Joshua Arnold

Staff Writer, The Washington Stand

Joshua hails from Clemson, South Carolina, where he was homeschooled with his five siblings. He graduated from Patrick Henry College with a B.A. in Government and a special emphasis in American Politics and Policy. He later attended the Pepperdine University School of Public Policy and graduated as valedictorian with a Master’s in Public Policy, emphasizing Economics and American Policy. Before joining Family Research Council, Joshua also worked for the National Pro-Life Alliance and, as well as interning in the White House Office of Speechwriting.

Joshua is regularly involved with a church which meets on Capitol Hill, of which he is a member. He enjoys reading God’s Word and biographies of faithful saints, and exults in the hope of eternal life found in Jesus Christ. He is passionate about presenting policy issues in terms people can understand and hopes to approach every issue from a biblical worldview. His hobbies range from reading to cycling to anything nerdy to cooking to board games. He lives with his wife and son in Maryland.

Recent Activity

Infamous St. Louis Trans Youth Clinic Shuts Down Quietly

‘Dead on Arrival’: California Parental Notification Ban Draws Instant Legal Challenges

California Enacts Ban on School Parental Notification Policies

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Second Whistleblower at Texas Children’s Hospital Faces Federal Retaliation

Christian Leadership Stands behind Tennessee SAFE Act

Netanyahu: Biden Administration Still Withholding Weapons Shipments

Eco-Extremists Choose Bizarre Targets

Supreme Court Agrees to Hear SAFE Act Case

War Causes Israelis to Seek the ‘Hope of Israel’

Arizona Governor Vetoes Detrans Bill of Rights

Judge Drills Deeper in Judge Shopping Investigation

Media Distorts Southern Baptist Convention Resolution on IVF

Terrible Takes: Axios Implies Alleged LGBT ‘Homebuying Barrier’ Due to Discrimination

Divine Displeasure in Severe Storms?

Military Funding Bill Passes House, Includes Conservative Priorities

‘Tip of the Iceberg’: Senate IVF Bill Would Legalize Laundry List of Anti-Human Dignity Practices

Florida SAFE Act Struck Down in Act of Judicial Partisanship

Chile Suspends Gender Transition Hormones for Minors

DOJ Indicts Whistleblower Who Exposed Texas Children’s Hospital’s Secret Gender Transitioning of Minors

Biden Campaign Plans to Appear at 200+ Pride Events in June

Mohler: Christians Must Resist Urge for ‘Revenge by Lawfare’

President Biden’s Pierless Nautical Misadventure

The Ten Commandments Make Wise Laws

Manufactured Alito Ethics Scandal Backfires

Three European Nations Recognize a Palestinian State

Israel Blamed for Hamas’s Starvation Warfare, Despite No Famine in Gaza

Harvard Prevents Encampment Ringleaders from Graduating after U.S. House Investigation

Two-State Solution Pressures Nation of Israel to Give up Historic Territory of Israel

Gaza Aid Landed at U.S.-Built Floating Pier Promptly Looted

Germany Joins Nations Skeptical of Gender Transition Procedures for Minors as Evidence of Harms Mounts

Pro-Hamas Campus Protests Spill into Summer, Arrests Pass 3,000

Footage Shows Gaza Terrorists Operating out of U.N. Compound

Israel Estimates ‘Approximately 1:1’ Civilian-Combatant Death Ratio in Gaza

Calif. School District Pays Fired Christian Teacher $360,000 in Settlement

Biden’s Military Extremism Review Overlooked the Real Extremists in the Military

Lead, Provide, Protect: An Urgent Call for Godly Men

Biden Administration Pampers Foes, Punishes Allies

D.C. Finally Clears Pro-Hamas Encampment in President’s Backyard

No ‘New Definition’ in Anti-Semitism Bill, Says Law Professor

Good Leaders Care for Their Animals

South Carolina Senate Passes Help Not Harm Bill

Campus Arrests Top 2,200 as Some Universities Capitulate

The Bible Does Not Justify Anti-Semitism

Veto Override Fails for Kansas SAFE Act-Style Bill

More Than 1,600 Pro-Hamas Activists at 33 Schools Arrested Since Gaza Encampments Began

Left-Wing Donors Gave More than $3.3 Million to Pro-Hamas Activities since 2016

Campus Encampments Only a Warm-Up for Summer of Protests

Texas Shows How to Prevent a Campus Takeover

Disruptive Protests Are Not a Constitutional Right

Where Is the Safe Space for Jews?

Outmatched or Outsourced? Why Parents’ Values Fail to Translate to Their Children

28 Google Employees Fired for Disruptive, All-Day, Anti-Israel Protest

Schumer-Led Senate Dismisses Mayorkas Impeachment without Hearing Evidence

Supreme Court: Idaho May Enforce Law Protecting Minors from Gender Transition Procedures

Kansas Governor Vetoes Bill Protecting Children from Gender Transition Procedures

Bidenomics Inflate-and-Spend Policies Are Penny Bad, Pound Foolish

Most Populous Muslim-Majority Country to Normalize Diplomatic Relations with Israel

Canadian Doctor Amputates Healthy Fingers of Man with Body Integrity Dysphoria

American Evangelicals among ‘the Last Ones Standing with Israel’

Experts: Biden Administration’s Foreign Policy Is Naive

Israel Withdraws Forces to Prepare Rafah Offensive

The Miraculous Darkness at Jesus’s Crucifixion

Dawkins, Gangs, Fruit, and Judgment

A Double Standard in Campus Violence

‘Christ Defines Me’: Half of U.S. Latinos to Identify as Evangelical by 2030

‘Killing Cures’: Biden Price Controls Suffocate Medical Innovation

Biden Official Dismisses ‘Faux Outrage’ over Trans Day of Visibility on Easter

General: Afghanistan Withdrawal Enhanced New Terror Threat to America

Idaho Legislature Bans Public Funding for Gender Transition Procedures

Immediate or Permanent? Conflicting Visions of Peace in Israel

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Friday

The Consequences of Doing Evil that Good May Come

Does Transgender Visibility Day Override Resurrection Sunday?

