Joshua Arnold

Media Coordinator

As media coordinator, Joshua serves under the Vice President of Communications in a number of ways, including coordinating interview requests, editing op-eds and press releases, and assisting in various capacities with the Washington Watch radio show.

Joshua hails from Clemson, South Carolina, where he was homeschooled with his five siblings. He graduated from Patrick Henry College with a B.A. in Government and a special emphasis in American Politics and Policy. He later attended the Pepperdine University School of Public Policy and graduated as valedictorian with a Master’s in Public Policy, emphasizing Economics and American Policy. Before joining Family Research Council, Joshua also worked for the National Pro-Life Alliance and, as well as interning in the White House Office of Speechwriting.

Joshua is passionate about policy research and analysis, specifically about developing innovative solutions to the day’s greatest policy challenges from a biblical perspective. He enjoys participating in the life of his local church and exploring a variety of nerdy hobbies ranging from strategy board games to sci-fi television and book series.

Recent Activity

‘Heroic Work’: Biden Congratulates Coast Guard Hero He’s Trying to Fire

Ukraine Counterattacks into Regions Russia Claimed to Annex

Entire Girls’ Volleyball Team Kicked Out of Locker Room, Except Trans Teammate

Newsom Quotes Jesus to Advertise Abortion in Pro-Life States

‘I’m Your Mom Now’: Parents Sue School District for Hiding Kids’ Gender Transitions

General: Afghanistan Withdrawal Was ‘Worst Foreign Policy Failure in U.S. History’

W.Va., Other States Take Up Pro-Life Cause after Roe

Students Seek to Oust Board of Christian University for Upholding Biblical Marriage

Braun: Conservatives Must ‘Weigh in with their Senators’ to Stop Same-Sex Marriage Bill

These SEALs Are So Tough They Beat the U.S. Navy Months Ago

Inflation Continues in August, Despite Falling Gas Prices

Scarborough: Jesus ‘Never Once Mentioned’ Abortion

‘Drag Kids’ Performance Cancelled After Public Pressure on Corporate Sponsors

‘Political Harassment’: DOJ Tries to Crush Tiny Ala. Nonprofit

California Begs Residents for ‘Reduction in Energy Use’ During Heat Wave

Teachers’ Unions Strike, Disrupting Back-to-School Season

Dems Tie Same-Sex Marriage Vote to Funding the Government

Biden: Voters Are a ‘Threat to American Democracy’

How and Why to Read Deuteronomy in 2022

Major League Blunder: Baseball Teams Fund Pride Nights, Gender Transitions for Minors

AG Garland Sends Veiled Threat to Potential DOJ Whistleblowers

One Year Since Afghanistan Withdrawal: Lessons Learned?

U.S. Postal Service Versus the Christian Sabbath: Former Mailman Appeals to Supreme Court

Legal, Scientific Defeats for ‘Gender-Affirming’ Procedures

Lisa McClain, Jennifer Bauwens, Joshua Arnold, Chris Elston, Jonathan Gilliam

How and Why to Read Numbers in 2022

GOP Risks Squandering Midterms over Reluctance to Drive Home Pro-Life Victory

Trueman: Trans Ideology Views World as 'Cosmic Play-Doh'

At Least 13 U.S. Hospitals Perform Gender Transition Surgeries on Minors

Walmart Expands Abortion Coverage for Employees

'God Has Spoken': Church-Run School Stands Firm Amid Death Threats

Not Your Ordinary Injunction: Fla. Judge Provokes Deeper Questions on Stop Woke Law

Philadelphia Sued for Illegally Funding Abortions

How and Why to Read Leviticus in 2022

Injustice Is Served: Appeals Court Rules Gender Dysphoria Is an ADA Disability

Woke Corporations Face Backlash from Conservative States

As Teacher Shortages Loom, Left Pushes Radical Sex Ed Curriculum

No Contempt Charges, Fines: Calvary Chapel San Jose Wins Again

Dems: U.S. Humanitarian Aid Should Include More Abortion

Baby Formula Shortage Persists, Plaguing Parents, not Policymakers

How and Why to Read Exodus in 2022

CDC Issues COVID Guidelines Admitting What Everyone Already Knew

New START Stopped: Russia Halts U.S. Nuclear Inspections

Fargo School Board Nixes Pledge of Allegiance, Teachers’ Union to Blame

So, the Economy’s Great Now, Right? Inflation Report Yields Mixed Results

Teachers Union Promotes Pronouns Cards for Students: ‘Hello, My Pronouns Are... ’

