FRC's Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin Statement on Pres. Obama Commuting Most of Bradley Manning's Sentence

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WASHINGTON, D.C. -- President Obama announced today that he will commute most of the remaining prison sentence of Bradley Manning, the national security leaker, whose espionage put Americans at risk, and who then demanded that the U.S. Army not just recognize, but finance his gender transition.

Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Jerry Boykin, former U.S. Army Delta Force commander and Family Research Council executive vice president, made the following comments:

“Today President Obama chose political correctness over our national security. 

“Bradley Manning is in prison for treasonous acts that put the lives of many Americans at risk.   And now on his way out the door, President Obama commuted most of his sentence – an unjust act that only rewards an avowed traitor to our nation.  

“Since his imprisonment, Manning has demanded the U.S. Army force taxpayers to pay for his gender transition – even as veterans report finding it difficult to obtain medical services at VA clinics.    What a sad commentary on this administration when an act of treason entitles you to better care than most of the men and women who have honorably served this country.

“For the last 8 years, the military has been used to advance a liberal social agenda.  Sadly, this remains the case even in the final hours of the Obama presidency,” concluded Boykin.