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  • Is the High Court Starting to Take the Little Sisters Seriously?

    by Travis Weber and Cathy Ruse

    April 29, 2016: Last week, religious challengers and the government both filed another round of briefswith the Supreme Court on a question it asked the parties in Zubik v. Burwell. This is the legal challenge by the Little Sisters of the Poor and dozens of other religious organizations objecting to being forced to provide certain drugs and services, mandated as part of Obamacare health insurance coverage, against their sincere religious beliefs. (Family Research Council joined an amicus brief in the case.)

  • Christian Solidarity Across Borders

    by Travis Weber

    April 15, 2016: Several weeks ago, the High Court in Kuching, Sarawak state in Malaysia ruled that the human right of freedom of religion, as protected in that country's constitution, protected a citizen's right to choose his own faith. Rooney Rebit was born into a Christian family, but his parents converted to Islam when he was eight years old, which also "converted" him in the eyes of the law. As an adult, Rooney chose to follow Christianity and was baptized. Often, Malaysian courts will stay out of such matters and defer to religious authorities. At times, Muslim religious authorities have sent Christians to "Islamic re-education centers" where they are pressured (and in some cases physically abused) to return to Islam. However, this time (thankfully, and commendably) the judge declared, "He does not need a Shari'ah court order to release him from Islam, because freedom of religion is his constitutional right, and only he can exercise that right. . . . He is free to exercise his right of freedom to religion, and he chose Christianity."

  • Voters right to worry about court vacancy

    by Travis Weber

    April 04, 2016: Much effort on both sides of the aisle has gone into determining the ideological leanings of Judge Merrick Garland and how he would rule on the hot-button issues of the day. However, some GOP senators running for reelection are hearing far more from those opposed to Garland than from those supporting him.

  • Freedom of Conscience and New ''LGBT Rights'' in International Human Rights Law

    by Travis Weber

    March 31, 2016: "LGBT rights" are being elevated above conscience rights when the two come into conflict-but this trend is to the detriment of human rights, which can stand the test of time only when they are grounded in transcendent, fixed authority. In the realm of international human rights law, major conflicts are developing today between freedom of conscience and lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) policies. In these conflicts, much more is at stake than the rights of religious people. Everyone who cares about human rights for all-LGBT or not-should be concerned about the resolution of these conflicts, for the continued viability of the entire human rights framework hinges on their outcome.

  • Little Sisters and Big Brother

    by Travis Weber

    March 22, 2016: On March 23rd, the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in the case of Zubik v. Burwell, consolidated with six other cases (including Little Sisters of the Poor) with dozens of plaintiffs between them, and doubtless affecting scores more of religiously-affiliated universities, organizations, individuals, and others whose religious objections have not yet made it into court. All these religious actors object in some degree to being forced by the HHS mandate to violate their consciences by providing contraceptive services that cause abortions.

  • What Christians Do About Persecution

    by Travis Weber

    December 16, 2015: Religious persecution, be it against Christians or other religious groups, is as old as human history. Early on, Christians were stoned, dragged into colosseums to be slaughtered, and nailed to crosses to die.

  • Will Christians in the Middle East Be Officially Recognized as Victims of Genocide?

    by Travis Weber

    December 08, 2015: Any day now, the U.S. government will designate ISIS's attempts to exterminate minority religious groups in Iraq and Syria to be genocide. Yezidis - a minority religious group receiving the wrath of ISIS - will be (properly) included in the list of victims. The only question is whether the Christians of Iraq and Syria will be included. The failure of the U.S. government to include them will have profound implications and only further consign them to a fate of continued persecution, abandonment and death.

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