Dan Hart

Senior Editor, The Washington Stand

Dan Hart is Senior Editor at The Washington Stand, Family Research Council’s outlet for news and commentary from a biblical worldview. His writing has appeared in such outlets as National ReviewThe Federalist, First Things, The Stream, The Christian Post, the National Catholic Register, and others. Before joining FRC, he served with the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, where he worked to promote vocations to the clergy and religious life. His previous endeavors included serving as Associate Editor of iPhone Life Magazine and also in conference implementation at the Food and Drug Law Institute. Dan received a B.A. in English from Franciscan University of Steubenville. He enjoys spending time with his wife and two sons, freelance writing about music and culture, reading, golf, and playing guitar.

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Recent Activity

As Iran’s Nuclear Stockpile Swells, Biden Urges Allies to Stand Down, Report Details

‘Do It Well’: Barna Urges Parental Discipleship of Children amid Biblical Worldview Decline

‘Political Theater’: Dems’ Asylum Bill Scuttled as Border Crisis Churns

Study: Up to 2.7 Million Non-Citizens Are Likely to Vote Illegally in November

‘Fraud and Subterfuge’: Experts Detail Actions of Public Health Officials during Pandemic

Americans’ Inflation Worries Deepen as Biden Claims Economic Victory

Comer: Biden’s Intelligence Agencies ‘Have No Plan’ to Counter CCP’s Infiltration Program

Outcry Grows over Nearly 5-Year Prison Sentence of Pro-Life Activist

Opposition to WHO Pandemic Treaty Swells as World Health Assembly Approaches

Voters Move Away from Biden’s Israel Policies in Droves as Swing State Poll Numbers Crumble

Growing Bipartisan Coalition Demands Biden Release Military Aid to Israel

‘They Don’t Understand War’: Experts Slam Biden’s Denial of Arms to Israel

House GOP Introduces Bill Barring Non-Citizens from Voting

Voters’ Immigration Concerns Persist amid Biden’s Inaction on Border

Senator: Biden’s Pressure Campaign against Israel Is Aiding Hamas

Experts Warn that TikTok Bill Won’t Be Enough to Counter CCP’s Cyber Aggression

Biden Once Again Fails to Lead by Reclassifying Marijuana, Experts Say

Biden Is Sleeping at the Wheel while China Plays the Long Game: Senator

Israeli Officials Face ICC Arrest Warrants Even after ‘Generous’ Ceasefire Offer

17 State AGs Refuse to Allow Biden to Insert Abortion into Pregnant Workers Fairness Act

15 State AGs Confront Bank of America for Canceling Conservative Accounts

RNC Launches Major Battleground State Election Integrity Initiative

House Passes Bill Banning TikTok despite Chinese Lobbying

Poll: Supermajority of American Voters Oppose Abortion Past 12 Weeks

Speaker Johnson Tees up Israel Aid Vote as Urgency Grows

Israeli Resolve Appears Firm in Face of Iranian Missile Assault

Days Apart, a Bishop and a Priest Are Attacked during Church Services in Australia and Myanmar

Lawmakers, FBI Director Warn of CCP’s Vast Cyberwarfare Campaign

‘Terrorism Will Take Place’: Pompeo Warns of Threat to National Security without FISA

NPR Has Zero Republicans, 87 Democrats on Editorial Staff, Says Senior Editor

For Third Time, Biden Announces Another Round of Student Loan Bailouts

Israel Remains Steadfast in Goal of Defeating Hamas despite Pushback, Say Experts

Report: Biden’s DHS Released Suspected Terrorists Encountered at Border

Wisconsin Voters Enact Two Measures to Strengthen Election Integrity

‘A Horrible Precedent’: Experts Say Trump Civil Fraud Case Endangers Businesses, Rule of Law

‘Facts Matter’: Poll Shows Americans’ Firm Rejection of Hamas-Linked Two-State Solution

With U.S. Church Attendance in Free Fall, Ministry Equips Churches to Reach Out to Local Communities

As Israel Eyes Last Hamas Stronghold, Experts Urge Biden to Support Netanyahu

Illegal Immigrants Burst through Border Barricade as Crisis Continues

As Chaos Reigns in Haiti, What Is Needed for Long-Term Stability?

Lawmakers, Experts Decry Ongoing COVID Shot Mandates at 48 Colleges

RNC Announces Expanded Election Integrity Division ahead of November Elections

House Launches Broad Probe into China’s Infiltration of U.S.

Biden’s ‘Desertion’ of Americans Trapped in Haiti Shows Ongoing Incompetence, Experts Say

‘Devastating’: Hur’s Testimony Confirms Biden Committed Espionage, Says Legal Expert

House Bill Cracking Down on TikTok Moves Forward

Treasury Dept. Sent ‘Hate Group’ List of Conservative Orgs to Banks after J6

‘Emerging Collusion’: Experts Warn of Expanding Warrantless Surveillance of Americans

As Hamas Abandons Negotiations with Israel, Biden Admin Sends Mixed Messages

GOP Bill Would Confront the Growing Threat of China Head-On

‘As Serious as a Heart Attack’: Economist Warns of Economic Consequences of Spiraling Debt

AG Garland: Voter ID Laws Are ‘Discriminatory, Burdensome, and Unnecessary’

