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  • Obama's Bathroom Crusade

    by Tony Perkins

    June 07, 2016: Russia imposes a growing threat to its neighbors, including some members of NATO, and makes no apologies for its aggression. Only last month, "two Russian fighter jets flew within 30 feet of the USS Donald Cook" in an act of arrogant provocation.

  • Big business will never appease the Left

    by Tony Perkins

    April 15, 2016: Doing business in America is not without its challenges. High taxes and a complex, virtually impenetrable tax code. Thousands upon thousands of regulations affecting every aspect of a company's ability to compete in the open market. Predatory litigation subjecting businesses to lawsuits that sometimes result in layoffs or even closures. Environmental rules that make simply constructing a small building a multi-year process.

  • Will we stand with persecuted Christians?

    by Tony Perkins

    April 15, 2016: In 1988, Ronald Reagan went to the newly restored Danilov Monastery in Moscow. Founded in the 13th century, the monastery had been restored not by the generosity of the Soviet state but by, as Reagan noted, "35 million believers" who had given "personal contributions."

  • Don't punish religious belief

    by Tony Perkins

    April 11, 2016: Nearly a half-million children are in the foster care system, and roughly a quarter of them are available for adoption. Over 1,000 non-profit agencies, many of them faith-based, work to find safe and loving homes for these children. States such as Mississippi are being pressured to end their relationships with these faith-based organizations because the government doesn't like the organizations' beliefs about natural marriage.

  • We Must Stop the Media From Silencing Your Voice on Marriage

    by Tony Perkins

    June 30, 2015: If there's one thing the Supreme Court accomplished last Friday (besides unleashing cultural chaos on America), it was ending the liberal media's charade. Whatever scrap of journalistic impartiality existed flew out the courtroom window Friday when the press decided five justices not only invented a right to same-sex marriage but to censorship, too.

  • Supreme Deception

    by Tony Perkins

    June 27, 2015: In one breathtaking move, the nation's highest court took for itself the power reserved for its people-overturning the votes of millions of Americans and demanding that they walk away from millennia of human history, human nature, and the explicit teachings of Scripture in the process. Exactly two years after this court took a sledgehammer to federal marriage law, the same Justices came back to finish the job-inventing a sweeping "right" to same-sex marriage no Founding Father intended.

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