State Policy Brief: Chemical Abortion Bans

Family Research Council recommends and supports chemical abortion bans. While many states have enacted pro-life laws in recent years, the abortion industry has been searching for ways to circumvent such laws. The best way to do this, it has determined, is through risky, do-it-yourself chemical abortions, which leave mothers to endure the trauma of abortion alone in their bathrooms, with no support or medical follow-up. Thankfully, state legislators throughout the country are introducing legislation that seeks to regulate or ban the dangerous practice of “self-managed” abortions altogether.

Key Points:

  • The abortion industry has latched on to the abortion pill as a lowercost alternative to surgical abortions -- and one that can be carried out virtually anywhere.
  • Abortion pill usage has surged even as the overall number of abortions in the United States is in decline.
  • Chemical Abortion Bans are aimed at mitigating the dangers and complications associated with chemical abortions.

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