Lawmakers Demand Acting Pa. Education Secretary ‘Reform or Resign’

‘Unprecedented’: FBI Raids Trump Mar-a-Lago Residence

Consequences: Voters Defund Library over Graphic LGBT Books

Despite Rampant Inflation, Senate Dems Muscle Through Tax-and-Spend Package

How and Why to Read Genesis in 2022

China Fires Missiles Near Taiwan after Pelosi Visit

Gov. DeSantis Suspends Woke DA for Defying State Law

‘Left in the Dark’: Parents Sue Iowa School District for Excluding Them

Biden DOJ Falls on Its Sword for Abortion

Soros Vows to Keep Bankrolling Woke DAs

Taking Your Money Twice: Dems Agree to Build Back Smaller Bill

The Politicization of Everything, Including the Congressional Baseball Game

16 State AGs Warn Google against Censoring Pregnancy Resource Centers

U.K.'s Gender Transition Mill Shuttered as Left Advances It in U.S.

First Pro-Life Law after Dobbs Ruling Nears Passage in W. Va.

Recession: U.S. GDP Contracts for 2nd Consecutive Quarter

FDA Slaps Warning on Puberty Blockers

With China, Biden Has Put U.S. in ‘Most Dangerous Moment Since WWII’, Says Expert

Biden Administration: ‘Recession’ Means Whatever We Say It Means

As Midterms Heat up, Dems Try to Solve their ‘Parents’ Problem

Good Shooting: Left Ignores Men’s Duty to Protect

House Freedom Caucus Urges Senate to Oppose Same-Sex Marriage Bill

Christians Cannot and Must Not Support Same-Sex Marriage

Chinese-Owned Company Buys Up Farmland Near Strategic U.S. Airbase, Alarming Senators

What Should Kids Be Taught? The Left Has All the Wrong Priorities.

HHS Official: ‘Empower... Gender Affirmation Treatment’ for Youth

In ‘Defund the Police’ Minneapolis, City Council Members Call to Fund Abortion

FACT CHECK: Did a Publicly Funded Media Outlet Launch a Disinformation Team?

Russian ‘Filtration’ System Deports, Erases Ukrainians

7 Problems with Leaving Christianity Behind on Vacation

A Foreign Policy Biden Got Right - by Copying Trump

Airmen Get a Shot at Immunity: Judge Recognizes Class Action Lawsuit Over COVID Jab

Land of the Free to Criticize

WHO Can’t Say What a Woman Is

Dick’s Sporting Goods’ New Anti-Childbirth Policy Earns Federal Discrimination Complaint

June Inflation Accelerates to 9.1%

Leftist Group Offers to Pay Anyone Who Abets SCOTUS Harassment

From Pottstown to Pottersville: Zoning Official Dings Churches for Charity

Confusing the Innocent: Library Group Recommends ‘Pronoun Book’ for Infants

Dobbs Was No Outlier: 8 More Reasons to be Thankful for SCOTUS

Portland Church Uses Mob Attack for Gospel Witness, Calls for Prayer

WHO Chief: Dobbs ‘Was a Setback’

Could Dobbs Be Used to Protect Children from Gender Transitions?

Poll: Abortion Issue Won’t Save Dems from Midterm Rout

10 Ways the Left Wants to Expand Abortion Post-Roe

Coach Kennedy Victory: SCOTUS Squeezes Juice out of Lemon

La. Judge Blocks Post-Roe Abortion Ban

‘Dissolve the Supreme Court’: 6 Worst Takes on Second Amendment Ruling

FACT CHECK: 5 False Biden Claims about the Dobbs Ruling

Biden Proposes Rule to Gut Title IX on 50th Anniversary

Real Men Still Exist, but Society Restrains Them

DC Pregnancy Center Perseveres amid Vandalism, Threats

Harris: ‘Nothing’ about Abortion ‘Will Require Anyone to Abandon Their Faith’