Court Cites 11 Left-Wing Lawyers for Judge Shopping against Alabama’s Vulnerable Child Protection Act

Wyoming Enacts Law Protecting Children from Gender Transition Procedures

EXCLUSIVE: Senator Previews SCOTUS Chemical Abortion Oral Arguments

Alabama Restricts DEI in Education

States Take on ‘Censorship-Industrial Complex’ before Supreme Court

‘Standards of Care’ for Transing Minors Disappear from WPATH Website

Ep. 80: The Battle for the Border - A Christian Perspective on Immigration

America’s Economic Checkup Doesn’t Look Good

A Tale of Two Apologies

Joshua Arnold, Mike Collins, Richard Stern, Andrew Bailey, Mike Davis

Judge Orders Biden Administration to Build the Wall

Mohler: Christian Contribution to Public Debate Is That ‘We Take Ideas Seriously’

The Song to Inoculate Your Kids against Gender Ideology

‘Washington Takes Notice’ When the People Vote

Politico Reporter Responds to Demand for Apology

In the Other Swamp, DEI Does Go to Die

School Parental Notification Policy Wins in California Court

Dems’ Senate Bill Isn’t about Protecting IVF Because Alabama Didn’t Ban It

FRC Demands Apology from Reporter Who Defined ‘Rights ... Come from God’ as ‘Christian Nationalism’

‘Centuries’ of Christian Tradition on ‘Sanctity of Human Life’ Pitted against Left’s ‘Worldview of Death’

The ‘-Ocracy’ Confusion on the Left

Two More Exhibits Showing Who Sides with Parents in the Education Wars

Cellular Shutoff Sparks Security Fears

Leftists Propagandize a ‘Christian Nationalist’ Scare

Parents’ Appeal to SCOTUS Highlights Intensifying Clash between Parents’ Rights, Trans Agenda

Nigerian Christians Endure ‘Refining, Testing Time‘ of Intense Persecution

Woke Investment Managers Pull $15.7 Trillion from Climate Activism Pact

South Carolina Advances Bill Protecting Minors from Gender Transition Procedures

Media Constructs Straw Man to Distract from SAFE Act Triumphs

The Biblical Way to Treat Trauma Is to Courageously Face It

Female Mass Shooters on the Rise ‘in Conjunction with the Rise of Transgenderism’: Expert

IDF Hostage Rescue Bolsters Israel’s Strategy against U.S. Criticism

A Biblical Response to Increasing Church Attacks: ‘Pray to Our God’ and ‘Post a Guard’

Budget Office’s 10-Year Forecast: Historic Deficits, Record Debt, Higher Taxes

5 Examples and 5 Consequences of Biden Admin Hindering Israel’s War against Hamas: Expert

4 Biblical Ways to ‘Counter the Deception’ Rampant in Modern Media

4 Biblical Principles to Inform Immigration Policy

Congressman Introduces Bill to Defund UNRWA

8 Items in the Senate Border Bill

Heifers, Hyssop, and Holiness: How Jesus Christ Purifies Sinners from Dead Works

UNRWA Schools Promote Terrorism, Mimicking Radicalism of Western Education

Stephen Moore, Joshua Arnold, Tim Burchett, Chad Ennis, Vernadette Broyles

IRF Summit Panel: As Religious Freedom Erodes in the West, Christians Must Stick to their Convictions

The American Church Needs Repentance and Revival

Can American Churches Reap a Harvest among Gen-Z Religious ‘Nones’?

International Court Half-Heartedly Vindicates Israel

Opponents Call SAFE Acts ‘Extremist,’ but 5 Veto Overrides Suggest Otherwise

7 Reasons Why Border-Ukraine Negotiations Are Unlikely to Succeed

Biden: Second-Place Candidate Is ‘Real Governor’ of Virginia

Studies Show Professional Fact-Checking Is Subjective

Feds, Banks Colluded to Snoop on Religious, Gun-Owning Americans without Warrant

No, Really, Do Your Own Research

WHO’s Altar to an Unknown Pathogen

China Bioengineers Deadlier Coronavirus

Feds Tell Texas to Stop Securing the Border, Wrongly Blame Them for Migrant Deaths

‘Break It Down’: No Consequences for Pro-Terrorism Protestors Assaulting White House

Circuit Court Allows Alabama to Enforce Law Protecting Minors from Gender Transitions

He Blew the Whistle. Now the Feds Are Punishing Him for It.

Biden Reelection Campaign Makes Abortion ‘Front and Center’

Montgomery County Incurs Massive Legal Bills Defending Anti-Parent LGBT Curriculum

Did Lloyd Austin’s Unannounced Absence Jeopardize Military Readiness?

Biden Obsesses over January 6 as Military Extremism Study Comes up Empty

Vax Expert: ‘Accountability’ Needed to Restore Americans’ Trust in Public Health

Shadow-Editing and Plagiarism Go Hand-in-Hand in Service of Identity Politics

Ohio Children’s Hospital Targeted Evangelical Beliefs on Gender

Ohio Children’s Hospitals’ Own Resources Debunk DeWine’s Reasons for SAFE Act Veto

Keeping Score on SAFE Acts

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine Vetoes SAFE Act, Girls’ Sports Protections

The Christmas Revival on the Early American Frontier

Wisconsin Legislature Slashes DEI Positions in Public Universities

Sports Leave Cities because of Crime, not Conservatism

Compromise Defense Authorization Bill Passes Senate, House

Biden Demands Israel Do the Impossible

Anti-Israel Columbia Students Attempt University-Jacking

EXCLUSIVE: Chino Valley School Board Faces Another Investigation from California Department of Education

Israel Targets Hamas Commanders as Terror Group’s Atrocities Are Exposed

Atheist Group Demands School District Ban Bible over Sexually Obscene Materials Policy

Wisc. Governor Vetoes Help Not Harm Act Protecting Children from Gender Transitions

‘Blinking Lights Everywhere’: FBI Director Warns of Terror Threat as Congress Debates Border Security

Gender Reassignment Is No Cure for Mental Health Issues: Study

As Israel-Hamas War Resumes, U.S. Navy Intercepts Drones in Red Sea

Pro-Terrorist Mob Darkens Christmas Tree Lighting

Mohler: Left-Wing Anti-Semitism Motivated by ‘Hatred of God’

Having Children Is Not Just Okay, But Good

Education Secretary: ‘We’re from the Government; We’re Here to Help’

Progressive Public High School Offers Race-Segregated Classes

Israel, Hamas Trade Prisoners, Extend Ceasefire

24 Unchangeable Things to Be Thankful For

Left-Wing Anti-Semitic Crowd Targets DNC, Provokes Capitol Police Response

Hamas Hides in Hospitals as Israel Advances through Gaza

Higher Inflation Sticks Around for the Holidays

Supreme Court Releases Ethics Statement to Combat Media Smears

In D.C., No One Is Immune from Rampant Lawlessness

Members Sour on Speaker Johnson’s Fiscal Lemonade

Here’s What Christians in Washington, D.C. Have to Face

Ukraine, Israel, and the American World Order

Israel Announces Four-Hour ‘Pauses’ instead of Three-Day Ceasefire

GOP Bill Would Block Biden Administration from Funding Hamas

Covenant School Shooter Motivated by ‘Wrath,’ Left-Wing Ideology, Reveal Leaked Diary Pages

Anti-Semitic Protestors Attempt to Breach White House Fence, Deface Historic Statues with No Consequences

5 GOP Senators Push Biden Administration’s Abortion Agenda for Them

Florida Severs Ties with the American Library Association

As Anti-Semitism Skyrockets, White House Focuses on Islamophobia

Israel Faces New Enemies, Threats of ‘Annihilation’

Dems Blame Tuberville for Marine Chief’s Heart Attack

How the Biden Administration Misread the Middle East

In Wake of Hamas Atrocities against Israel, UN Demands Ceasefire

Johnson Critics Mistake Christianity, American Principles for ‘Theocracy’

Here’s Everything Bad about New House Speaker Mike Johnson (Satire)

‘Hide in the Attic’: Jewish Students Locked in College Library While Pro-Palestine Protestors Banged on the Doors

Tale of Two Speeches: Speaker Johnson, Minority Leader Jeffries Articulate Different Visions for America

Should SPLC List Its Own Employee Union as a Hate Group?

