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  • What Is The Ex-Im Bank Hiding?

    by Ken Blackwell

    September 09, 2014: It seems the Export-Import Bank of the United States is once again putting up walls to keep the duly-elected representatives of the American people from getting a look at their inner workings.

  • Don't Worry Joe Biden, We'll Remember You!

    by Ken Blackwell

    September 06, 2014: "Don't forget about me," Joe Biden pleaded earlier this summer. With all the focus then on Hillary Clinton's disastrous book launch, the Vice President wanted everyone to remember that he is standing by, ready and willing to step into the breach.

  • Effects of Obama-Steyer Extremism on American Workers and Families

    by Ken Blackwell

    August 25, 2014: Last fall the United States began, for the first time in almost 20 years, to produce more crude oil than it imported. Around that same time, the International Energy Agency altered its previous predictions to show that the U.S. would become the world's number-one oil producer by 2015, producing 11 million barrels of crude a day. The headlines - and their implications - were hard to miss. American energy was making a comeback in a huge way.

  • Hillary Clinton 'Shoulda Stood in Bed!'

    by Ken Blackwell

    August 11, 2014: Hillary Clinton's famous "listening tour" of Upstate New York in 2000 eased her way into the U.S. Senate. She was the first liberal politician in years to discover there was an Upstate New York. Who knew?

  • The FCC Pitchman

    by Ken Blackwell

    August 06, 2014: The Federal Communications Commission is looking to raise revenue - and the agency is in full pitch mode. The company is injecting itself as the middlemen between buyers (wireless carriers) and sellers (TV broadcasters) of spectrum, hoping to take a large commission check as a result.

  • In Israel's Desperate Hour, Obama Leads From Behind

    by Ken Blackwell and Bob Morrison

    July 24, 2014: "We have your back," President Obama told Israelis when he visited the embattled country recently. Way back, apparently. Mr. Obama's administration famously claimed to "lead from behind" in overthrowing Libya's strongman, Gaddafi. Young Sergeant Benjamin Anthony spoke to the Christians United for Israel (CUFI) Washington Summit this week.

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