House GOP's Tax Reform Plan a Boost for Families, Free Speech says Family Research Council

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WASHINGTON, DC-- Family Research Council praised the GOP’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (H.R. 1) approved today by the House Ways and Means Committee – a bill that increases the child tax credit, expands education savings accounts to include unborn children, provides for free speech fairness for all nonprofits including churches and faith based groups, removes most marriage penalties and includes an adoption tax credit.

Family Research Council President Tony Perkins released the following statement:

“The House Ways and Means Committee with the strong leadership of Chairman Kevin Brady approved a tax reform plan today that is a big win for families and for free speech.

“This plan recognizes that families are at the heart of our economy.   Families will see their budgets bolstered and the child tax credit increase will enable moms and dads to better provide for their children.  Families will be allowed to put aside money for their unborn child’s future education.  Marriage tax penalties are greatly reduced – something that pro-family groups including Family Research Council have advocated for many years.

 “In a victory for free speech, this bill includes Whip Steve Scalise and Rep. Jody Hice’s Free Speech Fairness Act which puts an end to the IRS’s role of policing the speech of churches, and non-profit organizations. The IRS has no constitutional basis to monitor and then censor speech that doesn’t meet with the approval of government bureaucrats.  

 “Our vision is to see families flourish – and the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act moves the nation in that direction.  We urge the House to pass this bill and then for the Senate to get this bill to President Trump’s desk,” concluded Perkins.