China Launches Warship, U.S. Navy Launches Pronoun Video

Oil Companies Call Biden’s Bluff

DOJ’s Muted Response to Pro-Abortion Intimidation, Violence Proves Costly

FACT CHECK: 13 Claims President Biden Made at the White House Pride Event

GAO Report: Unemployment Fraud Spiked During Pandemic

Affirm Child’s Biological Sex, Don’t Attempt to Convert It, Says Pediatric Expert

Brat: The Fed, Biden Bear Responsibility for Inflation

Government Disinformation about the Disinformation Governance Board

A Would-Be Shooter’s Conscience

Pinpointing Inflation’s Immorality

Oregon PRC Becomes Latest Victim of Attacks Against Pro-Life Orgs

As Trans Identity Grows Among the Young, So Do Opportunities for Witness

May Inflation Report Brings More Bad News for Biden

USDA Threatens School Lunch, Food Stamps over Bathroom Policy

The Solution to Mass Shootings Doesn’t Come from Washington

DOJ Treats Left-wing Violence with Kid Gloves, Per Usual

With Ukraine War Raging at Border, U.S. Ambassador to Lithuania Joins Pride Festival

Biden Touts Economy, Voters Aren’t Buying It

State Dept: Offending the World All Pride Month Long

Blue Cities Vow Not to Enforce Roe Reversal

100 Days of War: What’s New in Ukraine

Is ‘Defund the Police’ Affecting Officers’ Crisis Response?

