Nikki Haley Has Been an Agent of Change

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WASHINGTON, DC -- Today United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley announced her resignation. Family Research Council President Tony Perkins released the following statement:

"On Friday, I had the privilege of interviewing Ambassador Haley during the Council on National Policy conference, a gathering of conservative movement leaders.   There she explained how the United States has regained respect and a position of strength under the leadership of President Trump.   The president empowered Ambassador Haley to be an agent of change at the UN, especially in regard to America’s relationship with Israel. Agents of change are certainly needed after the past several decades of American foreign policy, especially when it comes to standing up for true human rights - such as religious freedom - around the world.

“I am grateful to Ambassador Haley for boldly standing for American values and principles. She will be greatly missed," concluded Perkins.