‘Lawless Cult of Death’: Missouri AG Sues Planned Parenthood for Covering Up Sex Abuse of Minors

‘On a Fast Track’: Controversial WHO Pandemic Accord Would Be ‘Binding,’ Says Congressman

Texas AG Sues Pornhub for Failing to Verify Age of Users

China Funnels Machine Gun Parts into U.S. while Expanding Space Weapon Arsenal

Expert: Biden Admin Using Federal Agencies and Left-Wing NGOs to Illegally Amass Votes

3 Years into Border Crisis, Biden Considers Executive Action

‘Desperate’ for Votes: Biden Expands Student Loan Forgiveness by $1.2 Billion

‘Our Trust Has Been Shattered’: Experts Decry Biden’s DOJ amid Smirnov Controversy

Momentum Builds on Capitol Hill to Free 11 Pastors Imprisoned in Nicaragua

Expert: Married Americans Are Thriving despite Negative Cultural Narrative

Republicans Question Turner’s ‘Security Threat’ Motives, Call for Ouster as Chairman

‘National Security Threat’ Designed to Foment Support for Ukraine Bill, Experts Say

Congressman: $60 Billion in Aid to Ukraine Would ‘Complete’ U.S. Border Wall

China Continues Funding Iran, Russia as Regime Sends Nationals through Southern Border

Special Counsel: Biden Should Face No Charges despite ‘Willfully Retaining’ Classified Docs

Biden White House Pressured Amazon to Delist Books Related to COVID Vaccine, Emails Show

Second Mayorkas Impeachment Vote Likely to Happen Next Week

High Consumer Prices among Top Concerns as Voters Lose Confidence in Biden, Polls Show

Nicaraguan Regime Imprisons 11 Pastors as Christian Persecution Spreads

Mayorkas Impeachment Effort Progresses as Urgency at Border Intensifies

Prosecution of Pro-Lifers Continues under Biden’s DOJ, with 6 More Convictions

Biden Changes Tune on Border as Polls Show Strong Support for Texas’s Stand

Election Integrity Experts Warn of Dangers of Ranked-Choice Voting

Congressman: Pro-Life Republicans Should ‘Never Run’ from ‘Love and Compassion’

Oregon Lawmakers Backtrack on Drug Decriminalization after Overdoses Skyrocket

Proposed Child Tax Credit Expansion Would Be a Pro-Life Victory, Say Experts

Male Claims Women’s Golf Title as Battle over Women’s Sports Grows

Activist Urges Congress to Confront China’s Transnational Repression

With Asylum Backlog Reaching 3 Million, Biden and Johnson Meet to Discuss Border Crisis

As Taiwan Reaffirms Independence, Biden’s Weakness Emboldens China, Experts Say

Video Shows SPLC Head Touting Ties to Biden Administration

‘Derelict’: Lawmakers Demand Mayorkas’s Impeachment as Border Crisis Deepens

Number of Children Living with Two Parents Increasing, Data Shows

Despite 52,000 Deaths, Biden’s State Dept. Leaves Nigeria Off Religious Freedom Watch List for 3rd Year

Over 80% of Dems Want Trump Removed from the 2024 Ballot

Legal Experts Sound Alarm on Biden Admin’s Pattern of ‘Unlawful Overreach’

Israel’s Resolve Undeterred Despite Global Array of Attacks and Anti-Semitism

Former NIH Head Admits to ‘Narrowminded’ Pandemic Response

Only 3.4% of Journalists Are Republican: Study

Christmas Message in a Bottle: Outreach to North Korea’s Christians Grows

Biden’s Border Disaster Leads to Shutdown of Two Economically Vital Railway Bridges

‘Our Elections Are Not for Sale’: Texas Lawmaker Pushes for Nationwide Election Reform

WallBuilders, Supported by ACLU, Sues DC Metro for Rejecting Bus Ads

How Advent Teaches Us the Value of Waiting

Supreme Court to Rule on Whether Abortion Drug Safeguards Can Be Removed

Shock Poll: 1 in 5 Mail-in Voters Admit to Committing Fraud in 2020 Election

As Evidence Mounts against Biden, House Weighs Formal Impeachment Inquiry

‘It’s Panic-Mongering’: Virologist Warns of Overheated Rhetoric of Flu Season Dangers

‘Only the Beginning’: Lawsuits from Detransitioners Are On the Rise

Youth and Muslim Voting Blocs Show Signs of Moving Away from Biden

As Suicide Rate Reaches Record High, Experts Urge Believers to ‘Reach Out,’ ‘Be Present’

Meta Is ‘Manipulating Platforms to Make Kids More Addicted’: State AG

GOP to Biden: No Ukraine Funding until Southern Border Is Secure

For Young Men, Biden’s Economy Has Only Added to the Misery

After Evacuation of Nagorno-Karabakh, Fears Grow over Azerbaijani Incursion into Armenia

As Homeownership Costs Soar and Inflation Persists, Americans Sour on Biden’s Economy

As Male Takes Another Girls’ Sports Title, Movement Grows to Keep Sexes Separate

U.S. Business Execs Give Chinese Dictator Multiple Standing Ovations During Exclusive Dinner