Developing Nations Block WHO Power Grab - for Now

Fathers: The Family Component Missing from Mass Shooters’ Lives

Spiritual Shepherds not Flocking to Word of God

Spiritual Shepherds not Flocking to Word of God

Biden's WHO Debacle Highlights Need for More Transparency

Partisan Plot: Dem Trap Springs Empty

Biden’s WHO Debacle Highlights Need for More Transparency

Partisan Plot: Dem Trap Springs Empty

Voting Made Peachy

Voting Made Peachy

Biden-Backed WHO's Latest Power Grab Fails

No School Board Association Left Behind

No School Board Association Left Behind

Biden-Backed WHO’s Latest Power Grab Fails

Media Employs Shame-Old Tactics against Ky. Christian School

Media Employs Shame-Old Tactics against Ky. Christian School

Price of Judge Shopping Rises for SPLC

Dems Diss Information for Exposing Ministry of Truth

Dems Diss Information for Exposing Ministry of Truth

Price of Judge Shopping Rises for SPLC

Holding Fast to Hope amid Heartache

Holding Fast to Hope amid Heartache

One Shooting, Two Responses

One Shooting, Two Responses

The White House Formula for Feeding Babies

The White House Formula for Feeding Babies

Shady Payments Laundered through National Institutes of Wealth

Shady Payments Laundered through National Institutes of Wealth

Suspension of Disbelief: Fairfax County to Punish Students Over Pronouns

Suspension of Disbelief: Fairfax County to Punish Students over Pronouns

Grotesque California: Abortion Tourism Is not Normal

Grotesque California: Abortion Tourism Is not Normal

Empathy Fail: 'I Can Taste' Your Frustration, Says Biden on Purpose

Empathy Fail: ‘I Can Taste’ Your Frustration, Says Biden on Purpose

WHO's Afraid of the Big, Bad Freedom

WHO’s Afraid of the Big, Bad Freedom

Dobbs Leak: A Leftist Pastor Takes on Abortion

Dobbs Leak: The Week's Worst 'Christian' Takes on Abortion

States of Perpetual Motion: Legislatures Remain Engaged on Trans Issues

Dobbs Leak: A Leftist Pastor Takes on Abortion

After Roe, Pro-Lifers' Work Has Just Begun

Barna: Kids Will Be What They See

Affirm Foundation: Scripture Helps Parents Combat Trans Craze

While Roe Takes on Water, Mississippi Is Full Steam Ahead

Re-Lie-Ability: Biden Administration's Defining Feature

Biden: Schools Are No Mom-and-Pop Shop

Depressed Teens, Unsuppressed Phone Addiction

Taking the Sting out of Babylon's Cultural Quarrels

Woke Mob a-Twitter over Free Speech's Return

Ukraine Invasion Turns Grizzly for the Russian Bear

A 40,000-Foot View of Freedom

University Pays Professor over the Costliest Pronoun Yet

How Christ Transforms Passover

The Public Health Scandal No One's Talking About

A Rising Price Steals All Meals

Bad Sport: After Losing in Congress, Biden Rigs the Game

The Trump Policy Dems Agree to Keep

Parents: Nationwide, They're on Kids' Side

Disney Turns Snow White with Rage at Florida Parents' Bill

'I Am the Master of My Faith': How Dumping Christianity Is Trending

This is not a Drill: Biden Spills Strategic Oil Reserve onto Market

NCAA Warned to Stay in their Lane after Swim Controversy

White House Fact-Checks President Biden

Spring Breaks Miami in Shooting Wave

Before the Uyghurs, There Were the Rohingya

It Takes a Citi... to Abort a Child

The Kremlin's Crimes and Putin's Punishment

D.C. Establishment Tires of People's Convoy

God's Good Design for Marriage (Part 3): Bone of My Bones

Abortion by Thesaurus: A Professional Guide

American Diplomats Scramble Dither and Yawn

Courts Carry Heartbeat Law to Term

How to Stand -- With or Without a Platform

Busy Are the Peacemakers

Biden Appoints another Abortion Activist

Give up the Ghosting: DOJ Ignores States' FOIA Request

God's Good Design for Marriage (Part 2): They Shall Become One Flesh

Ghost of a Bygone ERA

Keeping Children SAFE From Sterilization -- in Ohio and Around the Nation

Media Plays the Quiet Game on Latest Russia Hoax Revelations

Praying for a Progressive President

God's Good Design for Marriage (Part 1): Male and Female He Created Them

America Is Recovering From COVID Overreach

Biden: Parents' Rights in Schools Are 'Hateful'

Gospel Saved from Indiana Counseling Ban

Natural Immunity: Don't Follow the Science Cherry-Pickers

Progressive "Deals" Are Usually Highways Going Nowhere Quickly

From Smash and Grab to Catch and Nab

Frozen Bear, Sulking Dragon

Involved Parents Are America's Most Wanted

Ukraine's Perfect Storm Unleashes a Torn-NATO Warning

Virginians Get Generational Opportunity

Dems: To Save Democracy, We Must Kill It

Biden Rattles Saber at Bear Threats of War

Pandemic of Obsolete Talking Points

The Science Is the Sticking Point

Cities Crack Down on Booming Steal Industry

Here Comes San Jose Right down Tyranny Lane

Houston, We Have a Solution

Missing the Christmas for the Trees

Mutate, Update, Repeat: The Flu-ture of COVID

School Boards Make Quantum Leap for CRT

Red Kettle Chips away at Biblical Worldview

When Will They Learn? Woke Loudoun District Loses Again

No Shots Fired: Biden Loses Emergency Mandate Duel

AMA Tries to Doctor Health Care

Biden's Post-Halloween Bellyache

Bad Call: Authors of Anti-Parent Letter Phonying It in

The Truth Will Set Us Free from Vaccine Mandates

Vax Mandate Stabs Constitution in the Back

Women Feel Draft through the House

Entrance for Geese Only

Keeping Tabs on Jabs

Biden Isn't Joe-King with Mandate

Shed a Fear over Division

Don't Forget to Remember

Live by the Courts, Die by the Courts

California's Preferred Pronouns Are Free/Speech

What's Lost Is Foundational

Knock, Knock, It's Big Brother Joe

Parents Sound Alarm on the Left's Classroom Warfare

Men and Women Are Equal, Not Identical

New Arkansas Law Sets up Direct Challenge to Roe v. Wade

States Experiment with Un-Canceling Free Speech

Denial of Biological Reality Engenders Pushback in the States

When Academic Freedom Becomes Censorship and Make-Believe

Press's Premature Biden Celebration Fuels American Mistrust

A Legal Document Is Not a Living Document

The Brazen Lies and Manipulation of BLM

Burnt by Hate, Responding with Love

In Defense of Law and Order

How to think about shutting down churches during coronavirus

VA governor's push to force transgender counseling on kids is smart leftist politics

Big business virtue signaling is bombing with consumers

Joshua Arnold, Media Coordinator