President Trump Taking Major Step Toward Ending Taxpayers' Forced Partnership with Abortion Industry, says Family Research Council

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Trump administration is expected to announce today new regulations for the Title X family planning program that reinstates President Ronald Reagan’s “protect life rule” which protects the integrity of the program by preventing the "co-location" of family planning clinics with abortion clinics. This rule will separate abortion centers, such as Planned Parenthood, from the thousands of clinics that provide Title X services without cutting any funds.

Family Research Council President Tony Perkins commented:

“President Trump’s HHS is taking a major step toward the ultimate goal of ending taxpayers’ forced partnership with the abortion industry. The new regulations will draw a bright line between abortion centers and family planning programs -- just as the federal law requires and the Supreme Court has upheld.

“It’s a shame that the federal Title X family planning program has been co-mingled with abortion ever since President Bill Clinton issued regulations not only removing the wall of separation President Reagan issued, but even requiring groups to refer for abortion. The result is that Planned Parenthood – an organization that’s been under criminal investigation for selling baby body parts – gets roughly $60 million per year through what has become a slush fund for the abortion giant.

 “Planned Parenthood and other abortion centers will now have to choose between dropping their abortion services from any location that gets Title X dollars and moving those abortion operations offsite. Either way, this will loosen the group’s hold on tens of millions of tax dollars.

“The pro-life Congress will get another crack at Planned Parenthood's federal gravy train in multiple federal programs in which they get over $400 million each year. Until then, President Trump continues to fulfill his campaign promise that his administration will advocate for mothers and their unborn children every day he occupies the White House and take important steps to ensure taxpayers are not subsidizing the abortion industry,” concluded Perkins.