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  • What Christians Do About Persecution

    by Travis Weber

    December 16, 2015: Religious persecution, be it against Christians or other religious groups, is as old as human history. Early on, Christians were stoned, dragged into colosseums to be slaughtered, and nailed to crosses to die.

  • Will Christians in the Middle East Be Officially Recognized as Victims of Genocide?

    by Travis Weber

    December 08, 2015: Any day now, the U.S. government will designate ISIS's attempts to exterminate minority religious groups in Iraq and Syria to be genocide. Yezidis - a minority religious group receiving the wrath of ISIS - will be (properly) included in the list of victims. The only question is whether the Christians of Iraq and Syria will be included. The failure of the U.S. government to include them will have profound implications and only further consign them to a fate of continued persecution, abandonment and death.

  • Will the EEOC Decide Who Is Catholic?

    by Travis Weber

    October 21, 2015: Earlier this year, the Catholic Diocese of Richmond fired the executive director of an associated charity known as the Saint Francis Home after the man disclosed he was in a same-sex marriage. The executive director subsequently filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission claiming sexual orientation discrimination. While such EEOC complaints (and federal lawsuits) have been filed before, only this past summer did the EEOC rule inBaldwin v. Foxx that sexual orientation discrimination could constitute sex discrimination which is prohibited by Title VII. Despite its jumbled logic, this ruling increases the likelihood that the executive director's claim against the Richmond Diocese will find traction with the EEOC.

  • Favoring some claims of conscience over others

    by Travis Weber

    August 27, 2015: We face a crisis of conscience today - a crisis forced upon us by elites in Washington who would pick and choose who is allowed to follow their deeply held beliefs and who is to be punished by the government for doing so.

  • Texas Supreme Court to Houston Mayor: Let your People Vote!

    by Travis Weber

    August 27, 2015: Last week, the Texas Supreme Court again had to hold Houston Mayor Annise Parker and her City Council in check for attempting to interfere with their own residents' ability to get a fair shake at the polls and vote on the city's divisive "Equal Rights Ordinance." Hopefully, this judicial intervention will be the last that is needed in this saga. After Mayor Parker imposed her sweeping ordinance containing religious liberty concerns on the local population last year (and meddled in internal church affairs by issuing an overbroad subpoena for local pastors' writings and communications), Houston area residents, led by a number of pastors, pushed back and rightly demanded a vote on the matter.

  • Critical Analysis of Obergefell v. Hodges

    by Travis Weber

    July 21, 2015: What did the Court hold in Obergefell? In a 5-4 opinion, the Supreme Court held in Obergefell v. Hodges that states must license same-sex marriages and recognize such licenses issued by other states. The decision was based on the due process and equal protection provisions of the Fourteenth Amendment.

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