Like a Moth to the Blame, Biden's Deflection Continues

April 18, 2022

Most pundits can't decide which is more surprising: the fact that Joe Biden's approval rating is the lowest ever recorded by an elected president -- or that he got there despite around-the-clock support from the press. "It's not an exaggeration to say that Biden has the corporate media, Big Business, academia, the Deep State, Big Tech, and all of Hollywood working 24/7 to protect him," John Nolte points out, "and he's still entering the Easter weekend in the worst shape of any elected president in recorded history."

Over at CNN, the "New Day's" John Berman had a hard time getting the words out. "A first-term president at this point in his presidency, ah, this is the lowest... This is a really, really, really bad number," he admitted, flashing up a graphic from four of America's top survey houses. In all but one, Joe Biden has broken a record that no one at the White House will be bragging about: unpopularity. At Quinnipiac, the president registered 33 percent approval (the lowest registered); at Hart/POS (NBC or CNBC): 38 percent approval; at Ipsos/Reuters: 41 percent (the lowest registered); and at CBS News/YouGov: 42 percent (the lowest registered).

Of course, this boggles the mind of Joe Biden's team, who's spent the last 15 months insisting that nothing they've done is their fault. Inflation is Vladimir Putin's fault (despite a seven-percent spike that happened before Russia's invasion). Gas prices are the result of the Ukrainian war (not the president's day one decision to destroy America's energy independence). COVID is killing our economy (even though Donald Trump presided over the pandemic too, with far less impact on our wallets). And, of course, war is to blame for U.S. prices (although the war in Afghanistan, which America was directly involved in for two decades, barely affected costs).

On issues like immigration, the administration doesn't even bother explaining -- because, frankly, open borders are part of the plan. The president has released more than 756,000 border crossers and illegal immigrants into American communities since Biden walked into office -- larger, one court brief explains, than "the resident population of Boston -- about equal to the size of Denver, and larger than the population of Detroit." Oh, and 23 of them were on the U.S. terror watch list.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) isn't surprised that Americans are fed up. "Why [are] the president's approval numbers are so low? It's the wasteful, irresponsible spending that has led to higher prices and inflation," he argued. "It's the irresponsible actions of this president along the border that has led to an immigration and a fentanyl crisis. It's the irresponsible policies of this administration that has led to dangerous streets, ineffective schools, and that has got to stop."

And while he's wary to take stronger action against Putin, Biden is more than willing to go to war against parents and communities whose only request on transgender "therapy" is that minors wait. His constant drumbeat on LGBT issues is so outside the mainstream that it's becoming a political liability, liberal outlets now agree. In particular, they've pointed to the Democrats' over-the-top messaging on the Florida parental rights law. "If you were to ask the average parent of a first-grader, 'Do you want your kid to be taught about sex in first grade?' Most parents would probably say, 'Ew, probably not,'" Josh Lederman told Chuck Todd. That's where the Left's aggressive messaging has become "a real problem for Democrats," the panelists admitted. On things like gender and sexuality, Biden's party has "consistently been -- or at least perceived to be -- on the wrong side of this issue."

Meanwhile, the real problems facing Americans are like fires raging out of control -- and the country's patience is as low as our domestic oil supply. Time is running out for this president. And as everyone but the White House will tell you, he has only himself to blame.