Politicized Science: the Manipulated Approval of RU-486 and Its Dangers to Women's Health

Since the Food and Drug Administration ("FDA") approved the abortion pill RU-486 on September 28, 2000, an estimated 600,000 American RU-486 abortions have been performed. RU-486's ability to bring an end to a human life developing in the womb is known to all, but the drug's considerable harmful effects on women's health have been minimized or ignored completely. Instead, the major media have been fully engaged in defending RU-486 despite an American track record that includes deaths and over a thousand reports of complications - many of them serious or life-threatening.

Since 2000, several organizations, including the Family Research Council, have unearthed a vast amount of information regarding safety concerns about the drug, as well as evidence documenting the Clinton Administration's manipulation of the FDA approval process. This pamphlet provides an overview of what we now know about the drug's approval and the dangers posed by RU-486 to women's health.