'This Has Been a Long Fight, But Every Life Is Worth It'

November 15, 2021

While Joe Biden's climate "negotiator" was busy telling reporters that human rights wasn't "in his lane," another former secretary of State was painting a very different picture of the job. John Kerry may not think a little thing like genocide ought to get in the way of this administration's deal on the environment, but one of his successors loudly disagrees.

Mike Pompeo, at last Thursday night's Caring to Love Ministries gala dinner in Baton Rouge, told a sold-out crowd that this president's philosophy on life, human dignity, and foreign relations couldn't be more different from the Trump administration. "Devaluing life," he pointed out, "is the hallmark of totalitarian countries. Consider China. Just a few weeks ago, the Chinese Communist Party celebrated its 100th anniversary. One uncelebrated 'achievement' was that it is the CCP -- not the Soviet Union or the Nazis -- who can lay claim to the greatest mass murderer in human history."

And those horrors, he told the audience of pro-lifers, didn't count the innocent children slaughtered under China's One Child Policy. "And despite global condemnation for its actions, the CCP's vicious and cruel treatment of the Chinese people has not ceased. Today, thousands of Uyghur Muslims are being murdered and millions oppressed. I was proud of our efforts to classify what China is doing to the Uyghurs as genocide."

Now, tragically, we have an administration that's willing to throw any of America's core values overboard in pursuit of a ridiculous climate agenda that will do nothing to combat the real crisis: China's brutal disregard for human rights. "Any nation that disregards the essential right to life," Pompeo insisted, "cannot claim to be good in any other measure."

His comments couldn't have come at a more appropriate time, as Joe Biden hurtles toward a slew of policies that drive America farther and farther away from its founding principles. While he makes late-term abortion on demand a hallmark of his presidency, the states are working fast and furiously to make the womb a safer place. Already in 2021, states have passed a record number of pro-life laws, 106, more than any other year since Roe v. Wade. Even now, the Supreme Court is on the verge of hearing the most direct challenge to the 1973 ruling in our generation.

As Mike said, "This has been a long fight, but every life is worth it. And I believe the day is approaching when the law may be restored to our side. We need all of you to step up for these next three and half years. I have no doubt that this administration will fight to preserve abortion like no other." But, he reminded people, "The answer to our nation's problems isn't politics. It's affecting change in the hearts of people that only faith in Christ can. That takes adhering to principles and leaders of principle who won't put their finger in the wind of politics to make decisions, but will rather adhere to principle, even when it's not popular. That is what you have been doing at Caring to Love in changing hearts and minds about life."

It was an encouraging night to be on the right side of life and hear from a true champion of the movement. As a member of the Caring to Love board, I know I speak for everyone when I say that we were grateful for the work of the Pompeo State Department and pray for a return to those principles soon.