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  • Sen. Cassidy Was Right: Most Planned Parenthood Businesses Are in Urban Areas

    by Arina Grossu

    November 11, 2017: During a CNN health-care debate on September 25, 2017 Sen. Bill Cassidy stated, "You know, first, most Planned Parenthood settings are in urban areas, urban areas that have lots of OB/GYNs...Now, as it turns out, the folks who don't have access to those cancer screenings live in rural areas. They live in areas where there are not enough physicians. So the idea is that we want someone to have to drive - a lower-income person drive - three hours to a Planned Parenthood facility there to get her screening, or would we rather take that money and put it back in the rural area to allow her to get her health care there?"

  • ObamaCare 2018: Unaffordable, fewer options, still covers abortion

    by Arina Grossu

    November 10, 2017: Open enrollment for ObamaCare is under way, having started November 1 and running through December 15, 2017. For the fourth year in a row, the Family Research Council and the Charlotte Lozier Institute have partnered to uncover exclusive 2018 information at revealing abortion coverage in ObamaCare plans.

  • Supreme Court must take on heartbreaking surrogacy case

    by Arina Grossu

    September 30, 2017: There is currently a petition before the U.S. Supreme Court which presents critical constitutional questions relating to California's enforcement of surrogacy contracts under the state's statute.

  • Doctors Across The World Are Fighting To Treat Charlie Gard. Will The UK Let Them?

    by Arina Grossu

    July 12, 2017: Why has the case of British 11-month-old baby Charlie Gard struck an international nerve? At its core, this controversy is about state infringement on parental rights. The question is, whose child is Charlie: his parents' or the state's? Why is the hospital holding him hostage and by what authority can it override his parents' wish to pursue therapy that could help Charlie?

  • Gorsuch's Pro-Life Promise

    by Arina Grossu

    March 21, 2017: In the opening statement of his confirmation hearing, Judge Neil Gorsuch pledged that he will do all in his power "to be a faithful servant of the Constitution." While we cannot be sure how he will rule on abortion, his tone was measured and we can expect a textual, neutral, faithful application of the Constitution. This type of originalist approach will translate into rulings protecting all human life and not activist abortion rulings making up rights which are nowhere to be found in the Constitution.

  • 7 Years on, Obamacare Is Less Pro-Life Than Anything We Were Told

    by Arina Grossu

    December 15, 2016: Open enrollment for Obamacare plans is well under way, having started Nov. 1 and running through Jan. 31, 2017. Not only is Obamacare proving unaffordable to millions of Americans-it is proving unconscionable for pro-life Americans who don't want to pay for health care plans that cover abortion on demand or lack transparency about such coverage.

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