California's Campus Abortion Mandate is Bad Model Legislation

California is vying to become the first state to require their 34 public universities to dispense the abortion pill through their student health centers (SHCs), impacting more than 400,000 female students. This mandate is significant as it is the first of its kind in the country and would serve as model legislation for other states. No state should consider California’s campus abortion mandate as model legislation. This mandate shows a reckless disregard for the safety and health of young women and moreover creates considerable liability for the universities and all those involved, such as:

  • College dorm rooms are unsafe environments to have an abortion.
  • University student health centers (SHCs) are not equipped to handle adverse outcomes of on-campus abortions that may occur.
  • The bill’s funding mechanism is purposefully vague.
  • No conscience exemptions are offered for college health center staff who may object to dispensing the abortion pill.

Other problems with California’s abortion law are compounded:

  • No pre-abortion counseling is offered.
  • No post-abortion counseling is offered.
  • No maternal assistance is offered if women choose not to abort.

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