‘Significant Escalation’: Iranian Proxies Target U.S. Military Bases in Middle East

Modern Israel Exists as Response to Anti-Semitism

White House Would Rather Discuss Islamophobia Than Anti-Semitism

DEI-Sourced Campus Anti-Semitism Stems from Marxist Ideology

SPLC Attorney Suspected of Involvement in Illegal Pro-Palestine Rally

Federal Judge Declines to Block Oklahoma SAFE Act

Media Unfairly Blames Israel, Again

False Testimony, Misremembering, Ideological Confusion: A Fact Check on Biden’s HRC Speech

5 False Claims Jill Biden Made While Speaking to LGBT Activist Group

Handful of Slackers Paralyze Congress

Senator: Biden Administration Lacks Credibility on Iran

America’s Adversaries Are All Connected

Biblical Parallels to Israel Tragedies Call for Lamentation

Historical Ignorance Animates Hatred of Israel

The New York Times Sours on CRT

Conservatism Seeks the Best Government, Not a Perfect One

Appropriations Bill Institutes Pro-Life Protections for PEPFAR

Wisconsin Court Sides with Parental Rights over School District Gender Transition Policy

‘Fool’s Errand’: McCarthy Removed as Speaker, May Derail House Efforts to Pass Budget, Congressman Warns

Why Was the President on the UAW Picket Line?

Nebraska Regs Require 7-Day Waiting Period, 40 ‘Neutral’ Therapy Hours for Minor Gender Transition Drugs

6th Circuit Confirms Rulings, Reverses Preliminary Injunctions against Tennessee, Kentucky SAFE Acts

Michigan Bans Child Marriages but Not Child Mutilation

‘Progress Comes Painfully’: U.S. House Eats Its Veggies under Budget Deadline

Has Trans Insanity Reached High Tide?

Missouri Transgender Center Shuts Down over SAFE Act Liability Provision

DOD Reverses Gender-Neutral Language for Military Award Citations

Newsom Disappoints Progressives, Vetoes Anti-Parents Bill

California Sues Pregnancy Resource Centers for Reversing Abortions

Woke Weeding in Canadian School Library Creates ‘Empty Shelves’

Michael Cloud, Lois McLatchie, Joshua Arnold, David Closson

Republican Hopes of Progress in Budget Negotiations Dashed

Funding Negotiations Stall in U.S. House

Federal Court Blocks School Secrecy Policy as Calif. Court Blocks Parental Notification Policy

‘Conservative Hispanic Movement Growing,’ says Summit Panel

Evangelical Aid Orgs Contradict Pro-Life Groups, Deny PEPFAR Needs Guardrails against Abortion

Ramaswamy Confronts America’s ‘National Identity Crisis’ at Summit

White House Demands More Media Spin against House Impeachment Inquiry

Indiana State Medical Association Rejects Gender Transition Procedures for Minors

CIA Team Investigating COVID Origin Bribed to Reject Lab Leak Conclusion, Whistleblower Alleges

Staff Affiliation of PEPFAR Agencies, Lobbyists Heavily Biased toward Democratic Party

Pro-Abortion Protestors Enter McCarthy’s Office, Demand PEPFAR Reauthorization

Emergencyism: New Mexico Governor Lawlessly Suspends State Gun Law

PEPFAR Funds Comprehensive Sexuality Education Overseas, Experts Warn

PEPFAR Is Subsidizing Abortion Advocacy, Say Lawmakers, Pro-Lifers, and African Leaders

Keep Calm and Treat COVID as Seriously as President Biden

Judge Reinstates Ga. Law Protecting Minors from Cross-Sex Hormones, Trans Surgeries

How and Why to Read Isaiah in 2023

NYT: ‘Elections Are Bad for Democracy’

Denmark Adopts More Cautious Approach to Treat Gender Dysphoria in Children

11th Circuit Reinstates Alabama Law Protecting Minors from Gender Transition Hormones

DOJ Contemplated No Charges for Hunter Biden before IRS Whistleblowers Reported Obstruction: NYT

Tim Walberg, Stephen Moore, Tony Williamson, Joshua Arnold, Roger Severino

How and Why to Read 2 Kings in 2023

Veto Overrides: NC Legislature Protects Gender-Confused Minors, Parental Rights, and Women’s Sports

FACT CHECK: Is Inflation Really ‘Down’ and ‘Going Lower’?

The 5 Worst Lies of the Biden Administration

CNN Debases Itself as Platform for ‘Neopronouns,’ ‘Nounself Pronouns’

How and Why to Read 1 Kings in 2023

Biden: Already Declared Climate Emergency ‘Practically Speaking’

The Washington Post’s Self-Defeating Argument for Abortion

‘Wicked Time’: Residents Attribute D.C. Crime Wave to No Fear of God

The Same-Old New Hatred against Equal Rights

Progressive Pastor: ‘I Felt No Guilt, No Shame, No Sin’ for Her Two Abortions

‘Not Settled’: AAP Commissions Review of Science on Gender Reassignment Procedures

How and Why to Read 2 Samuel in 2023

Justice Must Be Impartial

Ep. 23: UFOs, the U.S. Government, and the Bible: The Truth is out There

Biden DOJ Imports Ukrainian-Style Corruption

Fitch Downgrades U.S. Credit

Sixth Circuit Leaves Kentucky SAFE Act Temporarily in Place

Leftists Attack, Then Blame Responding Conservatives as Culture War Aggressors

Dem Suggests Locker Room ‘Barriers’ for Female Privacy

2016 Study: ‘Wild West’ Trans Surgery Regulated by ‘Subjective Criteria,’ ‘Personal Conviction,’ 55% Operate on Minors

5 Biblical Reasons for Skepticism on UFO Testimony to Congress

Dems Exit Committee to Avoid Doctor’s Description of Gender Transition Surgeries on Minors

Accidentally Published Chinese Data Indicates Higher COVID Death Toll than Official Count

Canadian Teacher Emotionally Abuses Muslim Students Who Stayed Home on Pride Day

Stanford Law Parts Ways with DEI Dean Who Berated Judge

Pandemic Era Redux: City Pays Christians Arrested for Maskless Psalm Singing

SAFE Act Explosion: 72% of Red States Now Protect Minors from Gender Transition Procedures

Defense Dept. Spokesman: Funding Abortion Is ‘Foundational Sacred Obligation’

Party Switchers up in 2023, Spurning Social Extremism

Expert: Inflation ‘Effectively Doubled’ Income Tax Rate for Workers

Dem Senator: ‘Cannot Avoid ... Differences between Men and Women’

Montana State Library Commission Cuts Ties with American Library Association over New ‘Marxist Lesbian’ President

