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    Florida School up to Its Necklace in Legal Trouble
    April 21, 2017

    Making a fashion statement wasn't the point of a ninth grader's cross necklace in Florida. Making a statement of faith was. And to her LGBT activist teacher, that was the problem. At Riverview High School in Hillsborough, a freshman girl barely set down her books on her desk when Ms. Lora Riedas pointed to her small cross pendant and said, "I need you to take your necklace off." ... (more)

    Hidden in Plano Sight
    April 21, 2017

    If Plano leaders want to legislate in secret, then voters will sue them in the open! Texans Greg and Laura Hatch are just two of the locals frustrated by the city's underhanded passage of an LGBT ordinance in 2014. Instead of debating the issue in public, members met behind closed doors and agreed to force a radical anti-faith, anti-gender measure down voters' throat. Now, three years later, the ... (more)

    On the Hill: A Week for the Strong
    April 20, 2017

    If you thought funding one government agency was tough, try funding 11! That's the colossal chore awaiting Congress when members touch down after a two-week recess next week. While a string of short-term resolutions have let leaders postpone the messy budget fight, the sand is running out of the hourglass on the latest deal. ... (more)

    A May Day for Pastors!
    April 20, 2017

    Circle your pastor's calendar for May 24-26, when FRC is hosting its 14th Annual Watchmen on the Wall briefing at the Hyatt Regency on Capitol Hill. I'll be joined by confirmed speakers Lt. General Jerry Boykin, Dr. Tony Evans, Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, Pastor Jentezen Franklin, Fox News's Todd Starnes, Dr. Frank Turek, Dr. Michael Brown, among others. ... (more)

    The Dollars and Census behind Marriage Rates
    April 20, 2017

    Failure to Launch isn't just a movie starring Matthew McConaughey. It's a real-life scenario featuring millions of young Americans, new Census data tells us. Saddled with massive student loans and the high costs of living, more Millennials are living at home than ever before. ... (more)

    FRC in the Spotlight
    April 20, 2017

    Don't miss General Boykin's conversation with Fox News's Stuart Varney about Secretary of State Rex Tillerson's comments about Iran, the administration's review of the Iran deal, and reports that Russian bombers have been flying near the coast of Alaska. ... (more)

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