Dems Race to Stop SCOTUS's Trial Blazers

May 5, 2022

Now that the country has had a few days to process the Supreme Court scoop of the century, the mood is changing. As shock gives way to suspense, the entire country is waiting -- waiting to see whodunit, waiting to see if the justices will expedite the ruling, waiting to see if the ruling we saw is final. The Left, on the other hand, is not waiting. From President Joe Biden to the radical governors across the country, the extremists are on the warpath -- ready to do anything and everything to keep their Roe v. Wade killing culture alive.

Already, there are legitimate fears for the justices' safety. While security has been beefed up significantly since the draft opinion on Dobbs was released, angry mobs are directing people to the justices' home addresses, arranging for protests on their streets, and generally raising alarm that violence isn't out of the question. "It's a betrayal of trust," Judicial Crisis Network's Carrie Severino said on Wednesday's special "Pray Vote Stand" broadcast. "And, as you alluded to earlier, it creates real safety risks for the justices themselves, because people can think the only way to stop this opinion is to attack one of the justices themselves... [They] think that protecting abortion in Roe v. Wade justifies any means whatsoever. And that's really frightening."

Equally frightening, Americans are finding out, is the Democrats' fanatical obsession with keeping Roe. Joe Biden, who once voted to overturn the ruling, has completely shed his faith background on the issue, dumbfounding people with his suggestion that the right to abortion comes from being a "child of God." House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) joined him on the blasphemy train, telling reporters, "The very idea that they would be telling women the size, timing, or whatever of their family -- the personal nature of this is so appalling. And I say that as a devout Catholic."

Her rabid party, meanwhile, is trying to persuade their crazed base that Congress can do something to keep Roe, pledging another vote on their failed Women's Health Protection Act -- a terrifying piece of legislation that would make taxpayer-funded abortion up until the moment of birth legal at any time, for any reason (and destroy all 50 states' pro-life laws in the process).

To Senator James Lankford (R-Okla.), who helped vote the bill down in February, the entire spectacle was almost comical. "My first comment when [Senator] Chuck Schumer came forward and said, 'We're going to have a vote in the Senate immediately to codify Roe,' was... to smile and say, 'Well, quite frankly, that means Chuck Schumer agrees with the Supreme Court that this should have been a legislative issue all along.'"

Severino, who clerked for Justice Clarence Thomas, agrees that's one of the biggest lies being floated about Roe. "People are calling [the draft opinion] 'undemocratic,' saying, 'Well, judges shouldn't be making this decision.' Folks, judges made the Roe v. Wade decision! And that was a decision that struck down democratically-passed laws across the nation." So if anything is democratic, she argues, it's handing the issue back to the people.

And according to new polling, Americans agree. When Rasmussen asked voters if they approved or disapproved of a ruling overturning Roe, a plurality (48 percent) said yes. Forty-five percent said no. That's a far cry from the consensus support that Democrats like White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki keep claiming. Wednesday, she told the press corps that Americans side with unlimited abortion by a "2-1 margin." She's wrong! (Where is the Ministry of Truth when you need it?) The only thing there's 2-1 support for -- and liberal polling confirms it -- is outlawing abortion after the first trimester. If Democrats want to test that theory in the midterm elections, be our guest. But, as their own strategists have warned, this no-holds-barred approach to killing isn't nearly as popular as Democrats think it is; and their continued support for it is literally killing their future.

Even so, the crazed Left will keep kicking and screaming, while state and pro-life leaders keep their heads down, gearing up for the biggest shift in abortion policy in 50 years. They know -- as we all do -- that if this ruling stands, our work is just beginning. As Senator Lankford said, this is all part of a nationwide partnership. On the federal side, especially in the Senate, "our work was to try to put in judges and justices [who] would just follow the Constitution. [Now] we need states that are going to speak out for the values of their citizens... and say, 'We want to protect every child...' We're going to work on adoption, we're going to work on foster care, we're going to work on parental responsibility [and fatherhood]. All of those things are part of caring for every single child."

The church's outreach will have to expand -- so will the work of pregnancy care centers and faith-based adoption agencies. We'll need more Christians to run for public office, holding these state legislatures accountable and advancing pro-life policies. Even if the ruling stands -- especially if the ruling stands -- this isn't a time for victory laps. It's time to roll up our sleeves and get to work.

That starts where it did all across the country today: with prayer. On this May 5th, the National Day of Prayer, join us in asking the Lord to give the justices courage, safety, wisdom, and resolve. You can find our special Dobbs prayer guide here. May this be the year we leave the bloody stains of Roe behind and embrace a new day of dignity for all human life.