President Biden's Disqualifying Filial Affection

NIH Grants $3.3 Million for Boston Children’s Hospital to Promote Gender Transitions to Out-of-State Minors

Tennessee SAFE Act Wins Preliminary Victory before Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals

U.S. Military Misfires over Independence Day Weekend

State Dept. Releases Afghanistan Report During Long Holiday Weekend

Supreme Court Strikes Down Student Loan Forgiveness Scheme

Supreme Court Unanimously Rules for Christian Postal Worker

Progressive ‘Christians’ Can Now Confess Heresy with ‘Sparkle Creed’

‘Not Sufficient’: Republicans Blast Biden Admin COVID Origins Report for Hiding Intelligence

BlackRock Abandons Term ‘ESG,’ Rebrands Due to Red State Boycott

Attempted Russian Coup Shakes Moscow Politics, Ukraine War

Trans Center Admits ‘Irreversible Infertility’ Is Side-Effect of Treatment

Trusting in Wealth for Security Is Always a Titanic Mistake: 4 Biblical Reflections

Christian Business Wins Exemption from Title VII, EEOC Transgender Rule

DOJ Abandons Effort to Force Religious Hospitals to Perform Gender Transitions

Federal Judge Strikes Down Arkansas SAFE Act as Unconstitutional

Mayo Clinic Suspends Professor Who Deviated from ‘Prescribed Messaging’ on Women’s Sports, COVID

Study: LGB+ Sexual Orientations Are Fluid

Far-Left Jurisdiction Appalled When Middle Schoolers Revolt against Pride Day

With Order Making Maryland a Gender Transition Sanctuary, Governor Aids Sex Traffickers

Montgomery County Councilmember Pushing LGBT Opt-out Ban Forced to Apologize to Muslim Opponents

Smoke and Wildfires: God Judges Pride

DOJ Indicts Trump on 37 Counts over Classified Documents

HRC Cries Wolf with LGBT Emergency Declaration

Movement Protecting Kids from Gender Transition Cements Record with Texas, Florida Laws

Congress Hears from Experts on Gender Transition Harms to Minors

Texas Enacts Law Prohibiting Gender Transition Procedures on Minors

Louisiana Senate Resuscitates Stop Harming Our Kids Act

Debt Limit Deal Passes U.S. Senate

Under Investigation for Partisan Behavior, DOJ Commits More Partisan Behavior

Debt Limit Deal Clears House with Democrats’ Support

Critics Attack Faith of Pastor-Legislator Who Sponsored Ohio SAFE Act

McCarthy, Biden Reach Debt Ceiling Deal; House Freedom Caucus Opposes

When Corporations Act Like Politicians

Louisiana Governor Defeats the ‘Stop Harming Our Kids’ Act in Senate Committee

House Progressives Vow ‘Huge Backlash ... in the Streets’ if Biden and GOP Reach Debt Ceiling Compromise

Norway Agency: Revise Gender Transition Guidelines Because ‘Research-Based Knowledge Is Insufficient’

N.C. Gov. Declares State of Emergency over School Choice Bill

Nebraska Enacts Bill Protecting Minors from Gender Transitions, Unborn after 12 Weeks

With Pronoun Fail, Woke State Department Scores Own Goal

‘Let the Kids Be Kids’: DeSantis Signs 5 Bills Rejecting Trans Ideology, Protecting Conscience

N.C. Legislature Overrides Veto, Enacts Protection from Abortion for Unborn after 12 Weeks

Congressman: Debt Ceiling Battle Is about Government Interference in Daily Life

Florida Law Defunds DEI in Higher Ed

U.S. Congressman, Senator Introduce Bills to Protect Children from Gender Transition Procedures

Pray for a Debt Ceiling Deal

White House Meeting Yields No Budging on Budget, Debt Ceiling

Biden Admin Relents on Candle Controversy Rather than Face Lawsuit

Biden Begins Debt Ceiling Negotiations with McCarthy

Left-wing Poll: Americans Overwhelmingly Support Restrictions on Gender Transition Procedures for Minors

Left Pursues Dishonest Campaign to Discredit Supreme Court

Fed Raises Interest Rates Despite Bank Failures

Colorado Shelves Abortion-Reversal Ban Rather Than Defend It

Montana Judge Upholds House Censure of Rep Who Broke Decorum Rules

U.S. $500K English Teaching Grant Requires Trans Component in Pakistan

Military Doctor Hopes Gender Transitions for Kids Will Cause Psychotic Disorders to ‘Melt Away’

The Boy Who Knew Too Much for His School

In Reversal, N.C. Supreme Court Upholds Photo ID, Legislature-Drawn Maps

DOJ Challenges Tennessee Law Protecting Minors from Gender Transition Procedures

Montana Lawmakers Censure Member Who Broke Decorum, Peddled Suicide Myth

Golden Gate City Reopens to Red States

‘Deplatforming Works’: Left Learns Wrong Lesson from Week of Media Firings

Despite Left-wing Disruptions, States Continue to Bar Gender Transition Procedures for Minors

After Supreme Court’s Temporary Abortion Pill Order, Pro-Lifers Remain Hopeful

Undercover Video Reveals Culture of Excessive Affirmation in Transgender Centers

‘Transition or Suicide’: Detransitioner Recalls Pressure, Manipulation to Transition

Undercover Video: 14-Year-Olds ‘Mature Enough’ to ‘Reasonably’ Consent to Cross-Sex Hormones, Says Pediatrician

Undercover Video: Transgender Center Transitioning 8-Year-Olds Allows Puberty Blockers after First Visit

Cautionary Tale: Fox Settles Dominion Lawsuit for $787 Million

‘One or Two’ Lab Leaks Most Likely Origins for COVID: Senate Report

Two Street Riots, One Weekend: The Violent Legacy of Anti-Parent Policies

Joshua Arnold, Meg Kilgannon, Marco Rubio, Pete Hoekstra, Elijah Crane, Brent Keilen

McCarthy: Budget Restraint Is ‘Debate That’s Not Happening in Washington’

Florida Enacts ‘Heartbeat Protection Act,’ Reaffirming Life Issue’s Popular Appeal

The Media’s Tennessee Straw Man

Society-Wide Lack of Restraint a Cause of Mass Shootings: Mohler

Violent Victimhood: When Leftists Do Violence or Intimidate, It’s Always Someone Else’s Fault

The COVID National Emergency Is Officially Over

Chinese Military Rehearses Encirclement, Bombardment of Taiwan as Western Deterrence Erodes

WH Press Secretary: Gender Transition Is for Child, Parents to Decide

Experts: Trump Indictment Highlights ‘Disturbing’ Double Standard of Justice

‘Thin Gruel’: Legal Experts Unimpressed by 34-Count Trump Indictment

Pro-Trans Left-wing Protestors Occupy 4 State Capitols in 5 Days

Ep. 5: The Nashville School Murders and the Way Forward

Judges Boycott Stanford Law School over Unpunished Student Disruptions

State Momentum Builds to Protect Minors from Gender Transition Procedures

Perverse Media Narrative Incites Trans-Identifying Activists to Violence

Kentucky Legislature Enacts Parental Rights, Student Privacy, Help Not Harm Act over Governor’s Veto

