Pray That We Might Know Their Names: Uniting in Prayer for Dobbs

November 8, 2021

Since the Supreme Court's 1973 decision that legalized abortion on demand throughout the United States, over 60 million babies have been aborted. With a number so large, it can be challenging to feel a personal connection to each of the babies whose life has been lost. Still, it is essential to remember that each baby is a unique human being made in the image and likeness of God.

Each of the 60 million babies killed as a result of Roe v. Wade had a name. How many little girls named Maria, Nadia, Brittany, Monet, Emily, Monica, Simone, or Sandra are missing from this world? How many little boys named Tommy, Jervon, Billy, Nasir, James, José, Kyle, or Anthony will never have the opportunity to smile into their mother's eyes because of Roe?

On December 1, the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization, a case widely recognized as the greatest opportunity to overturn the Roe decision since it was first handed down. In advance of those arguments, Family Research Council is hosting Pray Together for Life, a national prayer gathering on November 28 at New Horizon Church in Jackson, Mississippi, at 7:00 p.m. CT. This will be a non-partisan, unified prayer meeting of the body of Christ with the sole focus of praying for an end to the atrocity of abortion and a renewed respect for life in America. As we approach the oral arguments in the Dobbs case,prayer must be at the center of our efforts.

In Dobbs, the Supreme Court will consider Mississippi's Gestational Age Act, which prohibits elective abortion after 15 weeks gestation. This law is a direct challenge to the abortion jurisprudence of Roe,which made abortion legal through all nine months of pregnancy the default law of every state. If Roe is overturned, the question of abortion's legality would likely fall to the states--meaning states would once again have the ability to defend the most vulnerable beginning at the moment of conception.

The Roe decision has brought about untold evil. Mothers have been pitted against their children, fathers have abandoned their families, abortionists have profited by taking babies' lives, and abortion businesses have sold unborn baby body parts for scientific research. In the name of "choice," millions of lives have been lost. Abortion has torn our nation apart, but the power of God is stronger than evil. God can heal the brokenhearted, restore the destroyed, and mend the torn.

As a nation, we must come together and pray for God to rid our nation of the evil of abortion. We must pray for:

  • Courage for the Supreme Court justices,
  • Wisdom for Mississippi Attorney General Lynn Fitch's team,
  • Healing for post-abortive mothers and fathers,
  • Life for unborn children, and
  • Our nation to once again protect defenseless children in the womb.

Sixty million lives have been lost to abortion. Although their names will never be spoken in this world, our Heavenly Father certainly loves each one and calls each by name. Join us as we pray for the day when no child named Devon, Courtney, Jerome, or any other name is aborted.

Whether in person or via livestream, we hope to see you at 7:00 p.m. CT on November 28. Please visit for more information.