Safeguard Your Ministry From Moral Failure

Ever since the fall in Eden (Genesis 3), sexual sin has been part of the human experience. But it is particularly tragic when clergy and ministry leaders fall into this kind of sin. It is crucial for Christian leaders to search their hearts to better understand the combinations of stress, misdirected needs, and unresolved grieving that can open the doorway for giving in to this temptation.

In this booklet, licensed psychologist Dr. Jesse Gill, Psy.D. addresses this issue by weaving together a deeper understanding of (1) the contributing factors to moral failure, (2) a practical understanding of our sexual nature, and (3) a clarion call for all who are in Christian ministry to increase their dependence on Christ. Dr. Gill shares principles drawn from the integration of Scripture with an understanding of God’s “attachment design” for human relationships.

This booklet provides guidance on ways that leaders can “watch and pray” in order to resist temptation (Matthew 26:41). These principles will also instruct leaders in ways to meet their emotional, relational, and even sexual needs in healthy ways so that there will be less of a foothold for temptation.

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