3 Questions to Shape a Biblical Perspective on the Nashville Shooting

Stanford Law Dean Tries to Reconcile University’s Commitments to DEI, Free Speech

Biden Veto Highlights Constitutional Imbalance of Executive Rulemaking

Biden Issues First Veto to Save Executive ESG Investment Rule

Kentucky Legislature Affirms Parents’ Rights, Bans Gender Transition Procedures for Minors

Ep 3: A Bank Collapse (And The Things That Don't Fail)

Nebraska Legislator Filibusters Everything to Slow Bill to Ban Gender Transitions for Minors

Cardona Tips His Hand, Shows Left’s Desperation

Russia Downs U.S. Drone Worth $56 Million over Black Sea

Law Schools Coddling Radicals Who Despise 1st Amendment

West Virginia Legislature Neuters, Then Passes, Bill to Protect Minors from Gender Transitions

Biden: Protecting Kids from Gender Ideology Is ‘Close to Sinful’

10 Things to Know about the Silicon Valley Bank Collapse

Attorney’s Arrest Highlights SPLC’s Ties to Radical Left

4 Quick Facts about Biden’s FY2024 Budget Proposal

Senate Rebukes D.C. Crime Bill Reducing Sentences for Violent Offenses

Extreme FCC Nominee Gigi Sohn Withdraws Due to Bipartisan Opposition

‘Hate List’ Peddling SPLC Linked to Domestic Terrorism, Again

D.C. Council Attempts to Withdraw Radical Crime Bill

Tennessee Governor Signs Laws Protecting Minors from Drag Shows, Gender Transition Procedures

Unsolved PRC Vandalism Feeds Culture of Lawlessness

Tate Reeves Shows Governors the Way, Stands for Protecting Kids from Dangerous Transgender Ideology

Supreme Court Skeptical During Student Loan Bailout Hearing

Mississippi Governor Signs Law Blocking Gender Transition Procedures on Minors

COVID Most Likely Originated in Lab Leak, Concludes U.S. Energy Department

Identity in Crisis, Identity in Fraud, or Identity in Christ?

Tennessee Legislature Passes Bill to Protect Minors from Gender Transition Procedures with Bipartisan Support

Florida ‘Reverse Woke Act’: Employers Subsidizing Gender Transition Must Pay for Detransition Treatments

WHO Seeks Power to Override U.S. Pandemic Response

Teacher Claims She Knows Better than Parents Because ‘I Have a Master’s Degree’

Tuberville Challenges DOD Abortion Subsidies, Holds Military Promotions

Putin Stops New START

Giant S.D. Hospital System Opposes 2nd Conservative State’s Bill to Protect Minors from Trans Procedures

North Dakota House Passes Bill Blocking Gender Transition Procedures for Minors, Votes Down Another

Christian Teacher Fired Because She ‘Cannot Be Dishonest with Parents’

Bill Johnson, Joshua Arnold, Andy Biggs, Jay McDonald, Meg Kilgannon

CBO: Interest on Debt to Triple by 2033, Surpass Defense Spending by 2028

SAFE Act-Style Bills Gain Momentum, Need Clarity

Transportation Secretary Buttigieg Spotlights Diversity, Not Derailments

U.S. Shoots Down 3 Aerial Objects in 3 Days

Florida Medical Boards Confirm, Clarify Ban on Gender Transition Procedures on Minors

South Dakota SAFE Act-Style Bill Lands on Noem’s Desk

Oil and Water: Campus Marxists Protest New University of Florida President Ben Sasse

‘Zombie Studies’: DeSantis Declares All-Out War on University DEI, CRT in Education Manifesto

Christians Bring Aid after Devastating Turkey Earthquake

‘Trans Lives Matter’ Protestors Occupy Oklahoma Capitol

3 Chinese Spy Balloons ‘Transited’ U.S. During Trump Administration, Civilian Officials Never Briefed

U.S. House Committee Chair Invites Members to Read Bible in a Year

Chinese Spy Balloon Floats across America

Don’t Let the Children Come: Bible Camp Ban Offered as Amendment to Nebraska Child Protection Bill

20 State AGs: Abortion-by-Mail Scheme Is Unsafe, Illegal

SAFE Act-Style Bill Advances in Tennessee Legislature

Church’s Open Mic Night on ‘Biblical Sexuality’ Creates Nationwide Buzz

Biden Administration Contemplates Declaring Abortion Emergency

Utah Enacts Law with ‘Massive Loopholes’ for Minors Seeking Gender Transition Procedures

3 Bills to Protect Minors from Gender Transition Procedures Debated in 9-Hour Missouri House Hearing

U.S. Fourth Quarter GDP Increased, but Sluggishly

Too Little, Too Late: DOJ’s First Jane’s Revenge Indictments Underwhelm

Jesus on Doomsday Clock: ‘See That You Are Not Alarmed’

Survey: 0% of Black Georgians Report Poor Voting Experience

Who Are the Real Abortion Extremists? Not Tony Dungy.

‘Let Them Grow Act’ Introduced to Protect Minors from Gender Transition Procedures

South Dakota’s ‘Help Not Harm’ Bill Protecting Minors from Gender Transition Procedures Introduced

Federal Agencies Propose Rule to Remove Protections for Faith-Based Businesses and Nonprofits

Supreme Court to Hear Religious Freedom Employment Case

Report: U.S. Is ‘Most Permissive Country’ for Minor Gender Transition

The Gospel According to Joe: Work to Achieve Progress

Judge Prevents Florida Universities from Squirming out of Governor’s Order to Publish DEI, CRT Funding

Special Counsel to Investigate Biden over Classified Docs

Gas Stove Ban Hits Back Burner after Scorching Criticism

Scott Perry, Andy Ogles, Andy Roth, Adam Broin, Joshua Arnold

A House United: How Prayer Played a Central Role in Electing a Speaker

House GOP Will Investigate Government ‘Weaponization’ against Citizens

‘Historic’ House Rules Package Restores Transparency, Accountability

Catholic Hospital Must Perform Gender Transition Surgeries, May Not Claim Religious Exemption, Judge Rules

State Dept. Announces Grant to Promote LGBT Policy Agenda Overseas

DeSantis Requires Florida Universities to Itemize Woke Funding

Hospital Surgery Dept. ‘Proud’ to Announce App Targeting Children for Gender Transitions

Nation Unites in Prayer for Damar Hamlin after On-Field Collapse

Kentucky Publishes Blacklist of Woke Corporations

4 Tips to Make Your New Year’s Resolution Last

Sex-Based Restroom Policy Wins Circuit Court Victory

U.S. Pledges Billions in Ukraine Aid During Zelenskyy Visit, Prohibits Securing U.S. Border

Circuit Court ‘Creates Different Category of Women’ in Transgender Sports Ruling, Experts Say