As Xi Promises ‘Dialogue,’ Experts Warn of ‘Smokescreen’ to Buy Time for China

Conservatives Secure School Board Victories across Country

New Studies Show Marijuana Use Increases Risk of Heart Attack and Stroke

Senator Johnson: GOP Will ‘Protect U.S. Sovereignty’ amid WHO Pandemic Treaty Push

Report: U.S. Colleges Received $13 Billion from Mostly Authoritarian Regimes

Oklahoma Superintendent Spearheads Initiative to Keep Ideology Out of School Textbooks

Report: Charter Schools Significantly Outperform Public Schools

WHO Furthers Effort to Establish Global Health Governance Apparatus

Catholic University Creates ‘Safe Haven’ for Jewish Students amid Wave of Anti-Semitism

Virginia School District Removes Sexually Explicit Books to Keep Focus on Literacy

Merchant Marine Trans Policy Could Allow Free Education without Requiring Military Service

As U.S. Strikes Iran-Linked Targets, Graham Urges Direct Action against Regime

Biden’s New Border Funding Will Do Nothing to Solve Border Crisis, Say Lawmakers

Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Landmark Government Censorship Case

Conservative Satirist Sentenced to Federal Prison

Recovering Innocence in a Fallen World

Amid ‘Book Ban’ Accusations, Effort Grows to Protect Kids from Explicit Materials in School

UN Refugee Fund for Gaza Is Being Used to Finance Terrorism and Anti-Semitism, Experts Say

As Democrats Disparage School Choice, Experts Say Increased Competition Fuels Innovation

HHS Orders Employees to Use Trans Pronouns

Graham: ‘It’s Time to Bring Iran to Heel’

How Marriage Fights Loneliness and Instills Belonging

As Israel Reels from Attacks, Experts Warn of Hezbollah Threat along Northern Border

Dozens of Lawmakers Urge Biden Admin Not to Deport Homeschooling Family

Military Recruitment Shortfall Due to ‘Woke Agenda,’ Say Experts

China’s Belt and Road Initiative Is Faltering, but Threats Remain, Experts Say

Despite Opposition, WHO Forges Ahead with Global Vaccine Passport Agenda

Dallas Mayor Latest Public Office Holder to Leave Democratic Party

As Media Claim ‘No Evidence,’ Impeachment Inquiry Moves Forward

North Carolina Becomes 10th State to Enact Universal School Choice

As 2024 Approaches, Election Integrity Moves Back into Spotlight

Behind Closed Doors, WHO Pushes Global Pandemic Accord

Poll: Clear Majority of Democrats Want Free Speech Restrictions

As Illegal Border Crossings Surge, Number of Religious Refugees Entering US Plummets

UN, WHO Using Pandemic Declaration as Cover for Pushing Abortion, Say Experts

‘Consensus Is Building’: Pro-Life Panel Pushes for Nationwide 15-Week Protections

‘Love Them’: Panel on Gender Confusion Urges Renewed Christian Engagement

At Summit, Pence Outlines Plan to ‘Rebuild the American Family’

Congressman to DOJ: Protect Children from AI Exploitation

‘Number One Terrorist State in the World’: Biden Admin Frees Up $6 Billion for Iranian Regime

‘It’s Not Going to Work’: Tuberville Rebukes Effort to Stifle Stand against Military Abortions

EXCLUSIVE: Lankford Urges DEA to Keep Marijuana a Schedule I Drug

Calif. Bill Could Strip Custody from Parents Who Do Not Affirm Their Child’s Gender Identity

SPLC Attorney Indicted for Attack on Public Safety Training Facility

‘Just Live Your Life’: Experts Say Biden Admin Distorting COVID Data as Scare Tactic

As Drug Addictions Rise, Biden Admin Moves to Reclassify Marijuana as Low-Risk

Classical Christian Schools See Enrollment Explode

As Border Surge Continues, ISIS-Linked Individuals Cross into U.S. Interior

Biden Admin Reinstates 27 Blacklisted Chinese Entities ahead of State Visit

Study: Over 3,000 Minors Received Gender Transition Surgeries in 3-Year Span

City Council in Iowa Reverses Ban on Counseling Therapy for Minors

Studies Show Marriage Increases Happiness, Financial Stability

Crime Surge in the South Sparks Pastors to Take Action

Barna: Parents’ Discipleship of Children Is Critical to Transforming Culture

New Survey of Churchgoers Reveals Strong Political Engagement, Mixed Views on Social Issues and Doctrine

Biden Takes Economics ‘Victory Lap’ While Inflation Persists and Recession Looms

As Border Crisis Surges, Biden Auctions Off Border Wall Building Materials

Public School Bible Program Spreads to 11 States

Chess Federation Bars Biological Men from Competing against Women

Target Promises ‘Modification’ to Pride Displays following Boycott Fallout

Brazen Crime Wave Hits Blue Cities amid Decriminalization Efforts

Pastor Urges Prayer for Devastated Hawaiian Town

Report: 143 K-12 Schools in the U.S. Have Chinese Communist Party Ties

Biden Keeps Space Command HQ in Colorado against Military Advice

Blinken Equates Climate Change with Nuclear War

Israeli Judicial Reform Crisis Inches Closer to Boiling Point

Xi Ignores Biden’s Climate Overtures, Backs Out of Emissions Commitments

Democrats Join GOP in Alarm at Treatment of Unaccompanied Minors by Becerra’s HHS

