Gym Bags Privacy Policy after Trans Suit

December 15, 2021

A trip to California's Crunch gym got women's hearts racing all right -- but not the way most people were hoping. For customers expecting to enjoy a little privacy to change or shower, it was a shocking experience to open the door and see a biological man staring back. But unfortunately for Crunch's clients, that's the new normal after a legal settlement made it clear that women's safety doesn't matter.

Christynne Wood had been using the fitness center for years as a man. In 2016, he decided to start identifying as a female -- including using the women's facilities wherever he went. Understandably, that set off alarm bells at the gym, since Christynne was fully and anatomically male. Crunch's management was kind but firm that until he had a doctor's verification proving that he was transitioning, he would have to continue using the men's locker room. The former Navy vet cried foul, complaining that the other male clients were rude about his gender identity.

To their credit, the managers tried to work out a solution -- even offering Christynne access to a special "platinum" men's locker room that was rarely used by members. And yet, even after waiving the extra fee and finding a compromise that should have appeased everyone, Christynne still wasn't satisfied. He didn't want to use the premium space. He wanted access to the women's locker room and decided, with the help of the local ACLU, to sue the gym until he got it.

"I brought my paperwork out to show them and was immediately told 'No, no, no, not so fast,'" he remembers. The managers wanted proof that Christynne was surgically transitioning -- not just that he had changed his legal name. After all, there were other members to consider, who might not share the Left's enthusiasm about forcing women to share a room with a naked man.

By 2018, the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing got involved, demanding that the gym open its locker room doors to anyone, regardless of their biological realities. This month, Christynne prevailed -- winning not just a settlement from Crunch Fitness, but a concession that all employees would undergo transgender sensitivity training.

To Christynne, other members' feelings don't matter. "Whether you are uncomfortable or not is irrelevant," he shrugged. "People were uncomfortable with integration back in the 50s and 60s." But there's a big difference between sharing a space with clothed members of society and letting men expose themselves to women without consequence -- creating an uncomfortable, unsafe, and even hostile environment for everyone else. "Tolerance" sounds like a great idea until your wife walks into a locker room with a naked man. Or worse, your youngest daughter.

And yet, this is the "progress" Joe Biden wants to bring to every locker room in America. And while grown-ups can fight these issues at places like Crunch, what's really terrible is when schools impose this on students -- and no one is allowed to complain! At its best, it's unfair to girls. At its worst, it's dangerous. Two teenagers in Loudoun County will have scars for the rest of the life because a policy like this one gave a boy in a skirt access to rape and assault two girls. But that hasn't stopped the Left from pushing schools to throw children's privacy to the wind and cast their lot with radical transgender policies like this one. If that makes you or your daughter uncomfortable, this president's response is a lot like Christynne's: "too bad."</p