‘The Border Is Not Open,’ Says White House Press Secretary

Trump Hosts LGBT Gala, Can’t Expect Evangelical Support for That: Perkins

‘No Point’: Border Patrol Morale Nosedives after DHS Proposes No Replacement to Title 42

Leftists Change their Tune, Rage over Twitter Suspensions

12-Year-Olds May Consent to Secret Gender Transitions, Colorado Activist Tells Congress

Loudoun Parents: Complicit School Board Members ‘All Need to Resign Now’

Cambridge Dictionary Un-Defines ‘Man’ and ‘Woman’

Border Crossings Accelerate as Title 42 Set to Expire

Biden Admin Can’t Force Religious Hospitals to Perform Gender Transition Surgeries, Another Court Rules

How and Why to Read 1 Samuel in 2022

Truth Will Win Out: Twitter Did Shadowban Conservatives, Twitter Files Confirm

Woke Corp. Kroger Lobbies GOP for Help, Meets Yawns

Woke Vanguard Feels the Heat, Keeps Climate Change Emphasis

Washington’s Upside-Down Pyramid of Priorities

Poll: 65% Say ‘Transgender Movement Has Gone Too Far’

‘Doesn’t Go Nearly Far Enough’: LGBT Activists Gripe about Same-Sex Marriage Bill

How and Why to Read Judges in 2022

While Florida Divests $2 Billion from BlackRock, Labor Dept. Allows 401(k) Managers to Pursue ESG

Senator Lummis Doesn’t ‘Like’ Logical Implications of Her Vote for Same-Sex Marriage

13 State AGs Counter Woke Investment Firm’s Plan to Purchase Shares in Public Utility Companies

iEmpire: Communist China and Apple, Inc. Share Core Interests

Chinese Communist Party Tries to Stamp Out Freedom Blazes

‘Respect for Marriage Act’ Disrespects Religious Freedom

How and Why to Read the Book of Joshua in 2022

6 Lessons from the Fall of Cryptocurrency Exchange FTX

Way Below Target: Organized Theft, Inflation Drive Retail Woes

States Diverge on Exposing Kids to Drag Performances

Roe’s Ghost Reaps Georgia Heartbeat Bill

Romney: Opposed to Same-Sex Marriage As Governor, Changes Tune in Senate

Schumer: Georgia Runoff Win Would Make It ‘A Lot Easier to Get Things Done’

10 Commandments Parody: Climate Activists Smash Tablets on Mt. Sinai

Republicans Net 1-5 Seats from Redistricting

GOP Scores New York Victories Despite Nationwide Fizzle

Inflation Proceeds Unmitigated through Election

Midterm: GOP Gains among Hispanic Voters

Early Senate Results: Still up for Grabs

Final Election Pitch: 'Abortion = Freedom' with Sky Drones

2022 Midterm: Dems’ Problem Is Message, Not Messaging

Florida Medical Boards Ban Gender Transition Procedures for Minors

Woke Censorship Doesn’t Fly at Penguin Random House

Does Christian Forgiveness Require COVID ‘Amnesty’?

Vicky Hartzler, Joshua Arnold, Robin Lundstrum, Tom Cotton

Pennsylvania Funds over $16 Million in Gender Transition Procedures for Minors

Underage Criminals: Minors Turn to Crime Due to Disengaged Parents, Lenient Sentences

Independents Flock into GOP Corner as Election Day Nears

Diesel Shortage: Left Kneecaps Economy, Families Pay the Price

Economy Limps Along Despite Deceptively Strong GDP Report

Parents Lose Appeal for Custody of Teen Identifying as Transgender

Biden: Congress Passed Executive Order Forgiving Student Loans

State Dept. to Host 10-Day Diversity, Equity, Inclusion ‘Challenge’ Featuring Films, Jeopardy Game

Digging Deeper: 8 Contradictions in Delegate Guzman’s Defense of Bill to Criminalize Parents

‘I’d Have More’: Children Are More than a Cost, Parents Correct Abrams

Study: Gender Transition Surgeries on Minors Accelerating, Most Covered by Insurance

EXCLUSIVE: Congressional Letter Urges Coast Guard to Grant Religious Exemptions

SAFE Act: Trial Begins for Arkansas Ban against Gender Transition for Minors

Puberty Blockers ‘Stop’ Fertility, Admits Hospital Gender Clinic Director

Abortion Features Prominently in Georgia Senate Debate

New Va. Bill To Criminalize Good Parenting

Pfizer Exec Undermines Rationale for COVID Vax Mandate

Trans-Identifying Students Increase 991% over Two Years in Wealthy DC Suburb

Report: U.S. Economy Inflated to the Core

Update: Local Vermont Station Deletes Story on Volleyball Team Expelled from Locker Room

Sexually Explicit Books in Schools Provoke New Adversary: Muslim Parents

5 Lessons from the Trend of Justifying Abortion with the Bible

Biden Underwater on Issues as Midterms Near

Burning Bridges: Putin Relaunches Missile Barrage at Ukrainian Civilian Centers

Religious Freedom Wins in Case of Muslim Inmate, Transgender Guard

Report: 42,000 Minors Diagnosed with Gender Dysphoria in 2021

California Invites Nation’s Children While Failing Its Own

Bill Allowing Non-Citizens to Vote Advances in Nation’s Capital

Pushback Proves Spotlight on Gender Transitions for Minors Is Working

‘Heroic Work’: Biden Congratulates Coast Guard Hero He’s Trying to Fire

Ukraine Counterattacks into Regions Russia Claimed to Annex

Entire Girls’ Volleyball Team Kicked Out of Locker Room, Except Trans Teammate

Newsom Quotes Jesus to Advertise Abortion in Pro-Life States

‘I’m Your Mom Now’: Parents Sue School District for Hiding Kids’ Gender Transitions

General: Afghanistan Withdrawal Was ‘Worst Foreign Policy Failure in U.S. History’

W.Va., Other States Take Up Pro-Life Cause after Roe

Students Seek to Oust Board of Christian University for Upholding Biblical Marriage

Braun: Conservatives Must ‘Weigh in with their Senators’ to Stop Same-Sex Marriage Bill

These SEALs Are So Tough They Beat the U.S. Navy Months Ago

Inflation Continues in August, Despite Falling Gas Prices

Scarborough: Jesus ‘Never Once Mentioned’ Abortion

‘Drag Kids’ Performance Cancelled After Public Pressure on Corporate Sponsors

‘Political Harassment’: DOJ Tries to Crush Tiny Ala. Nonprofit

California Begs Residents for ‘Reduction in Energy Use’ During Heat Wave

Teachers’ Unions Strike, Disrupting Back-to-School Season

Dems Tie Same-Sex Marriage Vote to Funding the Government

Biden: Voters Are a ‘Threat to American Democracy’

How and Why to Read Deuteronomy in 2022

Major League Blunder: Baseball Teams Fund Pride Nights, Gender Transitions for Minors

AG Garland Sends Veiled Threat to Potential DOJ Whistleblowers

One Year Since Afghanistan Withdrawal: Lessons Learned?