Despite Biden Veto Threat, House Freedom Caucus Vows to Rein in Government Spending

A ‘Patient for Life’: Detransitioner Describes Effects of Gender Transition Procedures

For Parents and Grandparents: 5 Ways to Enrich Summer Life with Kids

Newsom Imposes $1.5M Fine on California School District for Rejecting Textbook Discussing LGBT Activism

RFK Jr. Pleads with Fellow Democrats for More Civility and Less Censorship

Gov. Youngkin Finalizes Guidance Protecting Parental Rights

Republicans Work to Remove Abortion, Trans Ideology from Military Funding

Missouri AG: Biden Collusion with Big Tech Is ‘Worst’ Free Speech Violation in ‘Nation’s History’

NYT Claims Abortion Drugs ‘Safe’ Despite 1 in 10 Women Experiencing Complications

State AGs Warn Target of ‘Concerns’ over Pride Merch for Kids

Judge Forbids Biden Admin from Contacting Social Media Platforms about Free Speech

Congressman: Biden Is ‘Hijacking’ AIDS Relief Program to Push Abortion on Africa

President Touts ‘Bidenomics’ as Public Skepticism, Inflation Persist

‘Nones,’ LGBT-Identifying People Admit that Churches Provide Best Community Life

Rep. Mark Green to Introduce Bill Combatting ‘HHS Weaponization’ of Title X

Two-Thirds of Californians Say They are Considering Leaving the State

14 Youth Gender Clinics Could Close as a Result of State Legislation

Musk: ‘Cisgender’ Will Be Considered a ‘Slur’ on Twitter

Fathers Are Crucial to Healthy Outcomes for Kids, Studies Confirm

‘They’re Going to Continue to Run Us Over’: U.S. Lawmakers Warn against Chinese Peace Overtures

Rural Virginia Parents Fight for the Removal of Pornographic Kids Books from Public Library

Opposition Grows as Biological Men Continue to Claim Women’s Sports Titles

California Bill Would Consider It ‘Child Abuse’ to Not Affirm a Minor’s Chosen Gender Identity

76% of Princeton Students Say It’s Okay to Shout Down a Speaker

WHO Launches Global ‘COVID Certification’ System

‘Expensive, Scarce, and Government-Controlled’: Experts Point to Consequences of ESG during House Hearing

Americans Believe There Are Only Two Genders By a 3-1 Margin

Experts: U.S. Is ‘Kowtowing’ to China as Military Tensions Mount

‘Horrifying’: 21 State AGs Back Florida Parents’ Lawsuit against School for Secret Trans Talks with Daughter

Alabama Bans Biological Men from Competing in Women’s College Sports

Calls Grow for Dodgers to Disinvite Anti-Catholic Group from Pride Night

With New Wave of Legislation, States Aim to Reintroduce Biblical Values to Schools

The Body Reveals the Person: Moving Beyond Sexual Identity Obsession

Maryland School District Bars Parents from Opting Children Out of LGBT Book Lessons, Prompting Lawsuit

Surgeon General: Social Media Poses a ‘Profound Risk’ to Mental Health of Minors

Largely Unnoticed, WHO Moves Forward with Global Governance Plan

Virginia Becomes 3rd State to Require Age Verification for Porn Sites

Blackburn Introduces Bill to Protect Kids from Harmful Social Media Content

EXCLUSIVE: Heritage Launches Petition Drive in Support of Tuberville as Grassroots Momentum Builds

Once Again, the Left Refuses to Answer the Hard Abortion Questions

‘Most Grievous Crisis I Have Ever Seen’: Biden DOJ Motives Questioned During FACE Act Hearing

New Study Highlights Increased Risk of Schizophrenia from Marijuana Use

‘Sickening’: NIH Funds Transgender ‘Experiment’ on Mostly Minors, Leaving 2 Dead

As Border Surge Continues, Biden Resurrects Trump-Era Rule He Previously Denounced

‘Christian Nationalism?’ Texas Legislation Would Require Ten Commandments Be Posted in Schools

‘States Have No Choice’: Officials Grapple with Border Surge amid Listless Federal Response

Biden Admin Threatens Catholic Hospital Funding over Single Burning Candle

Congressman Warns of Chinese Infiltration of American Education and Trade Sectors

A ‘Watershed’ Moment: Pornhub Blocks Access to Utah in Response to Age Verification Law

Trans Procedure Bills Signal Growing Consensus around Protecting Children

Season 3 of ‘The Chosen’ Summons Peculiarity, Depth, and Drama of Discipleship

Kansas Senate Overrides Veto to Ensure Women are Informed about Abortion Pill Options

‘Let’s Be Strong’: North Dakota Enacts Robust Pro-Life Bill

As Religious Faith Continues to Decline, a Faithful Remnant Has Outsized Political Impact

Saving Sex for Marriage Leads to Happier Marriages, Study Finds

‘We Can’t Keep on This Path’: GOP Urges McCarthy to Stand Firm on Debt Ceiling

Rubio: ‘No Precedent’ for Chinese ‘Police Stations’ in U.S.

