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  • Back to the Basics of Religious Liberty

    by Tony Perkins

    May 15, 2013: Military officials appear to be in sandbag mode telling the media that the recent revelations about policies that would lead to the prosecution of military members for sharing their faith was all taken out of context.

  • Scouts must defend long-held convictions

    by Tony Perkins

    April 18, 2013: For 103 years, the Boy Scouts of America has helped boys make the difficult journey to manhood. The Scouts have produced presidents, congressmen, astronauts and scores of respectable, resourceful and responsible citizens.

  • The Southern Poverty Law Center and Violent Bullying

    by Tony Perkins

    February 26, 2013: Bullying is not a new phenomenon; it's as old as man. But bullying has reached a point of near epidemic proportions, with one in four children experiencing bullying and up to 35 percent of the U.S. workforce reporting being bullied at work. Bullying is wrong, and should have no defenders.

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