U.S. Postal Service Versus the Christian Sabbath: Former Mailman Appeals to Supreme Court

Legal, Scientific Defeats for ‘Gender-Affirming’ Procedures

Lisa McClain, Jennifer Bauwens, Joshua Arnold, Chris Elston, Jonathan Gilliam

How and Why to Read Numbers in 2022

GOP Risks Squandering Midterms over Reluctance to Drive Home Pro-Life Victory

Trueman: Trans Ideology Views World as 'Cosmic Play-Doh'

At Least 13 U.S. Hospitals Perform Gender Transition Surgeries on Minors

Walmart Expands Abortion Coverage for Employees

'God Has Spoken': Church-Run School Stands Firm Amid Death Threats

Not Your Ordinary Injunction: Fla. Judge Provokes Deeper Questions on Stop Woke Law

Philadelphia Sued for Illegally Funding Abortions

How and Why to Read Leviticus in 2022

Injustice Is Served: Appeals Court Rules Gender Dysphoria Is an ADA Disability

Woke Corporations Face Backlash from Conservative States

As Teacher Shortages Loom, Left Pushes Radical Sex Ed Curriculum

No Contempt Charges, Fines: Calvary Chapel San Jose Wins Again

Dems: U.S. Humanitarian Aid Should Include More Abortion

Baby Formula Shortage Persists, Plaguing Parents, not Policymakers

How and Why to Read Exodus in 2022

CDC Issues COVID Guidelines Admitting What Everyone Already Knew

New START Stopped: Russia Halts U.S. Nuclear Inspections

Fargo School Board Nixes Pledge of Allegiance, Teachers’ Union to Blame

So, the Economy’s Great Now, Right? Inflation Report Yields Mixed Results

Teachers Union Promotes Pronouns Cards for Students: ‘Hello, My Pronouns Are... ’

Lawmakers Demand Acting Pa. Education Secretary ‘Reform or Resign’

‘Unprecedented’: FBI Raids Trump Mar-a-Lago Residence

Consequences: Voters Defund Library over Graphic LGBT Books

Despite Rampant Inflation, Senate Dems Muscle Through Tax-and-Spend Package

How and Why to Read Genesis in 2022

China Fires Missiles Near Taiwan after Pelosi Visit

Gov. DeSantis Suspends Woke DA for Defying State Law

‘Left in the Dark’: Parents Sue Iowa School District for Excluding Them

Biden DOJ Falls on Its Sword for Abortion

Soros Vows to Keep Bankrolling Woke DAs

Taking Your Money Twice: Dems Agree to Build Back Smaller Bill

The Politicization of Everything, Including the Congressional Baseball Game

16 State AGs Warn Google against Censoring Pregnancy Resource Centers

U.K.'s Gender Transition Mill Shuttered as Left Advances It in U.S.

First Pro-Life Law after Dobbs Ruling Nears Passage in W. Va.

Recession: U.S. GDP Contracts for 2nd Consecutive Quarter

FDA Slaps Warning on Puberty Blockers

With China, Biden Has Put U.S. in ‘Most Dangerous Moment Since WWII’, Says Expert

Biden Administration: ‘Recession’ Means Whatever We Say It Means

As Midterms Heat up, Dems Try to Solve their ‘Parents’ Problem

Good Shooting: Left Ignores Men’s Duty to Protect

House Freedom Caucus Urges Senate to Oppose Same-Sex Marriage Bill

Christians Cannot and Must Not Support Same-Sex Marriage

Chinese-Owned Company Buys Up Farmland Near Strategic U.S. Airbase, Alarming Senators

What Should Kids Be Taught? The Left Has All the Wrong Priorities.

HHS Official: ‘Empower... Gender Affirmation Treatment’ for Youth

In ‘Defund the Police’ Minneapolis, City Council Members Call to Fund Abortion

Russian ‘Filtration’ System Deports, Erases Ukrainians

FACT CHECK: Did a Publicly Funded Media Outlet Launch a Disinformation Team?

7 Problems with Leaving Christianity Behind on Vacation

Airmen Get a Shot at Immunity: Judge Recognizes Class Action Lawsuit Over COVID Jab

A Foreign Policy Biden Got Right - by Copying Trump

WHO Can’t Say What a Woman Is

Land of the Free to Criticize

Dick’s Sporting Goods’ New Anti-Childbirth Policy Earns Federal Discrimination Complaint

June Inflation Accelerates to 9.1%

Leftist Group Offers to Pay Anyone Who Abets SCOTUS Harassment

From Pottstown to Pottersville: Zoning Official Dings Churches for Charity

Confusing the Innocent: Library Group Recommends ‘Pronoun Book’ for Infants

Dobbs Was No Outlier: 8 More Reasons to be Thankful for SCOTUS

Portland Church Uses Mob Attack for Gospel Witness, Calls for Prayer

WHO Chief: Dobbs ‘Was a Setback’

Poll: Abortion Issue Won’t Save Dems from Midterm Rout

Could Dobbs Be Used to Protect Children from Gender Transitions?

10 Ways the Left Wants to Expand Abortion Post-Roe

La. Judge Blocks Post-Roe Abortion Ban

Coach Kennedy Victory: SCOTUS Squeezes Juice out of Lemon

FACT CHECK: 5 False Biden Claims about the Dobbs Ruling

‘Dissolve the Supreme Court’: 6 Worst Takes on Second Amendment Ruling

Real Men Still Exist, but Society Restrains Them

Biden Proposes Rule to Gut Title IX on 50th Anniversary

DC Pregnancy Center Perseveres amid Vandalism, Threats

Harris: ‘Nothing’ about Abortion ‘Will Require Anyone to Abandon Their Faith’

China Launches Warship, U.S. Navy Launches Pronoun Video

Oil Companies Call Biden’s Bluff

DOJ’s Muted Response to Pro-Abortion Intimidation, Violence Proves Costly

FACT CHECK: 13 Claims President Biden Made at the White House Pride Event

Affirm Child’s Biological Sex, Don’t Attempt to Convert It, Says Pediatric Expert

GAO Report: Unemployment Fraud Spiked During Pandemic

Government Disinformation about the Disinformation Governance Board

Brat: The Fed, Biden Bear Responsibility for Inflation

Pinpointing Inflation’s Immorality

A Would-Be Shooter’s Conscience

Oregon PRC Becomes Latest Victim of Attacks Against Pro-Life Orgs

As Trans Identity Grows Among the Young, So Do Opportunities for Witness

May Inflation Report Brings More Bad News for Biden

The Solution to Mass Shootings Doesn’t Come from Washington

USDA Threatens School Lunch, Food Stamps over Bathroom Policy

DOJ Treats Left-wing Violence with Kid Gloves, Per Usual

With Ukraine War Raging at Border, U.S. Ambassador to Lithuania Joins Pride Festival

Biden Touts Economy, Voters Aren’t Buying It

State Dept: Offending the World All Pride Month Long

100 Days of War: What’s New in Ukraine

Blue Cities Vow Not to Enforce Roe Reversal

Is ‘Defund the Police’ Affecting Officers’ Crisis Response?