As Crime Surges in Cities, GOP Zeros in on Progressive Law Enforcement Policies

As China Continues to Undermine American Interests, Poll Shows Dwindling Confidence in Biden

Gender Confused Teacher Allowed to Continue Teaching after ‘Shooting Students’ Comment

Over 32,000 Fewer Abortions Occurred as a Result of Dobbs, Report Finds

6,000 Days: How the Resolve of Pro-Life Doctors Led to a Court Victory against Chemical Abortion

Walter Reed Jettisons Catholic Priests from Serving Veterans at Medical Center

‘Not a Flash in the Pan’: Tuesday’s School Board Wins Show Parents’ Power

‘Alarming Overreach’: New HHS Report Attacks SOGI Change Efforts

‘There Is Hope’: Samaritan’s Purse Offers Aid after Rash of Deadly Storms

Milley: Despite Chinese Aggression, Rhetoric on Tensions Is ‘Overheated’

Lankford: Loophole on China Snapping Up U.S. Land Must Be Closed

Virginia School District to Remove 14 Sexually Explicit Books from School Libraries

Tuberville Standing Ground over Taxpayer Funding of Military Abortions

Despite Cancelations, Threats, and Protests, Kirk Cameron’s Book Tour Remains Undeterred

Why Do Conservatives Keep Praising Depraved Entertainment?

‘A New Cold War’: Xi and Putin Signal Closer Ties During Russia Visit

‘Extensive Collusion’: House Committee Report Confirms DOJ Targeting of Parents

Missouri AG Moves to Curtail Gender Transition Procedures for Minors

As OBP Chief Admits Lack of Border Control, Rate of Terror Watchlist Encounters Rises

‘Predominately White’: AP Blames Racism for State Takeover of Houston School District

As Details Emerge about SVB Collapse, DeSantis Launches Anti-ESG Alliance

Arizona Establishes Hotline for Parents to Report CRT, Gender Theory in Schools

Movement to Uphold Women’s Sports Grows after Judge Strikes Down USA Powerlifting Guidelines

Stanford Allows Judge Kyle Duncan’s Speech to be Shouted Down by Activists

‘Chilling’: Liberal Journalists Taken Aback by Government Censorship of Social Media

‘Misogyny’: 47 Biological Males Allowed in Women’s Prisons in California

As Fentanyl Deaths Reach Historic Highs, White House Claims Fentanyl at Border Is at ‘Historic Lows’

30,000 Petitioners Call for Defense of Former Georgia Police Officer’s Free Speech Rights

New COVID Origins Emails Continue to Undermine Fauci, Biden Admin Narrative

Lawmakers Pound AG Garland Over Alleged DOJ Targeting of Pro-Lifers

Washington State AG: Abortion Pill Is ‘Safer than Tylenol’

Christian Girls’ Basketball Team Forfeits Tournament Game against School with Biological Male

GOP Senators and State Officials Revive Bills to Halt Taxpayer Funding of Planned Parenthood

As Train Derailments and Tensions with China Unfold, Experts See Crisis in U.S. Leadership

The Science Is In: Common Sense Is Indispensable

‘No Precedent’: Biden Moves to Bind U.S. to Future WHO Pandemic Policies

GOP Primary Voters Want Candidates to Embrace Cultural Issues, Poll Finds

Rubio Bill Would Restrict Gender-Confused from Military Service

There’s More than Meets the Eye in Teen Mental Health Crisis, Experts Say

Biden FCC Nominee Draws Widespread Concern over Ethics, Extreme Views

Scott: Biden ‘Lied’ about GOP Wanting to Cut Social Security and Medicare

‘Radical’: Experts Decry Nomination of SPLC Attorney for Federal Judgeship

Disney Scrubs ‘Simpsons’ Episode from Hong Kong over ‘Forced Labor’ Comment

Disney Cartoon ‘The Proud Family’ Claims U.S. Is ‘Submerged’ in Racism and White Supremacy

Police Departments Lower Standards Due to Shortages while Threatening to Fire Bible-Believing Officer

As RNC Reelects McDaniel, Perkins Encourages GOP to ‘Not Shrink Back’ from Social Issues

A ‘Right’ to Suicide in Canada Could Soon Become Reality

Parents, It’s Time to Get Your Child Off of Social Media

The DOJ’s ‘Monitoring’ of Pro-Life Laws Is a ‘Usurpation’ of State Authority, Experts Say

States Ramp Up School Choice Efforts as Legislative Sessions Kick Off

14 Pro-Life Organizations Urge CVS and Walgreens to Not Become ‘Abortion Businesses’

‘This Is So 2020’: Biden’s DOJ Seeks to Reinstate Mask Mandate

NYC Mayor Announces Plans to Dispense Free Abortion Pills to 10,000 Women

The Number of Children Growing Up in Intact Families Is Rising

‘Insidious’: Parents, Experts, and Lawmakers Speak Out on the Dangers of TikTok

Top 5 Biden Administration Fails This Week

Arkansas Lawmakers Seek to Define Drag Shows as ‘Adult-Oriented Businesses’

As States Legalize Sports Betting, Experts Warn of Economic, Societal Consequences

As Record Encounters Continue, Biden Visits Southern Border ‘Two Years Too Late’

As FBI Investigation Lags, Attacked Pregnancy Center Hires Private Investigator

Army Is ‘Playing Games’ by Excluding National Guard from Vaccine Mandate Repeal, Experts Say

