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Pornography has spread like a plague in our nation. It has moved from the margins of our culture to the mainstream, attacking marriages, families, and communities. Worst of all, it has stolen a time of innocence from our children.

Obscenity and child pornography are illegal and not protected by the First Amendment. They acquire no legal protection merely because they are sent over the Internet. Websites distributing this material from overseas can be prosecuted under extradition agreements, but the fact is that the overwhelming majority of hardcore Internet pornography is produced in the United States and should be prosecuted aggressively. Family Research Council calls for the vigorous enforcement of all existing laws against child pornography and obscenity.

Courts have ruled that some adult pornography that does not meet the legal definition of obscenity has first amendment protection, but that protection is not absolute. Laws may regulate the time, place, and manner of distribution and may restrict it from children. We do not have adequate laws to protect children from this kind of material online, and FRC will continue to work toward stronger laws to protect children.



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