Restoring Accountability to the People's House

February 1, 2022

Since its inception in 1789, the United States House of Representatives has been known as the "People's House." This is because our Founding Fathers had a very specific purpose in mind when they formed the House -- that it would be a body that would fully represent public opinion, and therefore be fully accountable to that public.

But a funny thing happened on the way to the House. In recent years under the leadership of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), that accountability has been dropped in favor of activist sleights of hand and deceptive rule changes, all used to mask the true purpose of the Left's agenda -- to grab as much power as possible by any means necessary.

As House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) pointed out on "Washington Watch," what began with the seemingly never-ending extension of "proxy voting" (due to supposed concerns about the spread of COVID) has quickly turned into a much wider campaign of smoke and mirrors.

"They passed a rule that bills don't have to go through committee," McCarthy said. "So now, the committees aren't even seeing them. So, she would craft the bill -- you're talking trillions of dollars. It's the start of inflation when they made that $1.9 trillion bill. They said it was for COVID, but only nine percent went for COVID. And then she says, 'OK, we're going to vote on it. You members don't have to come back because I've got all the votes in my pocket. I'll just vote them all.' I mean, it's all about power. Then she changed the rules on the minority ... In the history of Congress, the minority was always given an opportunity to at least have one amendment. She took that away."

McCarthy made it clear that things are going to look different if Republicans are able to gain back the majority in November. "On the very first day, bills are going to have to go through committee," he underscored. "People are going to have to show up to vote. The public will get invited back in to see how their government works to be able to hold us accountable. You'll be able to debate the bill. We'll give the minority [the ability to] have an amendment in the process. We believe the power of the idea should win the public. This is the people's house. They should be able to participate."

Indeed, believers must actively participate in government to make our voices heard. A perfect opportunity is to tell your representatives to oppose the Global Respect Act, a bill moving through the House next week that would inject radical gender ideology into America's human rights efforts.

Another opportunity for believers is to act now by telling your senators to oppose the nomination of left-wing activist Nancy Abudu to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit. Abudu is strategic litigation director for the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), a corrupt organization known for targeting its political opponents with its "hate group" label and dangerous rhetoric. This rhetoric led a troubled young man to attempt to commit mass murder here at FRC's headquarters after he learned that FRC was on the SPLC's "hate group" list. Abudu's nomination hearing is likely to occur in the Senate in the coming weeks.

Finally, you can tell your senators to oppose the nomination of Shalanda Young to serve as Deputy Director of the Office of Management and Budget. Just today, the Senate is holding several hearings on Young, who holds numerous radically far-left positions, including opposing measures meant to protect the conscience rights of pro-life Americans who don't want to fund, promote, or participate in abortions.

While we look to next year for change in some areas, we need to hold the line right now in others. The actionable items mentioned previously are some of the ways YOU can help do just that.