Louisiana Implements Age Verification for Accessing Porn Sites

McCarthy Unable to Secure Speakership During First House Session

‘An Indefensible Assault’: Conservatives Call for Halt to Omnibus

Omnibus Bill Includes over $11 Million in LGBT Special Interest Projects

Trans-Identifying HHS Official Admits Gender Transition Procedures Can Cause Sterility

McCarthy: Delaying Omnibus Could Give GOP ‘Policies that We Want’

GOP Lawmakers Demand Delay on Omnibus Spending Bill until New Congress Convenes

Under the Radar, the Detransitioner Movement Is Surging

Parents of Sexual Assault Victim Speak Out after Indictment of Loudoun County School Officials

As Extent of Twitter Censorship Is Unearthed, Public Outcry Swells

‘After School Satan Club’ Is Latest in Growing Trend of Overt Satanic Displays

Southwest Flight Attendant Reinstated by Court after Firing over Pro-Life Views

Republicans Urge Full Reinstatement of Discharged Military Due to Vaccine Mandate

GOP Pressures Biden to Drop Military Vaccine Mandate as Recruiting Problems Persist

As Trust in Mainstream Media Wanes, Layoffs Soar

The American Family Is Disintegrating. The Rebuild Needs to Start in Our Own Homes.

As Congress Fixates on Same-Sex Marriage, Lame Duck Necessities Pile Up

Biden Declines to Appeal Trans Ruling, Handing Momentum to Parents

As School Board Walks Out Over Trans Material, Doctors Confirm Dangers of ‘Gender-Affirming Care’

Teacher’s Union President Calls Conservative Transgender Rhetoric ‘Demonic’

Young Voters Are Less Progressive Than They Were 5 Years Ago

As World Cup Opens, Qatar’s Religious Freedom Violations Come under Scrutiny

Former ‘Nonbinary’ Woman Sues Health Care Workers for ‘Abhorrent Misdiagnosis’

San Francisco to Give Guaranteed Income to Trans-Identifying People

Mail-In Ballots Are What’s Delaying Election Results, Says Expert

Detrans Advocate Chloe Cole Sues Doctors for ‘Breaching Standard of Care’

Amid School Board Revolution, Dem Calls Parents’ Involvement ‘Stupid’

Conservative School Board Members Win Big on Election Night

New Data Continues to Show the Importance of Marriage

House GOP Releases Lengthy Report Alleging Widespread Corruption of FBI

‘A Medical Atrocity’: Pediatric Surgeon Joins Growing Movement Against Trans Surgeries on Minors

As CEOs Move Away from ESG Investing, Oklahoma’s Anti-ESG Law Takes Effect

As $57 Million Is Spent on Michigan’s Abortion Referendum, Experts Warn of Hidden Agenda

Almost All Minors Continue with Trans Treatments after Starting Puberty Blockers, Study Finds

As Education Weighs on Midterm Voters, VP Harris Pushes Electric School Buses

‘The Wall Is Beginning to Crumble’: Europe Is Dismantling the Left’s Trans Facade, Says Pediatrician

Amid NYT’s Claims of ‘Hostile’ Republican Rhetoric, Miller Points to Dems’ ‘Extreme’ Policies

As Illegal Crossings and Terrorist Arrests Peak at Border, Democrat Lawmaker Calls Out Biden

While Bible Readership Is Down, Reports of Its Transformative Power Are Up

CDC Recommends COVID Shot for Minors Amid Controversy over Effectiveness

As Schools Hide Trans Identities from and Fire Parents, Parental Rights Take Center Stage in Midterms

As Dems Bank on Abortion, Polls Show Voters Most Concerned about Economy, Education

North Carolina Supreme Court Justice: ‘Judges Are Not Kings’

‘They Want to Silence Us’: Experts Say ‘Christian Nationalism’ Label Being Used to Sideline Believers

8 Out of 10 Teenagers Expect to Cohabitate, Study Finds

Vanderbilt Suspends Trans Clinic after Being Exposed for Controversial Practices

Experts Say Biden’s Marijuana Pardons Are Latest in Long Line of Unlawful Actions

When Faith Becomes a Fireable Offense: Teachers, Reporter Let Go over Beliefs

As New Legislation Aims to Curb IRS Abuses, Agents Steal $400k for Vegas Vacations, Luxury Goods

Congressmen Increase Pressure on Biden’s DOD to End Controversial COVID Vaccine Mandate

Book Battle: Georgia Teacher Fired Amid Ongoing Conflict over Parental Rights

As Pro-Life Orgs Face Cyberattacks and Online Suppression, GOP Lawmakers Demand DOJ Action

Study Finds Most Americans Crave Religious Freedom, More Integrity in Politics

As Tensions over Taiwan Mount, CCP-linked Company Buys Land Near U.S. Air Force Base

As Number of Trans-Identified Minors ‘Explodes,’ so Does Demand for Double Mastectomies

FBI Sends Team of Agents to Arrest Pro-Lifer While Making No Arrests for PRC, Church Attacks

Regarding Abortion, Biden’s Lies Keep Piling Up

As Recruitment Plummets, Biden’s Military Brass Double Down on Wokeness

Texas Sheriff: Biden Immigration Policies Creating ‘Class of Slaves’

Lawmakers, Experts Alarmed by Trend to Remove Age Guidelines for Trans Procedures