Developing Nations Block WHO Power Grab - for Now

Fathers: The Family Component Missing from Mass Shooters’ Lives

Spiritual Shepherds not Flocking to Word of God

Spiritual Shepherds not Flocking to Word of God

Biden's WHO Debacle Highlights Need for More Transparency

Biden’s WHO Debacle Highlights Need for More Transparency

Partisan Plot: Dem Trap Springs Empty

Partisan Plot: Dem Trap Springs Empty

Voting Made Peachy

Voting Made Peachy

Biden-Backed WHO's Latest Power Grab Fails

No School Board Association Left Behind

Biden-Backed WHO’s Latest Power Grab Fails

No School Board Association Left Behind

Media Employs Shame-Old Tactics against Ky. Christian School

Media Employs Shame-Old Tactics against Ky. Christian School

Price of Judge Shopping Rises for SPLC

Dems Diss Information for Exposing Ministry of Truth

Price of Judge Shopping Rises for SPLC

Dems Diss Information for Exposing Ministry of Truth

Holding Fast to Hope amid Heartache

Holding Fast to Hope amid Heartache

One Shooting, Two Responses

One Shooting, Two Responses

The White House Formula for Feeding Babies

The White House Formula for Feeding Babies

Shady Payments Laundered through National Institutes of Wealth

Shady Payments Laundered through National Institutes of Wealth

Suspension of Disbelief: Fairfax County to Punish Students Over Pronouns

Suspension of Disbelief: Fairfax County to Punish Students over Pronouns

Grotesque California: Abortion Tourism Is not Normal

Grotesque California: Abortion Tourism Is not Normal

Empathy Fail: ‘I Can Taste’ Your Frustration, Says Biden on Purpose

Empathy Fail: 'I Can Taste' Your Frustration, Says Biden on Purpose

WHO's Afraid of the Big, Bad Freedom

WHO’s Afraid of the Big, Bad Freedom

Dobbs Leak: A Leftist Pastor Takes on Abortion

Dobbs Leak: A Leftist Pastor Takes on Abortion

Dobbs Leak: The Week's Worst 'Christian' Takes on Abortion

States of Perpetual Motion: Legislatures Remain Engaged on Trans Issues

After Roe, Pro-Lifers' Work Has Just Begun

Barna: Kids Will Be What They See

Affirm Foundation: Scripture Helps Parents Combat Trans Craze

While Roe Takes on Water, Mississippi Is Full Steam Ahead

Re-Lie-Ability: Biden Administration's Defining Feature

Biden: Schools Are No Mom-and-Pop Shop

Depressed Teens, Unsuppressed Phone Addiction

Taking the Sting out of Babylon's Cultural Quarrels

Woke Mob a-Twitter over Free Speech's Return

Ukraine Invasion Turns Grizzly for the Russian Bear

A 40,000-Foot View of Freedom

University Pays Professor over the Costliest Pronoun Yet

How Christ Transforms Passover

The Public Health Scandal No One's Talking About

A Rising Price Steals All Meals

Bad Sport: After Losing in Congress, Biden Rigs the Game

The Trump Policy Dems Agree to Keep

Parents: Nationwide, They're on Kids' Side

Disney Turns Snow White with Rage at Florida Parents' Bill

'I Am the Master of My Faith': How Dumping Christianity Is Trending

NCAA Warned to Stay in their Lane after Swim Controversy

This is not a Drill: Biden Spills Strategic Oil Reserve onto Market

White House Fact-Checks President Biden

Spring Breaks Miami in Shooting Wave

Before the Uyghurs, There Were the Rohingya

It Takes a Citi... to Abort a Child

The Kremlin's Crimes and Putin's Punishment

D.C. Establishment Tires of People's Convoy

God's Good Design for Marriage (Part 3): Bone of My Bones

Abortion by Thesaurus: A Professional Guide

American Diplomats Scramble Dither and Yawn

Courts Carry Heartbeat Law to Term

How to Stand -- With or Without a Platform

Biden Appoints another Abortion Activist

Busy Are the Peacemakers

Give up the Ghosting: DOJ Ignores States' FOIA Request

God's Good Design for Marriage (Part 2): They Shall Become One Flesh

Ghost of a Bygone ERA

Keeping Children SAFE From Sterilization -- in Ohio and Around the Nation

Media Plays the Quiet Game on Latest Russia Hoax Revelations

Praying for a Progressive President

God's Good Design for Marriage (Part 1): Male and Female He Created Them

America Is Recovering From COVID Overreach

Biden: Parents' Rights in Schools Are 'Hateful'

Gospel Saved from Indiana Counseling Ban

Natural Immunity: Don't Follow the Science Cherry-Pickers

Progressive "Deals" Are Usually Highways Going Nowhere Quickly

From Smash and Grab to Catch and Nab

Frozen Bear, Sulking Dragon

Involved Parents Are America's Most Wanted

Ukraine's Perfect Storm Unleashes a Torn-NATO Warning

Virginians Get Generational Opportunity

Dems: To Save Democracy, We Must Kill It

Biden Rattles Saber at Bear Threats of War

Pandemic of Obsolete Talking Points

The Science Is the Sticking Point

Cities Crack Down on Booming Steal Industry

Here Comes San Jose Right down Tyranny Lane

Houston, We Have a Solution

Missing the Christmas for the Trees

Mutate, Update, Repeat: The Flu-ture of COVID

School Boards Make Quantum Leap for CRT

Red Kettle Chips away at Biblical Worldview

When Will They Learn? Woke Loudoun District Loses Again

No Shots Fired: Biden Loses Emergency Mandate Duel

AMA Tries to Doctor Health Care

Biden's Post-Halloween Bellyache

Bad Call: Authors of Anti-Parent Letter Phonying It in

The Truth Will Set Us Free from Vaccine Mandates

Vax Mandate Stabs Constitution in the Back

Women Feel Draft through the House

Entrance for Geese Only

Keeping Tabs on Jabs

Biden Isn't Joe-King with Mandate

Shed a Fear over Division

Don't Forget to Remember

Live by the Courts, Die by the Courts

California's Preferred Pronouns Are Free/Speech

What's Lost Is Foundational

Knock, Knock, It's Big Brother Joe

Parents Sound Alarm on the Left's Classroom Warfare

Men and Women Are Equal, Not Identical

New Arkansas Law Sets up Direct Challenge to Roe v. Wade

States Experiment with Un-Canceling Free Speech

Denial of Biological Reality Engenders Pushback in the States

When Academic Freedom Becomes Censorship and Make-Believe

Press's Premature Biden Celebration Fuels American Mistrust

A Legal Document Is Not a Living Document

The Brazen Lies and Manipulation of BLM

Burnt by Hate, Responding with Love

In Defense of Law and Order

How to think about shutting down churches during coronavirus

VA governor's push to force transgender counseling on kids is smart leftist politics

Big business virtue signaling is bombing with consumers