed -- biblical faith, a commitment to his family, and a resolve to advocate for and protect our freedoms. I am grateful to have known Todd and thankful for the men and women whom he inspired to follow his example and live out their faith in the political arena without apology. America is and will be better for it.