The ‘Watch Me’ President: Biden Out of Touch with America

In Wake of Increased Voter Turnout, Election Integrity Laws Increase Voter Confidence, Experts Say

As Same-Sex Marriage Bill Advances, Christians Recall Government Harassment, God’s Providence

College of the Ozarks Continues Court Fight to Keep Men Out of Women’s Private Spaces

California Passes Bill to Strip Custody from Parents of Minors Seeking Trans Surgeries

Fourth-Largest School District Refuses to Recognize ‘LGBTQ History Month’

As Midterms Near, Warnings against Conservative Voter Complacency Emerge

More Parental Guidance and Legislation Are Needed to Protect Teens from Big Tech, Experts Say

COVID Shutdown Repercussions, Teacher Vacancies, and Ideologies among Problems Plaguing Education, Experts Say

Yeshiva University Court Fight Highlights Ongoing Battle Over Religious Freedom Post Obergefell

Arizona Court Ruling Upholds Election Integrity Law Ahead of Midterms

Mississippi Report on Fatherlessness Highlights Need for Increased Emphasis on Marriage, Experts Say

‘Made in USA’? Experts Say Biden’s Anti-Supply Side Policies Are Intensifying Inflation

Illinois School Districts Reject Dems’ Sex Education Standards

Election Integrity Experts Hopeful about the 2022 Midterms

FRC Shooting 10 Years Later: Lives Forever Changed, Hearts Forever Grateful

Judgmentalism Is on the Rise. How Should Christians Respond?

As Crime Rises, Shrinking Law Enforcement Ranks Are Spread Thin

Indiana Becomes First State to Pass a Comprehensive Pro-Life Bill Since Dobbs

Is Religious Practice Dying in America? Not So Fast, Say Experts

PRCs Spend ‘Tens of Thousands’ on Enhanced Security in Wake of Attacks

Congresswoman: Biden Is Using Taxpayer Dollars to Fund Ballot Harvesting and Drop Boxes

Biden Is Trying to Turn Every State into California

Is the Negative View of Adoption among Mothers of Unplanned Babies ‘Unlikely to Change’?

‘Instantly Released’: In Biden’s America, Would-be Assassins and Domestic Terrorists Roam Free

Republicans Voting for Same-sex Marriage Is a ‘Political Calculation’: Congressman

Transgender Ideology Is Trapped Between Erasing Biological Sex and Grasping to Gender Stereotypes

Pro-Life Former Flight Attendant Wins $5.1 Million Verdict for Wrongful Termination

Latest Court Ruling Is a Victory for ‘Biological Sex’

‘Center for Grooming Children’: CDC Site Steers Minors to Facilitated LGBT Chat Forum

As Hate Crimes Pile Up Against Churches and PRCs, Hawley Cracks Down

Arizona’s Sweeping School Choice Bill Could Become Model Legislation for Other States

COVID Stimulus Money Used to Fund ‘Anti-Racism’ Programs for Children

Speech Code Enforcement Provokes Military Action amid Historic Troop Shortages

As Woke Corporations Offer Free Abortion, This Company is Doing the Opposite

Terror: Wave of 25 New Attacks Against Pregnancy Centers, Churches After Dobbs

Supreme Court Upholds Right to Public Prayer in Coach Kennedy Case

Churches Face Unprecedented Threats After Roe Overturn

Supreme Court Overturns Roe v. Wade

The Catastrophe of 12 Million Fatherless American Boys

Pregnancy Center Attacks: Still No Arrests from FBI

Following FINA’s Lead, Athletes and Governing Bodies Step Up to the Plate for Women’s Sports

Is Google’s New Chatbot ‘Sentient’? Not So Fast, Says Oxford Mathematician

After 52 Attacks on Pro-Lifers in 46 Days, FBI Opens Investigation

No Arrests Made in Attacks against Pro-Life Churches, PRCs across 12 Blue States

Coach Kennedy Case is a Threat to ‘American Democracy’, Says Sports Illustrated

Churches and Pro-Life Orgs Have Been Attacked 41 Times in the Last 40 Days

Biological Men Have Won Over 30 Women’s Sports Titles Since 2003

State Officials, Experts Alarmed by Woke Capital Onslaught

Christian Orgs are Meeting the Needs of Ukrainians

WHO Re-elects China-Backed Marxist as Director General

WHO Re-elects China-Backed Marxist as Director General

NIH Refuses to Recognize Long-Term Effects of Puberty Blockers

NIH Refuses to Recognize Long-Term Effects of Puberty Blockers

In the Face of Church Attacks, a Bold Stand for Truth Emerges

In the Face of Church Attacks, a Bold Stand for Truth Emerges

A Transformational Moment for the American Family Association

A Transformational Moment for the American Family Association

Pregnancy Resource Center in Manassas, Va. Targeted by Vandals

Pregnancy Resource Center in Manassas, Va. Targeted by Vandals

Even in Divisive Times, The Flag of Religious Freedom Still Flies

A New Strategy in the Legal Fight to Protect the Unborn Proves Successful

In the Face of Atrocities, Ukraine's Resilience Shines Through

A Pro-Life Infrastructure Is in Place for a Post-Roe America

A Ray of Hope for Fatherless Children in the Sunshine State

4 Days (and Ways) to Enrich Your Easter Celebration

America Can't Ignore the Left's Complicity in Infanticide and Child Abuse

5 Ways to Draw a Loved One Back to Christ

Bipartisan Florida Bill Strengthens Fatherhood and Mentorship Programs

Senate Confirms Abortion Extremist Shalanda Young

Biden FCC Nominee Presents Grave Danger to Free Speech

Restoring Accountability to the People's House

The Limits of Human Happiness: The Danger of Trying To Find Our Identity in Our Feelings

