Wish them Truck: Convoys Hit the Road for Freedom

February 24, 2022

Police helicopters whirred overhead. Dozens of police vans and cruisers idled at strategic intersections. From the noise in the nation's capital Wednesday night, you would have thought a massive manhunt was underway -- or that leaders expected fascist wannabes to torch the city any moment. D.C. Police have placed 500 extra officers on the clock, round the clock, as a "Civil Disturbance Unit" all week long. The only thing missing from this scene is a culprit.

If you believe the hollowing-out-their-legacy media, Washington is about to be overrun with a dangerous truckers' protest imitating Canada's Freedom Convoy. In Canada, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau assumed unprecedented emergency powers to ruthlessly suppress the mostly peaceful truckers' protest against vaccine mandates and other government overreach. Somehow, desk reporters tried to make blue-collar workers, standing up for their lives and livelihoods, out to be the bad guys. California Pastor Rob McCoy warned the press will smear American truckers with the same broad brush. "They're going to be vilified," he said, "in a manner that's not worthy of what they're doing."

One trucker convoy traveling from California invited McCoy to "pray for them and send them off" on Wednesday, he explained. "There wasn't a piece of trash to be found. They were loving. They sang 'Amazing Grace.' We prayed for them. There was nothing violent... [There were] flags waving, citizens excited about their voice being heard." What a contrast to the 2020 rioters who burned, looted, and attacked police, the most expensive riots in U.S. history.

McCoy understands personally why the truckers are standing for freedom. "Liberty [is] like muscles," he explained. "If you don't exercise it, you lose it." That almost happened during the coronavirus pandemic, as California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) tried to shut down churches as "non-essential." McCoy's church had to determine where they would obey the governor's command to lock their doors, or Scripture's command to be "not neglecting to meet together" (Hebrews 10:29). When they chose to obey God rather than men (Acts 5:29), the State of California "tried to fine us $3,000 every time the doors of the church [building] were open." McCoy's church "amassed hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines," and he personally faced contempt charges for not paying the fines, until finally the highest court in the land rebuked California for blatantly abusing the right of religious freedom.

"When you punch the bully in the nose, they go away," McCoy said. "Now, with mask mandates and everything else, they exempt the church because we were willing to make a stand." That principle holds whether you're driving the Word of God home to consciences, driving an 18-wheeler to Washington, D.C., or driving a minivan to a school board meeting. The people of America have recognized it's time to take a stand and say, enough with these endless mandates, shifting goalposts, and snooty bureaucrats running our lives. "No virus on the face of the earth... merits the suspension of our inalienable rights," McCoy affirmed.

The powers that be didn't bat an eye when violent mobs ruined livelihoods and destroyed our cities two years ago. But it turns out they do have a boogeyman in their closet. When pastors, parents, and yes, truckers, too -- the people of the United States -- rise up to reassert their God-given freedoms, that really scares the dickens out of the Left. McCoy concluded, "be vigilant to protect this nation that was 'conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.'" And pray for the truckers -- for wisdom, protection, and success. Then honk your horn in solidarity.