Chris Gacek

Coalitions Senior Research Fellow

Dr. Chris Gacek is the Coalitions Senior Research Fellow at Family Research Council. Dr. Gacek received a Bachelors of Science in economics from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, a Masters and Ph.D. in political science from Stanford University, and a J.D. from the University of Virginia School of Law.

He has previously worked for the Heritage Foundation, the American Enterprise Institute, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit (as a law clerk), the Federal Communications Commission, and a subcommittee of the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee (Sen. Tom Coburn, Chairman).

Dr. Gacek is the author of The Logic of Force: the Dilemma of Limited War in American Foreign Policy (Columbia Univ. Press, 1994).

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More on the Economy

Economy: Not So Good

I'll Stand with Israel, Mr. President

Lawlessness California-style: Ahnuld and Moonbeam Take a Pass on Defending Prop 8

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U.S.A.F. Airman Convicted under Unborn Victims of Violence Act

Call to NPR in Los Angeles; Customers Misusing Plan B

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Chris Gacek, Coalitions Senior Research Fellow