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  • 1 Comment on Conservative Article Costs Iowan Government Appointment

    by Tony Perkins

    April 20, 2018: You don't have to be a Trump nominee to face the Christian inquisition. Just ask Iowa conservatives. The bad blood that's turned the hearings of Mike Pompeo, Russell Vought, and Amy Barrett into anti-faith slugfests seems to be spilling over into state politics, too. And at least one military wife is out of a job because of it.

  • American Pastor Back Behind Bars in Turkey

    by Tony Perkins

    April 19, 2018: They may not have had any evidence against American pastor Andrew Brunson, but that didn't stop Turkish officials from holding a 13-hour hearing. For the North Carolina father, who's spent the last 500 days in jail, it was another grueling chapter in the persecution of an innocent man.

  • If ESPN Continues to Pick Sides, So Will Fans

    by Tony Perkins

    March 16, 2018: While college teams vie for basketball's biggest prize, it looks like ESPN is trying to do some rebounding of its own. After more than two years of bleeding profits, the Disney-owned network wants to prove that it can do better. Pitching politics instead of baseball has been a costly decision for the company, which has been a financial drag on parent company Disney for the last several months. Left without viewers (or options), ESPN decided to downsize, laying off at least 100 staffers to try and make up some of the company's losses.

  • Planned Parenthood Rakes in Taxpayer Dollars

    by Tony Perkins

    March 12, 2018: Breaking the law doesn't help your chances for earning federal dollars-but apparently, it doesn't hurt them either. If there's one thing Planned Parenthood's learned over the last few years, it's that crime does pay. A lot, according to the Government Accountability Office.

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