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  • Justice Gorsuch botched Bostock v. Clayton County ruling on homosexual and transgender 'rights'

    by Tony Perkins

    June 19, 2020: On Monday, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch issued the Roe v. Wade of religious liberty. Just as that ruling upended scores of state ordinances and laws concerning abortion based on a "right" that can be found nowhere in the U.S. Constitution, in the same way the court's decision in Bostock v. Clayton County, Georgia, has redefined words to suit a political agenda. An agenda that would impose extreme ideas about human sexuality throughout our society. There's no way to put a spin on this.

  • DHS and DOJ uphold religious freedom during COVID-19 crisis

    by Tony Perkins

    May 1, 2020: The COVID-19 crisis has taken a huge toll on all Americans, and not only in terms of physical health. The grieving families of those lost to the illness. The psychological toll of being housebound for weeks on end. The health care workers who daily are exposed to a life-threatening disease. The elderly who are prevented from seeing loved ones.

  • How churches can serve during COVID-19 crisis by working 'outside the box'

    by Tony Perkins

    April 6, 2020: After assembling a state-wide conference call with pastors, Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts explained he needed their help. "Government can do a lot of things, but what it can't do is show love and compassion," he told me recently. And one way to do that at such a time as this is to respect the social distancing requested of churches to halt the spread of a dangerous virus.

  • The power of prayer to deal with coronavirus anxiety

    by Tony Perkins

    March 12, 2020: The 24/7 coverage of the coronavirus on cable news spreads even more quickly than the virus itself, leading many to wonder if we're facing a plague of perhaps Biblical proportions. In almost real-time, the world is giving the tally of confirmed cases globally, as well as the casualties. And as 22 nations have closed schools, including in the U.S., the United Nations is reporting that some 290 million children are home from school, giving parents a daily reminder of the fears of infection.

  • The secret ingredient to a healthy, happy Thanksgiving

    by Tony Perkins

    November 26, 2019: The secret ingredient to a truly healthy and happy Thanksgiving isn't found on the menu. Modern research has confirmed what the Pilgrims knew and practiced: Deliberate thankfulness in even the most difficult and challenging circumstances leads to greater happiness, better health, enhanced relationships and better resilience. It's a discipline that looks past hardship toward hope and a future.

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