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  • Trump's Foreign Policy Reset

    by Tony Perkins

    November 26, 2018: The release of Pastor Andrew Brunson and his return home to the United States was an answer to the prayers of millions and the result of an administration that has reset our foreign policy by fearlessly engaging on issues that other administrations only talked about addressing.

  • Why Evangelicals Will Vote (It's Not What You Think)

    by Tony Perkins

    November 26, 2018: When the stunned political class woke up to a world in which Donald Trump was president, plans began almost immediately over what they would do when they held power again. Even civility and basic human decency could wait until left-leaning leaders gained control of the country, opined Hillary Clinton. This culture clash was on full display during the confirmation process of now-Justice Brett Kavanaugh, but those saying that the Supreme Court controversy is the lever motivating the electorate in the midterms are missing the bigger picture.

  • Keep kids with parents at border - and remember how we got here

    by Tony Perkins

    June 28, 2018: Last week during the height of the media's fixation on the United States' southwestern border, some accused the evangelical leaders who advise President Trump, of whom I'm one, of staying silent about children being separated from their parents. While this is not a new problem, the media's attention has brought it to the forefront of public discussion, and I have been a part of that discussion.

  • Christians can influence the world without being influenced

    by Tony Perkins

    June 17, 2018: Recently there was an effort to rescind the invitation for Vice President Mike Pence to speak at this year's gathering of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) held in Dallas. About two-thirds of those present and voting overwhelmingly defeated the effort, according to reports from the parliamentarian. The vice president came and gave a well-received message that underscored the unique and essential role of pastors in America.

  • Why There's an Increased Interest in Homeschooling

    by Tony Perkins

    June 01, 2018: There's a lot to dislike about many public schools-and right now, student safety is at the top of the list. "After a gunman opened fire on students in Parkland, Florida," a new Washington Times feature explains, "the phones started ringing at the Texas Home School Coalition, and they haven't stopped yet."

  • The Crisis of Porn

    by Tony Perkins

    May 22, 2018: If you're ambivalent about the crisis of pornography in America, The New York Times can change that. Almost instantly. The paper jolted an entire nation into caring with its jarring February exposé, "What Teenagers Are Learning from Online Porn" (warning: extremely graphic). If their stories don't shock, repulse, sober, and motivate you, nothing will.

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