Report Shows President Trump on Track to Be Most Pro-life President

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Family Research Council today applauded a U.S. State Department report detailing the Trump administration’s implementation of the president’s executive order restoring and expanding the Mexico City Policy, a policy that halts federal funds from going to foreign non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that perform abortions or "actively promote" abortion as a method of family planning in other countries. Under the new "Protecting Life in Global Health Assistance" plan, U.S. aid continues to go to health care, humanitarian relief, and even family planning in the millions of dollars. It just will not subsidize abortion overseas.

Family Research Council President Tony Perkins made the following comments:

“President Trump is on track to being the most pro-life president this country has ever seen. The report released today shows that the president has gone beyond stopping the pro-abortion policies of Barack Obama, he is restoring and even expanding the pre-Obama pro-life policies.

“After past elections, voters have become accustomed to elected officials pivoting away from promises.   But this is a president who is doing something rare in American politics -- fulfilling campaign promises including protecting taxpayers from having to pay for abortions.   This is a life-or-death promise that the president has delivered on.

“The report issued today shows that the Protecting Life in Global Health Assistance plan which President Trump signed into law can both seamlessly provide healthcare and global aid assistance while promoting human life. It shows that both can be accomplished without subsidizing the international abortion industry.

“For America to regain its moral leadership in the world, it must continue to act on the universal ideal that all human beings have inherent worth and dignity, regardless of their age or nationality.

“Family Research Council and the pro-life movement looks forward to continuing to work with the Trump administration in bringing about a culture of life in which every child is welcomed into this world and protected under our laws, both here and abroad while promoting healthcare and global aid,” concluded Perkins.