California Dreams up New Way to Shut Down a Christian Preschool

5 Ways to Give the Gift of Yourself This Season

Five Ways Children Reveal the Meaning of Christmas

This Christmas, Let's Remember the Tornado Victims

COVID Shots for Tots? Leave It up to Parents

In Mississippi, a Prayerful, United Stand for Life ahead of Dobbs

From Eating to Dining: How Shared Meals Reveal What It Means to Be Human

International Olympic Committee Abandons Women Athletes

In a Culture Starving for Hope, Believers Must Be Unashamed of the Truth

Dobbs Is a Moment That Will Transcend Ethnicity, Denomination, and Politics

Thinking Biblically About Freedom

Reconstructing American Manhood -- One NDAA at a Time

Against the Will of the People, the Left Pushes Ahead with Vaccine Mandates

Clueless Administration Flails as Border Crisis Deepens

At Google, the Fix Is in for Silencing Pro-Life Messaging

How to Prevent Divorce Before It Happens

With Southern Border Wide Open, Desperate Cubans Are Denied Chance at Freedom

How "Woke" Culture Is Anti-Biblical

Fear and Misinformation Drive the COVID Debate

Florist's Hopes Wilt with Latest SCOTUS Injustice

At the Southern Border, Humanitarian Crisis Escalates

American Fatherhood Is in Decline. Here Are Three Ways to Build It Up.

Two Nevada Counties Declare a Constitutional Course Correction

PVS: Biden's Families Plan Doesn't Care What Families Want

Religious Freedom: Looking Forward, Looking Back

To Counter the Transgender Lie, We Must Speak Truth

100 Days, 100 Reasons to Pray, Vote, Stand

The Staggering Reach of Billionaire Transgender Activists

Big Money Is Driving the Transgender Trend

PVS: Justice Starts with Faith, Family, and Spreading the Gospel

The Chosen: A Fresh, Personal, and Faithful Presentation of the Gospel

'We Don't Have until the Next Election. We Have to Stand Now.'

Fairness for Who? 'Equality Act Light' Hurts Both Sides

The Crisis of Fatherlessness and the Opportunity of Mentorship

PVS: The Great Electoral Heist

Bethany Services Adopts a Radical View of Family

Roe is Legally Flawed and Should Be Overturned

'God Tells Us to Love Your Neighbor, Not Cancel Your Neighbor'

Pray Vote Stand: 'I'm Not Going to Wave Anything White'

Kindness: The Glue that Holds Marriages Together

Joe Scheidler, RIP

Christmas Shoppers Beware: Chinese Slave Labor Is on the Rise

Equal Justice Under Law? Not if You're Conservative

A Mercy Moment in America

The Media Still Doesn't Get It: Conservatives Tend to Vote Conservative

PVS Episode 9: It's Time for the Conscience of the State to Make Its Voice Heard

Protecting the Vulnerable and Increasing Options: The Commonsense Republican Health Care Plan

Freedom Sunday: 'It's Time for the Church to Be the Church Again'

'Parents Need to Know They're Being Cut out of the Process'

VVS Night Three: "The Story of America Is a Story of Overcoming"

VVS Night Two: "Lives Are Literally on the Line"

VVS Night One: The Perilous Fight for America's Soul

Upcoming Prayer Events Make it Clear: It's Time to Pray

From Billy to Franklin: The New War on Prayer

Will Our Votes Be Counted?

And to the Oligarchy for Which It Stands

Can the Pandemic Help Renew Home and Family Life?

Ethnic Cleansing by Assimilation: Religious Persecution in China

To Abandon the Nuclear Family Ideal Is to Abandon Being Human

Ending Abortion One Pregnant Woman at a Time

"We're Going to Succeed": Kobe Bryant's Inspiring Marital Steadfastness

A Hidden Life Is an Unparalleled Depiction of Christian Discipleship

The Plea

Terry Jeffrey, Greg Steube, Dan Hart, David Curry

What's Wrong With American Boys?

The Birth Rate is Falling. But Why?

"Crimes" in the Criminal State of China

America Needs a Reality Check on Transgenderism

The Regressive Cult of Transgenderism

The Cultural Power of the Transgender Movement

The Lies and Money Behind the Transgender Movement

The Damaging Delusions of Identity Obsession and Erasure

The Cult of Transgenderism: My Brother's Crisis of Identity in an America Gone Mad

What We Can Do to Support Human Rights for Chinese Citizens

"Churches Are Sticky": How Believers Can Help to Strengthen and Save Marriages

Let's Make Evangelism Part of Our Everyday Lives

Excessive Smartphone Use is Dehumanizing Us

Hollywood, The Hunt, and the Need for Self-Restraint

The Heart of a Father

In a Post-Abortion America, the Pro-Life Movement Must Prepare to Change Attitudes toward Adoption

The Christ-like Sacrifice of Motherhood

9-Year-Old Reminds Us All of the Power of Prayer

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